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Jump Starter & Air Compressor



  • 400A starting boost & 900A peak boost
  • 260psi max air pressure output
  • Spiral-wound, high energy density, internal 12Ah battery
  • 12V DC output socket & 12V in-car adaptor
  • Impact-resistant casing

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3.78 out of 5 stars
64 review(s)
Silverline Guarantee

Product Specification

Battery Quantity 1
Battery Type 12Ah
Product Weight 4.03kg


Key Features

Provides a sustained starting boost of 400A with a peak boost of 900A. Maximum air pressure output of 260psi. Internal 12Ah spiral-wound, lead acid battery with high energy density and faster energy transfer. 12V DC output socket & 12V in-car adaptor. Includes a built-in work/emergency light and includes a pressure gauge. Impact-resistant casing.

Box Contents

  • 1 x Jump starter 12Ah
  • 1 x Mains charger
  • 1 x In-car charger 12V

Customer Ratings

By: Mon

13 October 2017

Does exactly what "it says on the tin".... great for many uses and it has a 3 years gurantee which is excellent!

By: Phil H

01 August 2017

very happy with the product

By: Ron H

27 May 2017

Into action straight away when Grandsons Birthday present arrived deflated (football).

By: Anthony

09 March 2017

I''ve used it as a portable air compressor to fill trailer tyres and it is handy for that (don''t have to get flat tyres to a compressor). Not used the jump starter yet. Like the idea of having mobile charging unit for phones etc. Bought it because it says it can jump engines up to 2500cc

By: Ian L

08 March 2017

This product is great I have a 2.2 deisel 4x4 and there was no problems starting this I recommend this product to anyone for the extra boost.

By: Mick

25 February 2017

Bought this for my girlfriends car. It''s a modern 1.6 petrol Renault but she drives a lot for work and on a couple of occasions she''s left her lights on etc and has had to mess about trying to get a jump start or worse , suffer what any independent professional woman hates - having to call the AA out to help her! So , she feels much more confident having this strapped in the boot. She even checks the charge level periodically. She likes the idea of having an emergency light and compressor too. Not had to use it in anger yet ( thankfully ) but having used similar spec models before, of course it''ll start it fine when needed. The plastic case has a definitely ''budget'' feel to it but that is just superficial and the business parts are what counts. Great price and a decent warranty. Happy days :)

By: J.watson

31 January 2017

Very easy to use gives great peace of mind you can always get home

By: don c

29 January 2017

what more can i say it did exactly what it said on the box, and excellent price

By: Steve B

24 January 2017

Good around product, strong, effective and essential tool

By: Richard L

21 January 2017

My 2.2 diesel car battery doesn''''t hold its charge if I don''''t use it for a few days, this jump starter works for me every time. The air compressor gauge is a bit unclear but it pumps your tyres no problem. All in all a good product and great value for money.

By: arthur s

12 January 2017

I hade two from you. one for my son and for my self and we try both out v.v good

By: Ian E

14 December 2016

After charging Jump Starter worked fine on my Ride On Mower Battery. Just a tip before using, top it up.

By: Ovidiu

21 October 2016

It''''s working perfectly,very good I start very quick my 2.2 Diesel engine,yes I recommend this jump starter.

By: Robin W

18 October 2016

Works well. It needs charging monthly. Tyre inflator is good.

By: Mrs C

16 October 2016

I''''ve used the jump starter a few times already even though I have full breakdown cover service with my car insurance, but it was going to take too long for the recovery service to come out to me & I was in a hurry to get to an appointment so used the jump start kit. As long as you charge up the unit after every time you it & once a month or so it will last ages. My teenager finds it useful too to pump his tyres up on his bike but the light is only useful for whilst your working/using the kit, you wouldn''''t use the kit for just the light/torch as its too bulky. So far I''''ve not needed to use the power point (car charger/cigarette lighter socket - don''''t know the official term for this type of power point - 12v socket), so can''''t comment on that but I''''d imagine it would be useful although I don''''t know how long it would last before draining battery too much.

By: kenneth c

15 October 2016

one of the best products I have bought


12 October 2016


By: Chris G

11 October 2016

I highly recommend this charger, it''''s got me going on more than a few occasions. The compressor is good and quick but it is a little bit loud and the light is definitely bright enough. Keep it charged as recommended and it won''''t let you down.

