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Säulenbohrmaschine, 350 W

350 W

88.38 € 

  • Riemenantrieb mit fünf Geschwindigkeitseinstellungen
  • Solide Guss-Grundplatte und Bohrmaschinentisch
  • 13-mm-Zahnkranzbohrfutter
  • Spindelhub (Bohrtiefe): 0–50 mm mit Tiefenskala
  • Für alle Bohrarbeiten, die ein hohes Maß an Genauigkeit erfordern

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4.76 von fünf Sternen
25 Bewertungen
Silverline Guarantee

Technische Daten

Spannfuttertyp Bohrfutterschlüssel
Leerlaufdrehzahl 580–2.650 min-1
Gewicht 14,5 kg
Tischabmessungen 160 x 160 mm
Drehzahlregelung vorhanden
Spannfuttergröße 13 mm



Mit Riemenantrieb und fünf Geschwindigkeitseinstellungen. Spindelhub: 0–50 mm. Mit Tiefenskala für exakte Bohrarbeiten. Solide Guss-Grundplatte und Maschinentisch. 13-mm-Zahnkranzbohrfutter.


  • 1 Säulenbohrmaschine, 350 W
  • 1 Stahlsäule
  • 1 verstellbarer Bohrtisch
  • 1 Standfuß
  • 1 Schutzhaube
  • 1 Bohrfutter, 13 mm
  • 1 Bohrfutterschlüssel
  • 3 M8-Muttern
  • 3 M8-Federringe
  • 3 Drehgriffe, 133 mm
  • 1 Sechskantschlüssel (M4)
  • Bedienungsanleitung


on: william a

Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2018

great value for such a useful tool

on: Cesar B

Sonntag, 10. Juni 2018

Todo funciona perfectamente hasta ahora. Cumple mis espectativas

on: kb

Mittwoch, 4. Oktober 2017

I originally bought a clarke drill, but took it back when i realized this was essentially the same but £30 cheaper, Very happy with my Silverline version, there is no play or wobble in the chuck spindle (like some early versions). i was actually expecting the motor/gear pulleys to be a black plastic as seen in some stock photos, but was pleased to find that like the more expensive brand they were also machined from aluminium. This model also has the 350w Induction motor not just the standard fan cooled motor found in some versions of this drill. The only weakness i found was the depth stop / guard - too flimsy, however i plan to replace this with a home made one.

on: Keith F

Dienstag, 9. Mai 2017

Purchased as a replacement for a gigantic 60 year old drill press which took much of my work space. Easy to assemble with basic tools. For the limited DIY jobs I do it works just as well as the old one. Very good value for money an I wold recommend to any DIY''er.

on: M C

Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2017

Good all purpose bench drill.Value for money.

on: Steve

Montag, 28. November 2016

So I have needed to get a drill press for ages as there is just no way to drill dead accurate by hand. I didnt want to spend loads or have the footprint for a massive floor standing unit. This compact bench top drill press is just the job. Yes its fairly basic in terms of variable speed you have to change the drive belt onto different ration pulleys but that is sound engineering that wont go wrong. The thing is straight level and stable and does what it needs to. For the price its an absolute bargain.

on: Allen M

Donnerstag, 6. Oktober 2016

well pleased with this product

on: Phillip c

Dienstag, 27. September 2016

First class item would recommend this product to any one

on: Peter R

Dienstag, 13. September 2016

For its price this drill has proved excellent for my usage.

on: Pat N

Dienstag, 13. September 2016

Really pleased with drill press. Well worth the money, can''t fault it at all. An extremely good buy.

on: Geoge H

Dienstag, 13. September 2016

Great value for money

on: Ian H

Montag, 12. September 2016

A good value for money drill and easy to assemble. It is ideal for hobbyists who want a good quality machine for a very reasonable price,

on: Jay

Montag, 12. September 2016

Easily assembled and worked well from day one. Bought two years ago and continues to work without issue. None of the faults recorded by others manifested themselves and I recommend this product. Great value.

on: Allen M

Montag, 12. September 2016

Very good product needed a new drill as my old one was broken, this is just as good as the expensive drill I had before.

on: S J

Montag, 12. September 2016

Fantastic equipment , does the job it made for.

on: Paul P

Montag, 12. September 2016

The drill is all I expected to be, it''s quieter than the last one I had and is very easy to use. The drill has made my life a lot easyer. I would recommend it to to friends and family. Well wirth the money.

on: Johnny t

Montag, 12. September 2016

I was told by a wise old machinist that the most important thing about a drill press is that there must be no lateral movement in the chuck, because if there is, it wont drill straight holes. I was concerned that this ''value'' item would not have been built well enough, but certainly My version of this has no play, and for that reason alone I would say this is a good drill and, given the price, I think it deserves five stars... Interestingly if you look around on the internet you can find this drill with at least three different manufacturers names on it. Most cost more than the Silverline - because you pay for the brand. Mine is a Silverline! I have had it for over a year and when accurate drilling is required - I use a centre drill, sharp drill bits, and hold the work piece firmly - and i have found I can drill very accurate holes in steel, brass, copper and aluminium. It''s not the quietest, and changing speed is a hassle - and I would also add that the depth ''stop'' is just two nuts on a threaded bar that tend to loosen themselves off.. which is a tad annoying- but I would have had to pay three to four times the price to see a significant jump in quality. Silverline tools in my experience are excellent value.

on: Stephen W

Montag, 12. September 2016

Great value, robust, reliable drill. Will probably outlive me!

on: Oscar

Freitag, 19. August 2016

Good product at a great price. The assembly is simple and assembly instructions are very clear. The drill works perfectly. Thanks to Silverlinetools for its fantastic tools.

on: Paul S

Dienstag, 16. August 2016

A truly wonderful product well worth the money, easy to setup and install runs very well ,smoothly every thing you would expect of a first class product,with excellent service including delivery.

on: terry

Montag, 15. August 2016

very happy with the drill been using it to drill metal as i do welding very easy to set up and very easy to use no problems with it does the job very well. and great on price.

on: Ross D

Sonntag, 22. Januar 2017

Has been a good choice in product, although I would suggest you don''''t don''''t use plastic for the depth gauge holder and the cut off switch as mine arrived smashed and had to make new metal parts.

on: Milo S

Dienstag, 8. November 2016

For most cases where a cordless drill can''''t do the job the drill press is more accurate. It''''s steady and I can use it for more purposes than I intended to. The rest plate can even be tilted, which is great for angle drilling. An affordable must have for the bench top. I use it for drilling holes in plates for amplifier chassis and wooden pin blocks of small instruments.

on: Richard M

Donnerstag, 29. September 2016

Wonderful machine for hobby work. Not had long enough to do any heavy work, but so far would recommend this drill to anyone.

on: Alfonso

Samstag, 17. Dezember 2016

Tengo la correa muy gastada y no la encuentro por ningún lado en donde puedo comprarla

Drei Jahre Garantie

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