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Putzrührer mit niedriger Geschwindigkeit, 600 W

600 W

€ 58.24 ZZGL. MWST

  • Sanftanlauf und stufenlose Geschwindigkeitssteuerung
  • Rechts-/Linkslauf
  • Einschaltarretierung
  • Stabiles Metallgussgetriebe
  • Großer, einstellbarer D-Griff

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Technische Daten

Netzkabellänge 2 m
Spannfuttertyp Zahnkranzspannfutter, 1,5–13 mm
Schutzart IP 20
Max. Drehmoment 52 Nm
Leerlaufdrehzahl 0–800 min-1
Leistung 600 W
Drehzahlregelung Ja
Gewicht 2,15 kg


Zum Mischen von unterschiedlichem Putz, Strukturputz, Bodenfarben und anderen Oberflächenbeschichtungen. Stabiles Vollmetallgetriebe. Geschwindigkeitssteuerung über Auslöseschalter. Großer, einstellbarer D-Griff und Seitengriff. Leerlaufleistung: 0–800 min-1.


  • 1 Putzrührer mit niedriger Geschwindigkeit, 600 W
  • 1 D-Griff
  • 1 Zusatzgriff
  • 1 Spannfutterschlüssel
  • 1 Paar Kohlebürsten
  • Bedienungsanleitung


von: Dennis L


I''m a retired professional from my kitchen, bedroom and bathroom business. Currently refurbishing my retirement bungalow and had a lot of mixing to do, plaster and dibs and dabs adhesive, last weekend. My very old mixer finally packed up after many years of abuse. I only needed one for this job so bought this one hoping it would last the weekend.I have to say I am very impressed with this mixer, it went the weekend with no problems and certainly powerful enough for the job, mixing in a std. bucket. It feels very solid and quite heavy, metal gears, and well made for the price. The speed control worked very well with a no loss of power on lowest speed. It has a quality metal chuck with key. Has two removable handles and one of which is adjustable for position. I now have an extra drill if I need it which is a bonus. Very satisfied and a big thumbs up for Silverline.

von: Richard S


Second of these I''''ve had, first lasted ten years and would probably be ok again with new brushes. These machines come with a spare set of brushes anyway. They also have a normal drill chuck which means you can use any paddle you like and you''''re not restricted to one that''''s supplied. At this price you can''''t really go wrong!

von: kevin


vary good drill

von: J


Really good drill for the money not the most powerful but still good for light mixing job''s silverline Tool are great quality tool''s well worth the money.

von: Mike K


I bought this to mix plaster for a large DIY project. It did the job nicely, mixing bucket after bucket of plaster with no problems. The handles are easily attached and fit the hand nicely. The drill can be locked on for continuous running without you having to hold the trigger. I particularly liked the reversible function, which makes mixing a lot quicker and more efficient.

Drei Jahre Garantie

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