By: Jim

10 October 2016

Excellent don''''t know how I have done without it in the past


10 October 2016

Très bon produit aussi bien en demarreur qu''''en gonfleur

By: Roy A

10 October 2016

Works very well, the tyre infator is slow but sure but really bought as booster, good warranty should see that that''''s it''''s also great value , not let me down yet after 12 months,

By: David M

10 October 2016

Does the job it says on the box a must for those cold winter mornings when the battery needs a boost

By: Peter B

10 October 2016

What a brilliant piece of motoring Must Haves, this has saved my bacon, my neighbours and a motorist in a supermarket car park. You never know when a battery is going to fail but having one of these takes that worry from you. I charge mine and put it in the boot for all my long journeys...... Brilliant. A Must Have Standby

By: Phil S

02 October 2016

I purchased this as my old one''s battery had failed and it was cheaper to a new one than to replace it.This has been a good buy and was in regular use until the compressor failed,however the three year guarantee was honoured and the unit was replaced!Thankfully the unit is in regular use again.........great

By: Beezageoff

29 September 2016

Ive not had cause to use this ''in anger'', but I have used one in the past and it worked a treat, so I thought that I would get myself one just in case.

By: Barry T

27 September 2016

A very smart and compact product. I used this item to jump start the battery on my camper van as soon as it was charged up. It started up straight away and i was able to get away for the weekend.

By: I R

26 September 2016

very pleased with the quality of the product for the price. and it works well

By: Phil

26 September 2016

I have used this product many times, both on my own car and a friend''s. It works! Best to keep it fully charged.

By: Peter l

26 September 2016

Very good buy, works perfectly, very pleased with my purchase

By: Nigel O

26 September 2016

Very pleased with the product, use it often with no problems

By: g h

26 September 2016

very useful

By: Raymond R

26 September 2016

A very hand tool I carry in car boot and also find it handy in my shed

By: Jim O

26 September 2016

Very happy with this purchase good price as my wife has a happit of leaving lights on and flatting battery

By: Stan R

05 September 2016

Very handy, it started our BMW prior to replacing the battery. We use it for camping, powering for airpumps and portable tv, and use the light for illumination at night. No problems to date, we charge it once a month as per instructions.

By: R.Portier

30 August 2016

Fast delivery, doesn''t make a lot of noise. I recommend this product . Thanks

By: R.Portier

30 August 2016

Good product, sound acceptable I recommend this product.

By: Stephen M

22 October 2017

Silverline Jumpstart is a great tool, I managed to start and blow up two tyres on a car that have been sitting for 6 months. I then went on to start JCB loadall and blow up a tyre enough to move it. Well impressed

By: Gordon t

28 January 2017

Have used the jump start on several occasions and it has never let me down, was a little apprehensive at first but it is a good piece of kit. Also the compressor is very good much easier than a foot pump

By: Ian S

20 January 2017

I have only used the compressor part as yet on my bike tyres, so not really used all the facilities. I did have a problem with the charging but since had a partial answer from your tech side. The basic question was what voltage does the charger put out. There is something loose inside the charger and it was putting out 20volts open circuit on a multimetre, is that correct? So really it is not a comment on the product more a possible long term issue if the charging voltage is too high.

By: Arun G

26 October 2016

I bought this in case of emergency, but have not needed to use it yet. However, it does seem to be excellent value for money.

By: Andy

11 October 2016

I bought this as a backup for my 1600 petrol Rover 45 in the winter mornings and for this it did the job. I found it wouldn''''t start the car if the battery was completely discharged but I guess not even the top of the range items would be able to. The air compressor was very useful, beats a foot pump any day! The only slight downsides were I found the leads were mightily short to connect to a battery, I had to almost lay the unit down to get them to reach and when recharging the mains adaptor got very hot. Overall a good purchase and very good value for the price paid.

By: Craig K

10 October 2016

Great piece of equipment. I got this as my father''''s car saw little use and frequently had a low battery. I have a classic that also will see limited use so will need this when it''''s restoration is finished and comes out of its annual hibernation. I use the compressor for my and my kid''''s bike tyres and their footballs.

By: Peter G

26 September 2016

Very useful and robust. Easy to use.

By: Adrian Y

05 September 2016

Great multi-function starter however the cover for the air line is a tad awkward. All in all does what it said and I''ve used it a few times.

By: Graham G

10 October 2016

The compressor''''s pressure gauge is around 20psi over the actual. The reason I did not return - to Tesco - was the fact I kept forgetting and I work around it. I always check pressures with a trusted gauge. The unit itself is very handy, if somewhat heavy, and does the job I wanted it to do which to inflate caravan and m/cycle tyres and purge water out of the c''''van system. The latter is pressure critical so I actually run another compressor off this one. A round about way I know but who''''s to say a replacement unit will have a better gauge and it really is a handy machine in isolated places nowhere near the car''''s 12v outlets. BUT if you depend on the unit''''s gauge make sure you check the accuracy.

