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Hand Plane No. 4

50 x 2mm Blade


  • Heavy duty high carbon steel blade
  • Milled sides & fluted base
  • Rosewood handle
  • Brass adjusting screw
  • Length: 225mm

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4.61 out of 5 stars
23 review(s)
Silverline Guarantee

Product Specification

Handle - Primary - Finish Rosewood
Handle - Secondary - Diameter 45mm
Blade Width 50mm
Planing Width 50mm
Product Weight 1.67kg
Method of Adjustment Brass screws
Hardened Yes


Key Features

Rosewood handle secured with 2 brass screws. Milled sides, brass adjusting screw and heavy duty 2mm blade. Simple, rapid adjustment mechanism with easy blade removal for sharpening and honing. Blade width 50mm.

Box Contents

  • 1 x Hand plane No. 4

Customer Ratings

By: Dennis T

13 August 2018

Firstly was unsure about purchasing this plane at such a low price. Read reviews for a 2nd opinion. That seemed OK. Tell you what first impressions with the weight and quality with Red Rose handles and a grooved base for those chamfers. It looks good. Set blade up to my specifications and no quibbles when I had finished my project. What more can you ask for, as good as the more expensive planes in my opinion. Also comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. Thanks Tool Station for saving me money with this purchase.

By: Nicholas S

31 July 2018

Easy to use and adjust, and appears to be a good quality tool.

By: Glyn T

11 July 2018

Silverline seem to have bad reviews on many of their tools - nevertheless I purchased a No. 4 Hand plane. I was very surprised at the build quality. The casting was heavy, square and the sole was flat. The plane worked out of the box, but as you would expect it would benefit from sharpening the blade. This only took moments and with some minor adjustments the plane works excellently. Now I am not a newcomer to hand planes - my collection exceeds five hundred - so I was not expecting anything exceptional. The plane, however, is very good - not as good as a lie nielsen, obviously, but was exceptional value. Seriously if you know of any tool that is better value please let me know. In summary an exceptionally good value serviceable hand plane

By: Stefan R

18 May 2018

Reasonably good plane for what I was trying to achieve. It doesn''t work out of the box as it requires to setup up the blade. Some people complained about the blade not being sharp enough and I agree, it isn''t one of the sharpest. However, I did not have the patience to use my whetstones before jumping straight into doing what I was planning to do. Figured out that when it''s properly set, then it mitigates most of the issues with the slightly dull blade. For the less lazy, there''s always the whetstones. A screwdriver around is definitely recommended for the process of setting up the blade. Some instructions would be welcome for those who haven''t used a plane for the past 20 odd years. It was bit of a mental struggle to remember how to do setup the blade. Considering that I have paid slightly more than a tenner, and with lifetime warranty, can''t really fault it. There''s nothing fundamentally wrong with the product, and most of the issues can be mitigated by setting and skill.

By: James B

16 April 2018

Since buying the No.4 wood plane from Silverline, it has been great to use so far. It''s been flawless to use from the off. If for any reason, anything would be faulty in the future, I have the brilliant option to get it replaced free of charge as I simply registered the my tool on their website which guarantees me a lifetime warranty. I feel like Silverline will always be my primary place to shop when buying my tools.

By: Darren M

05 June 2017

Strong, sharp, well built and at a great price.

By: John H

11 March 2017

What a surprise..... such a quality tool for the price..... after going through the usual plane setup the tool worked perfectly. A quality tool for the price....

By: Chauvet

14 January 2017

J''''ai utilisé ce rabot et je suis surpris par sa facilité d''''utilisation et sa bonne prise en main. J''''ai apprécié de travailler avec et je le recommande a tous les amateurs ou/et les plus confirmé. Bon copeau a vous.

By: Chauvet

21 December 2016

Livraison rapide. Rabot de bonne qualité facile a régler avec une bonne prise en main. Je le recommande avec plaisir Bon copeaux a tous

By: Jacek M

15 December 2016

Really heavy duty and professional tool. Good value for money.

