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300W Multi Tool


€ 45.12 Ex VAT

  • Multi-angle oscillating action
  • 6-stage variable speed adjustment
  • Vibration-reducing soft-grip handle
  • Versatile tool for cutting, sanding & grinding
  • Blade, hex key, scraper, hook & loop backing pad & 2 sanding sheets

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4 z 5 hvězdiček
73 recenze/í

Informace o produktu

Povrch Plastic and TPE soft grip
Třída IP IP20
Nastavitelná rychlost Yes
Otáčky naprázdno 15,000 - 23,000rpm
Hmotnost 1.4kg

Klíčové vlastnosti

Versatile, corded oscillating tool with 6-stage variable speed adjustment and vibration-reducing soft-grip handle. Ideal for a variety of tasks including cutting, sanding and grinding. Includes blade, hex key, scraper, hook and loop backing pad and 2 x sanding sheets.

Balení obsahuje

  • 1 x 300W Oscillating Multi-tool
  • 1 x Sanding Sheet Backing Pad
  • 1 x Plunge Saw Blade
  • 1 x Scraper Blade
  • 2 x Sanding Sheets 80G & 120G
  • 1 x Hex Key
  • 1 x Accessory Mounting Bolt & Washer
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Hodnocení zákazníků

kým: K J


A sturdy tool, which did the job I purchased it for. It came out unscathed and will be used again 👍

kým: Alan A


I have just purchased the Silverline Multi Tool and in my experience as a very serious DIY addict I have found it so useful I wish I had purchased one much earlier. The quality is amazing and extra cutting heads can be purchased for modest cost.

kým: david f


Good price, does what it says in the adverts. The sander attachment and the scraper worked really well to remove ridges of old paint and hardened silicone that other methods failed to do, so we''re now wallpapering on a really smooth surface

kým: Phil C


Very good diy tool well made and decent quality for the price, like most diy products they are not designed for heavy use,the attachments could be sturdier and better quality but they do the job and should do many years of service

kým: Martin B


Excellent value multi Tool for the DIY''er - with a three year warranty you''ll not get a better machine for the price.

kým: michael b


great tool does everything needed , great price

kým: george n


Ive wanted one of these for a while now, bought this for working in the bathroom, so far I have used it to help scrape paint off of the door as well as the sanding function for the same door. It is easy to use, not too noisy & dont vibrate too much which is important to me as I have arthritis. Silverline tools are at the lower end of the price range but I have always found them to be reliable & of good quality.

kým: Paul W


This is an amazing tool irrespective of price, but at this price point it''s fantastic. I never realised how much I needed it until I had it-trimming below door linings to fit wooden flooring, sanding fine detail when refinishing furniture.

kým: Peter C



kým: Peter C


Working well so far

kým: Nick C


I needed this tool to make a few Wood cut adjustments on a job I was doing, However due to it’s brilliant versatility I found I was able to complete other jobs I’d not considered this tool for, quick and easy. Oh and it’s paid for itself already.

kým: Neil Q


Works well for basic tasks around the home and garden.

kým: Clive J


This tool is very good for the price. It is very power although a bit on the heavy side but worth every penny !

kým: Clive J


Very impressed, found it heavy but very powerful & easy to use. Very good for the money

kým: Barry M


Super multi-tool at a super price, plenty powerful enough for your general diy, including slicing off a corner of skirting to fit a door frame in double-quick time. Just remember to do up the tool attachment key nice and tight and away you go!

kým: Robert T


I bought the 300w DIY Multi Tool through Amazon and have been very pleased with it. I used it more than I thought I would and has done what it said on the tin. Excellent

kým: anthony o


what a great tool to have does pretty much everything you want without having to buy different tools .how did I manage without one . get yours now.



very good useful

kým: Simon


Very good product,easy to use,I was very impressed the first time I used it.

kým: DAVID K


Good product for the money. Bit dissapointed I thought it had the quick release but ordered the one with the allen key to install components. Otherwise can''t fault it. Perfect for an apprentice DIY guy !

kým: Fred H


Have got round to using it and different blade to one supplied have easily taken a sliver of bottom of door so it no longer sticks. Well pleased so far with product

kým: Robert A


Excellant piece of equipment does what it says on the tin purchased for the scraper facility .Made light work of removing several layers of paint on a metal fence

kým: Ian


This is a good quality tool which did everything I asked of it.

kým: Ken


Bought this multi tool to trim some skirting in situ. Job completed very quickly and cleanly. I’m sure there are many other jobs that will now be easier.

kým: Lee B


Low cost perfect tool for loads of uses.

kým: Richard E


Exactly what i wanted to do a specific job

kým: keith b


this little tool is great -

kým: David L


I should''ve bought one of these years ago. It''s so useful. I used this to remove a plastic tile edging trim when extending the tiling in my bathroom for an over bath shower. I just plunge cut into it with the wood cutting blade. I wanted to put a new trim in and extend up to the ceiling with the tiles. I used a grout removal blade to remove the plastic left from the trim and tile adhesive behind the existing tiles to allow me to put the new extended trim behind the tiles. Holding it on place with a good grab adhesive. This job would be awful without this excellent little tool, it did it in no time and I never damaged any of the tiles. Very highly recommended tool for a multitude of jobs.

kým: Mark C


Looks good value for money. Blades need to be fitted down extremely tightly to ensure that they don’t slip and damage alignment pins. Lower review because this still could happen in the future.

kým: Ray


Excellent tool. I purchased the attachments with it. Great for cutting wood where a saw won''t fit. Grinder attachment removes grout between ceramic tiles quickly and easily. Good sturdy tool. Well pleased with it

kým: Pat M


Brilliant versatile tool, how did I manage without one!

