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Double Pinion Hand Drill



  • Double-pinion milled gears
  • Hardwood handles
  • 6mm, 3-jaw, hand-tightened chuck
  • Comfortable to handle
  • 290mm

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3.2 out of 5 stars
5 review(s)
Silverline Guarantee

Product Specification

Chuck Size 6mm
Product Weight 0.750kg
Handle - Primary - Finish Hardwood


Key Features

Hardwood handles and double-pinion, milled gears for smoother running. Fitted with 6mm, 3-jaw, hand-tightened chuck.

Box Contents

  • 1 x Double pinion hand drill

Customer Ratings

By: Deke R

05 September 2016

You''d think that in a world of zippy little portable battery powered drills there''d be no place for old tech like a hand drill, but this little thing is just light, reliable, and most importantly, not so prone to mis-drilling, that I wouldn''t be without it. For all those little drilling jobs I''ll take a hand drill any time, and this one has proved to be very reliable indeed so far.

By: Jez P

26 September 2016

Reasonably good quality though chuck can be very fiddley for installing drill bit and handle works loose in time but overall for price compared to other similar handrills is quite good value for money and does get the job done ok!

By: Timothy S

23 November 2014

Drill comes in three section and you have to put the drill together. Finish looks like they dipped and just let it drip off till it dried. Upper gear moves up and down, makes cranking jittery. I had to put a piece of wire in the lower gap and oiled it to make it crank smoothly. One plus is it comes with a Lifetime Guaranty.
  • Thanks for your feedback, we are always keen to hear how our products perform and we have passed your comments on to our buying department.

By: Phil P

26 September 2016

I have bought quite a few Silverline tools over the years and I am sorry to say this was the worst one. It looked good out of the box but was just not the standard I have been used to from this maker. The mechanism was sloppy and the pinions were not aligned properly so the drilling actions was jerky and occasionally jammed. I was grateful for the lifetime guarantee because it went straight back to the dealer who refunded the purchase price with no queries.
  • customer contacted

By: Kirk C

21 October 2016

Adjustable Bit on the hand drill was defective. I posted a service report and requested a warranty replacement but have heard nothing.
  • customer contacted

Lifetime Guarantee

This Silverline Double Pinion Hand Drill is guaranteed for a period of 30 days from date of purchase against a fault developing in either the materials or the workmanship during manufacture. You can register for your Lifetime guarantee by registering your product online. Any faulty goods will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

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