By: Keith M

12 November 2016

I was really impressed when I opened the box to find it wrapped in a piece of oiled paper and the plane nicely oiled to protect it from rusting. I quickly wiped the oil off the plan and started looking at it. Really impressed with quality of the plane itself, very sharp blade and easy adjustment of the blade and the angle of the blade. I then adjusted the blade to take a thin slice off my bathroom door. It operated very easily and made a job well done and easy. I will use this plane on several other projects I have to do. This is a very well made product of such high quality tool, I would recommend this tool to anyone who needs a decent plane at a more than reasonable price. I now have a couple of Silverline tools and have not regretted either purchase, and an added bonus is the Lifetime Guarantee which shows how roud Silverline are with their products. Thanks Silverline, " I WILL BE BACK, to buy more tools. "

By: Muhammad A

06 November 2016

This hand plane is one of the best so far hand tool going.

By: chris

10 October 2016

Well built plane. Got it to replace 6 new doors. cheep to buy but not in quality. wood handles nice and strong. Blade need sharping first but when set up cut the wood smooth not ripping the wood. use it on lots of other projects going strong. like guaranteed forever can''''t go wrong.

By: Paul

05 September 2016

Great buy good tool for a diy-ear like me sharp blade and does the job well great price as well


05 September 2016

Can''t fault it. Very good value for money.

By: Martin N

25 September 2018

Had a nice solid feel out of the box which suggested a quality tool and so it proved. However it was not set up for immediate use and there was not a word of instruction in the box. As someone who had never set up a plane before it took longer to do so by trial and error than it took to do the actual job I bought it for. A competeive price shouldn’t mean “Go figure for yourself, we’re not going to help you”. How hard would it be to include a basic set-up guide for relative DIY novices?

By: Jason

26 August 2018

Absolutely beautiful tool, came with a very sharp blade ready to use. Only drawback was that there were no instructions in how to change the height /level of the blade, and to a novice it is pretty confusing. Overall I think its a very good tool that will withstand a good amount of work. The lifetime guarantee helps too!

By: Degory

18 March 2018

The plane comes quite oily but the main issue is that the yoke is very narrow meaning lots of room to move laterally. A thicker home would help the plane seat more evenly and ease setting up. Each time you sharpen or remove the chip breaker to clear any waste it takes quite long to reset. But great rosewood handles and a solid plane, comfortable and nice to use.

By: Andrew P

20 October 2017

cheapest price around and does the job!

By: Niels K

08 November 2016

It''''s the first plane I ever bought and I am still in the process of tuning and setting it up. So far the look and feel are good. Whether it does exactly what I expect I can not yet tell.

By: James L

03 August 2016

There''s certainly no reason why this shouldn''t be an excellent hand plane for a lifetime of use. However as with all new planes, the blade needs cambering and sharpening for the intended use, and the cap iron certainly needs some work to make it flush in its presentation to the cutting iron. The cutting iron sharpens well and cuts silky smooth when honed. The depth wheel and lateral adjustment are super smooth with a bit of 3-in-1 oil added. The handles are comfortable, and the main casting is good quality. I haven''t measured the sole for flatness.

By: Philip S

18 June 2016

I bought this plane as a beginner to wood working and picked it up for a great price. I thought with a plane that cheap if it''s crap I can use it as a paper weight. Out of the box it looked as good as any other no. 4 planes I''d seen, until I checked the sole plate and this took a fair bit of work to get half right along with a good blade sharpening. I still have a bit of work to do on the sole but I must say I love this plane. I have it purring like a kitten now and never knew I could get a plane to perform so well. I''m seriously thinking of getting the whole range of silverline planes, they look and feel good and at the price being offered I think it''s a good deal. Ok I know it''s not a lie neilson but come on I paid €17.

By: Scall

08 August 2018

Le rabot en lui même est de bonne facture, et agréable en main. Par contre la lame est désastreuse, le biseau a un écart de plus d''un millimètre entre la gauche et la droite. Plusieurs heures d''affutage en vue pour reprendre tout ca.

Lifetime Guarantee

This Silverline Hand Plane No. 4 is guaranteed for a period of 30 days from date of purchase against a fault developing in either the materials or the workmanship during manufacture. You can register for your Lifetime guarantee by registering your product online. Any faulty goods will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

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