kým: Paul h


Fantastic useful tool to have in your shed really great value for money, great power equals tools with a vaster price tag, easy interchangeable tools, and comes with a 3 year guarantee

kým: Stephen R


Bought the multi tool to cut out a piece of rotten timber frame, made the job quick and easy and you can get a fairly accurate cut. No doubt this tool will come in handy again and very reasonable price

kým: Philip b


I would recommend this multi tool, does everything that one costing three times as much. Ideal for the keen diyer

kým: Richard B


First time out the box today but worked like a dream. Very solidly built and handled the task of removing grout with ease. Great bargain and very pleased!

kým: Philippe D


Good value multi-cutter.

kým: John S


I need to reduce a window sill so that I can close a swollen window. I hope that this tool does the job.

kým: John w


Works fine, needed to cut off window ledges. The only tool that could be used to cut straight edges. Very pleased with the silver line tool.

kým: Simon K


I bought this tool to chase out grout in my bathroom. Tool worked well and completed the job with no problem. Good value for money.

kým: Ralph M


A great tool at a great price. Really handy for a multitude of DIY jobs around the house.

kým: Moubarak D


Powerful tool. It helped my with some DIY home upgrades and saves me tone of money.

kým: mr v


ideal for pecise cutting etc

kým: Moubarak D


powerful machine and efficient speed control made it so easy for my to get the job done. only the blade was not so premium and dented while cutting wood with soft nails.

kým: Robert H


Bought to access pipework inside a stud wall and also to access pipework behind an MDF panel. No problem with the plasterboard but struggled with the MDF. Even bought a specialist blade for the MDF.

kým: David


Great tool with excellent extra blades

kým: Geoff H


Neat little tool, just right for minor DIY jobs. Takes standard cutters.

kým: robert


very well made light weight cut our rotten wood in seconds like using a power chisel / scraper made life easy took minutes rather than hours with hammer and chisel fantastic

kým: David H


Great tool sorted the job out in minutes in hard to reach places. Saved me struggling and possibly damaging the work

kým: Haydn E


A very solid and well made product. The accessories that come with the basic multi tool are very robust. The different power settings enable great cutting power. This is a fantastic addition to my toolbox.

kým: Rodger S


As a good DIYer this is the first time using this type of tool and it has proved very useful indeed.

kým: Kevin H


I purchased a Silverline multi tool to perform surgery on an oak post needed to support a Granite breakfast bar. The job required a neat , straight cut into the post to generate a slot. The multi tool was inexpensive, came with a saw, scraper and sanding attachment and did the job easily. The saw attachment cut into the hard oak with no problems. The Multi tool has a one month return to reseller warranty and ALSO a three year parts and labour warranty for defective quality. So far, however, the quality of the tool has surpassed my expectation and I am very happy with the acquisition of a useful tool for those tricky DIY jobs.

kým: Claire A


Superb value, adjustable speed and sturdy construction. Can''t be beaten for value.

kým: Stuart M


Purchased this item in order to cut some corrugated iron and wood in a confined space which did allow the use of conventional saws. The Multi Tool was easy to set up and use, enabled me to complete the task quickly and solved my problem. Have already recommended to friends and relations.

kým: Alain65


Cet outil permet de réaliser des tâches impossibles avec une meuleuse. Il permet des angles divers sans problème. Que ce soit pour le bois, le plastique, le fer, le plâtre, etc., cet appareil convient parfaitement.

kým: Roly A


Great value tool - simple to setup and does exactly what you need. Included options useful and got the cutting job done quickly. Very pleased

kým: Graham


The use of the multi tool allowed me to easily remove a tile from a plasterboard partition wall to access a plumbing leak....leak fixed tile replaced, saved a fortune as alternative would have been a complete re tile.....the multi tool was easy to use cut through the grout and plasterboard with ease....and then used it to cut the copper pipe.... marvelous!

kým: Michael P


Great value for money and easy to use made better with the speed control. Just what I wanted to replace my burnt out tool at competitive prices.

kým: Boyd M


Excellent product, excellent price

kým: Barry C


since receiving this tool I find it just as good as dearer products and find the quality very good

kým: Boyd M


Probably one of the handiest tools I have ever bought at an excellent price

kým: Michael P


Great product at a competitive price just what I needed to replace my burnt out tool that I''ve had for years. Easy to operate and better with speed control.

kým: Brian J


Great tool. Can''t believe the price. Does the job just as well as tools costing four times the price.

kým: ALAN L


only used twice but very pleased withthe performance so far.

kým: Stephen R


Having wanted one of these for a while I found this Tool at a reasonable price. I don''t always expect a great deal from a low priced power tool, but I am thoroughly impressed with the versatility of this Multi Tool. I have already used it on a few projects and, after a little practice, found it very easy to use and control. Feels good in the hand and the vibration transfer in minimal. Plenty of attachments which wil come in handy. Want one for aa a DIYer? Then this is it! Don''t forget the generous 3 year warranty.

kým: malcolm j


This tool just makes my life so much easier. I''ve used it for several different jobs and its quick, easily manoeuverable and doesn''t take up tons of space. I wouldn''t want to be without it now.

kým: Michael S


Very good value for money. The only problem I''ve found is that the blade tends to shake loose so it has to be screwed in very tight.

kým: Colin G


Highly recommended for the price. Great Tool.

kým: Alec H


Very pleased with the product and also the efficiency of your company thanks

kým: Keith B


I wish that I had known about this piece of kit sooner. It is powerful, straightforward and easy to use. It will replace a number of other devices.

kým: M K


Good quality at a reasonable price

kým: M K


Arrived on time Good quality for price

kým: Francis R


Adjustable & light to hold, will take the many fitments available. Excellent value for the money

kým: David R


Purchased this item to remove some tiles that had cracked. did the job perfectly have other jobs lined up but have not got around to them yet. Great item.

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