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2050 W 1/2" Horní fréza

2050 W

89.05 € 

  • 5 kleštin (1/2", 1/4", 8 mm, 10 mm & 12 mm)
  • Elektronická regulace otáček s pozvolným startem
  • Hloubka zanoření 0 - 50 mm s jemným ovládáním, 7-stupňová hloubková zarážka
  • Obsahuje 21 a 30 mm desku na vodící pouzdro
  • Paralelní, válcové a kruhové vodící pravítko, měrka

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4.47 z 5 hvězdiček
19 recenze/í
Silverline Guarantee

Informace o produktu

Nastavitelná rychlost Yes
Výkon 2050W
Velikost frézy 1/2"
Hloubka ponoru 50mm
Otáčky naprázdno 6000 - 24,000rpm
Počet kleštin 5
Velikost kleštiny 1/2", 1/4", 8mm, 10mm and 12mm
Odsávání prachu/pilin Yes
Hmotnost 5.7kg


Key Features

With its powerful 2050W motor, the Silverstorm Plunge Router packs a powerful punch for woodworking, furniture-making and kitchen fitting. Supplied with five different collets, you have the luxury of using a wide range of bits to get your desired result.

Featuring a handy soft-start function, you'll have power straight away whilst minimising the unpredictable, involuntary movements that other routers may deliver. The speed of this unit is variable via the effective control dial. This is invaluable and allows the tool to cover a range of tasks and applications where a specific amount of power is required for different bits or finishes.

Continuing the tailorable nature of the Silverstorm router, the plunge depth is also variable thanks to a precise fine adjustment dial, allowing a range of selectable depths between 0-50mm to provide total user control. Inserting and removing bits is a straightforward operation thanks to the safe spindle lock, which prevents play and twisting of the unit, as well as accidental engagement.

Furthermore, accidental engagement of the 6000-24,000rpm no load speed is unlikely thanks to the safety button, which needs to be depressed at the same time as the soft-start switch. This prevents damage to the workpiece or, worse still, injury to the user.

The kit includes a parallel guide bar, roller guide, circle and template guide, 5 x collets, 2 x guide bush plates (21 & 30mm) and a spanner.

Box Contents

  • 1 x Router
  • 5 x Collets (1/2", 1/4", 8mm, 10mm, 12mm)
  • 1 x Parallel guide
  • 5 x Milling cutter
  • 1 x Carbon brush (pair)
  • 1 x Wrench
  • 1 x Manual

Hodnocení zákazníků

kým: Walther L

18. listopadu 2017

This Router ist very powerfull, when using it for preparing Kitchenette worktop.

kým: Brimant

2. dubna 2017

After some tries of handling, I am satisfied by my purchase. The router is a little bit heavy but it assure the stability during the use. All the accessories delivered with are welcome.

kým: Pat

29. března 2017

Très bon produit au rapport qualité prix imbattable.

kým: Chris h

13. ledna 2017

Cracking piece of kit.does jobs effortlesy and smooth to handle.have recommended to friends.who also diy.

kým: Franco T

7. prosince 2016

Ottimo prodotto con alta potenza del motore senza però avere forti vibrazioni, anche la rumorosità è accettabile. Le frese in dotazione sono di buona fattura. Utensile valido sia per hobby che per professione.

kým: Rafel M

3. prosince 2016

Very good tool. It works great. Relación calidad precio insuperable. Me ha sorprendido gratamente lo bien que va la herramienta

kým: Ian

12. listopadu 2016

Bought this to do a few jobs around the house. I looked around at a few other makes but decided to buy the i have bought a few hand and power tools from Silverline and they have always been well made and this is no exception a great router and a bargan at the price, it is as good as some other makes at twice the price.

kým: Keith R

13. září 2016

Excellent router copes with worktops easlisy

kým: Roger E

13. září 2016

Substantial, powerfull and above all accurate and easily controlable thanks to the soft start feature. Whether used as a hand held tool or fixed to a router table this is an excellent router. With the 3 year warranty this router represents outstanding value for money.

kým: David B

12. září 2016


kým: Tim H

12. září 2016

A powerful router for a great price invaluable sturdy carry box....great all round. Bought this to do worktop joints.....Did the job well.

kým: Darren

12. září 2016

Good router does everything I want it to can''t complain

kým: Ian

16. srpna 2016

This is my first router and having read about them on line decided to get the Silverstorm. I have used it a few times now and have to say i am really pleased with with the results, you can''t go wrong with the price and quality of the router. you also get a case with 5 collets,5 router cutters, parallel guide bar, template guide and a roller circle guide. I have bought a few Silverline tool in the past and have never had any complaints so if you are looking to buy a router look no further, i would recommend this one


9. listopadu 2017

Hello, I''m happy to have bought this router. For now everything I want to do is good. I have only a remark ... the ruler ... (sorry I''m French) The "steps" don''t match enough with the "clockwork" ... I am working in Metal industry, so I can find some tips to resolve the problem. More "steps" will be better to set the level of the scalltop height. Thx. Bye

kým: Simone m

15. února 2017

It works, i used it under a table.

kým: Simone M

14. února 2017

I bought this router for my table and it works very good! Only bearings are a little noisy and i hope they work a lot of time but thanks to the 3 years warranty it is a minor problem.

kým: Aurelian L

12. září 2016

I''m happy with this tool , good price-quality relation.

kým: rolland

15. srpna 2016

nice tool, good price, what else ?

kým: Paulo B

4. dubna 2015

What is the voltage of the router?
  • Hi Paulo. Thanks for your comment. The voltage of this product is 220V / 240V.

Customer Faq's

Can the power switch be locked on?
No, this is a safety feature. If using with a compatible router table, an additional strap will be required to maintain power
What size collets does this come with?
1/4", 1/2", 8mm, 10mm & 12mm
What size guide bush is included?
Includes 21mm & 30mm outside diameter guide bush plates
What size is the base?
The base plate for this router is 195mm

3-letá záruka

Teto Silverline 2050 W 1/2" Horní fréza je během 30 dní od nákupu chráněn před vadami z důvodu použití špatného materiálu při výrobě nebo použitím nesprávného výrobního postupu. Tuto záruku můžete prodloužit tím, že svůj 3-letá registrujete během 30 dní od nákupu. Jakékoliv vadné výrobky budou opraveny nebo vyměněny zdarma.

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