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Olejová a kapalinová odsávací pumpa 4 l

4 l

€ 39.11 Ex VAT

  • Odsává olej a vodu z motorů
  • Hadice s dlouhým dosahem
  • Kapacita 4 l
  • Obsahuje hadičky 1.3 m x Ø8 mm a 1 m x Ø5 mm

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3 z 5 hvězdiček
16 recenze/í

Informace o produktu

Capacity - Volume 4000cc
Povrch Plastic
Hmotnost 0.754kg
Objem 4Ltr
Materiál - vedlejší složení PVC hose
Max Operating Temperature Max fluid temparute 40°C
Flow Rate Variable

Klíčové vlastnosti

Přes filtr čistě odsává olej, nebo vodu z motorů, nebo jiných strojů. Obsahuje hadičky 1,3 m x Ø8 mm a 1 m x Ø5 mm.

Balení obsahuje

  • 1 x Hose 1.3m x 10mm dia
  • 1 x Hose 1000 x 8mm - diameter
  • 2 x Anti spill caps
  • Flow control clip

Hodnocení zákazníků

kým: Dougie B


I can honestly say that this is one of the most useful items I have in my workshop as it means that I can change the oil in my car in under twenty minutes. The only fault with it is that the rubber diaphragm is prone to coming out of the holder and although it''s a five minute fix, it is both annoying and messy. Hence, I had to knock one star off.

kým: JOHN F


Tubing too large for my car Vauxhall Zifira diesel 2 Ltr. ( my problem ). I managed to interface car and pump with my own tubing, the heat of the oil softened the Silverline tubing, causing it to collapse, restricting flow. It would get a higher rating if a tube was capable of working at oil temperature.
  • Thank you for the positive feedback, We’re sorry that the product didn''t suit your needs. As set out in the user manual, fluids should only be extracted once fully cooled .

kým: Mellouli


A very useful item to change the oil in my BMW car in only 30 minutes. Very easy to use, thanks !

kým: Daniel C


Pros Affordable, Functional Doesn''t take up much room Cons Tubes don''t straighten out so can be difficult to reach places out of arms length Longevity, as mine broke (Refund was given no hassle)

kým: Richard L


This seemed to be the ideal solution for a mess & hassle free oil change. However, it just didn''t work on my 2016 Insignia cdti. The thinner pipe needed to be inserted into the thicker pipe to allow it to have enough length to reach into the engine and I''m certain it got to the bottom of the engine (or something else solid!) as it simply wouldn''t go in any further. I pumped and pumped to create the vacuum required but no oil at all came out. Withdrawing the pipe I could see oil on the outside of the pipe but nothing on the inside! Eventually we had to give up and return it to Amazon as it simply didn''t work for us. I hope that others have better luck.

kým: Gareth D


After starting to work, the pump failed after 5 minutes. my faith in silverline is slightly dented

kým: Hartmut W


Unfortunately the pump of my Oil & Fuel Extractor is no longer working. When taking it apart I found a yellow plastic ring broken. The O ring could also be renewed. Can I get those parts from you ?

kým: Steve C


Ideal size to use in engine bay or confined spaces ,

kým: Scott


It worked the 1st time I used it then as others have said here and on ebay, the cap the tube slides into splits along the top edge. They should supply them with at least 1 extra cap, if anyone knows where I can get a couple of spare caps I would like to know.

kým: Ariel


After 3 days service change me my pump for new

kým: del


Use with care very fragile, pump too much the bottle collapses, this is mentioned on ebay and amazon reviews . It does work but very slow , and very fragile .

kým: simon t


The extractor pump works really well, my only criticism would be the extraction pipes are not very flexible i softened them in warm water as they kinked when i tried to straiten them no big deal, other than that great product.

kým: Andrew F


I needed this to drain the last little petrol from my lawn mower tanks ,I was a bit sceptical for the price ,I found other companies selling the same under different top names but the same quality for double the price I paid, I found it was well up to the job and the different hoses would fit most situations, I have no problem recommending this ,

kým: Mark S


Fantastic value for money, great durability

kým: Chris


First use worked okay, not quickest but did the job. Second use the cap split into bits upon attaching to bottle. Faulty or very weak plastic!
  • customer contacted

kým: Arnaud


I must say the pump didn''t work at all for me, no oil whatsoever gets sucked into the tube.

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