By: Chris t

26 September 2016

Not powerfull enough starts smoking and gets very hot

By: Ian

26 September 2016

The jump starter is a disappointment, it will not start a car with a completely flat battery. The compressor works ok though.

By: Rod S

14 January 2017

I Purchased this product on line and was initially very happy with it as it fulfilled all functions satisfactorily however after charging it as per instructions I noticed that the retained charge was steadily reducing after each charge till eventually it would not respond at all on inspecting the battery terminals I found one of them to be loose unfortunately the battery had deep cycled so far that it would no longer retain a full charge I now cannot find a replacement battery to fit the equipment. Disappointed !

By: dal

26 September 2016

does what it says ,but be careful as the compressor has a small metal arm thats connects piston to motor cog which is made of a soft metal and wears and breaks after using about 10 times ?design fault i guess but really expensive to return as it heavy and return postage has to be paid by yourself and nonrefundable
  • customer contacted

By: Keith F

05 September 2016

All the parts work OK apart from the air pressure gauge. The gauge is very inaccurate and obviously cheap, and can''t be relied on. You need to use a separate tire pressure gauge. So not impressed.
  • customer contacted

By: richard d

30 August 2016

would not start my mondeo diesel. just not man enough for the job

By: Paul G

10 October 2017

I have only needed to jump start once when I left the lights on on an old but still warm engined Corolla. Did not work. I have used it for two years as a portable battery/tyre pump but now the battery fails to hold charge and Silverline''s spares department cannot supply a replacement. Very poor.

By: Peter S

24 March 2017

I found that this failed to work when I needed it and now note the following from the manual: - The jump starter works in parallel with the fitted battery to provide increased current capacity [so may not be enough if vehicle battery totally flat] - This jump starter will only be effective when ... the vehicle’s battery is in a serviceable but partly discharged state [definitely no use when vehicle baterry is totally flat] Pity the advertising blurb doesn''t mention this. I guess need to go for something with higher power output

By: Martin K

23 February 2017

Whilst the price is very competative for this type of product, the compressor for tyres is not very good. After a few uses the air flow rate reduced so it took longer to pump up anything and in less than 6 months it failed to pump air at all, just making a noise from the motor. The jump start power still works though. The warranty service from the Silverline website has still not responded to my complaint after several weeks. Not a good product and poor backup service.

By: Steve C

23 February 2017

Rubbish.. Sent your technical team two emails , Never got back to me. Charged the unit for 40 hours and a day later tried it DID NOT WORK

By: Ray h

23 January 2017

The air compressor switch has stopped working!

By: Amy

30 November 2016

This is the worse thing Ive ever brought twice now Ive had to replace it and its failed again it doesn''''t even jump start my car
  • customer contacted

By: Nigel R

08 November 2016

This product is rubbish. The compressor did not work from the start. It would cost probably close t a third of the value to send it back. Also when I went on your site to register the tool as faulty the only thing I could do was look at new products. Will not be buying Silverline again. I left one star as it is not possible to leave none.
  • customer contacted

By: Vic S

27 October 2016

After one month went to use the Comprresor it fell apart ! After two months using the jump starter tried to charge the batteries the charger didn`t work ! And now in the process of trying to send it back, being told at my expense "which will not be cheap"
  • customer contacted

By: Len S

10 October 2016

Absolute Rubbish. You could not Jump Start a Moped with this.
  • customer contacted

By: Roy c

28 September 2016

Air pump very noisy, only any good for bicycle tyres, very disappointed feel it''s a poor cheaper version of something that was good. Would not of purchased it from a shop.


26 September 2016

I followed the instructions exactly but the product would not start a small ride on mower we have and the charge dropped very quickly so I tried it again after charging still did not start the mower. I did use it to pump up a tyre but it seemed to take forever so I sent the product back. The returns procedure was very simple but I still have not received a credit even though it was returned within the 30 days. I am finding the e bay help line difficult to access also, so really not at all happy with my purchase or the refund procedure.

By: Colin S

05 September 2016

The compressor on this product only worked the first time it was used complained to company through the complaints process but was told as I purchased item more than 28 days after purchase it wasn''''t there problem so I''''m left with a product which is faulty!!

By: john

25 February 2016

poor. wont start a flat car. silverline warranty not worth 2 shock offs

3 Year Guarantee

This Silverline Jump Starter & Air Compressor is guaranteed for a period of 30 days from date of purchase against a fault developing in either the materials or the workmanship during manufacture. You can register for your 3 Year guarantee by registering your product online. Any faulty goods will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

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