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150 kg Tragkraft

€ 51.94 ZZGL. MWST

  • Robuste Stahlkonstruktion
  • Hält Stämme bis 150 kg und 250 mm Durchmesser
  • Gezackte Kanten für sicheren Halt von Stämmen
  • Höhe x Länge: 790 x 850 mm
  • Für den Einsatz mit Ketten- und Handsägen

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Technische Daten

Gewicht 150 kg
Ausführung Galvanisiert
Gewicht 6,390 kg


Robuste Konstruktion, gezackte Kanten für guten Halt, drei verstellbare Breiten. Für den Einsatz mit Ketten- und Handsägen. Für Stammdurchmesser bis 250 mm geeignet. Tragfähigkeit: 150 kg. Abmessungen: 790 x 850 mm (Höhe x Länge). Zur platzsparenden Aufbewahrung einfach zusammenklappbar.


  • 1 Montagezubehör
  • 1 Montageanleitung
  • 1 Sägebock, 150 kg


von: Francis


The Saw Horse instructions took some fathoming at first and there was one bolt short, but luckily I had some spares in the shed. I wasn''t convinced that it was going to be that steady looking at the design, but now it is all put together it is as steady as a rock. Overall very pleased with it and feeling confident that it is going to make the job of sawing logs much easier and safer with the saw horses big sharp teeth to hold everything still.

von: Mark W


I bought the sawhorse 127998 in good faith, however there were no instructions and all the nuts and bolts were entirely the wrong size. Despite numerous e-mails, they are ignoring me, consequently the sawhorse is going to end up in the trash unless they sort it out. However, they have my money so they are happy.

von: Mark W


The sawhorse arrived promptly, but sadly without assembly details. Consequently it is sitting in my shed totally unused. Make sure you get the instructions. The 2 star rating is for delivery only. I can''t rate the product which is still in bits.

von: Christopher H


I had a 40ft maple tree to reduce to logs for burning so bought a chainsaw and the Silverline saw horse seemed the best accompaniment. It is light but very robust and performed well. A fourth frame would be useful for holding shorter logs.

von: John S


This 150kg capacity saw horse has proved to be a cracking buy. Very simple design, easy to assemble and helped me cut a mountain of logs into manageable sizes in no time at all. I particularly like the teeth which help keep logs in place when being cut and most of all the simple way the saw horse folds up for storage. A real winner in terms of design and practicality.

von: Christopher H


Had a tree felled and bought a chainsaw to chop it up for my wood burning stove. Bought this saw horse from Argos. Easy to follow instructions - read carefully. Very light but sturdy in use. A fourth pair of frames would be useful in order to cut logs shorter than 15" (45cm) to fit my stove without further chopping by hand.

von: Haydn


The Log Sawing Horse (blue colour), which is called a Log Saw Horse on your website, came with no instructions on how to assemble it. The box looked like it had been opened and resealed, which could be why the instructions were missing. Unfortunately I could find no assembly instructions on your website either. It would be good if they were available there

von: Steve F


Was missing a nut and unable to contact Silverline.
  • Hi Steve. Please email your address to [email protected] and we will send you a spare. Thanks

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