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1300 °C

€ 17.88 ZZGL. MWST

  • Einstellbare Flammengröße und -temperatur
  • Kunsthandwerk, Schmuckherstellung, Modellbau, Löten, kleinere Klempnerarbeiten
  • Praktischer Standfuß
  • Nachfüllbar

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Technische Daten

Griffausführung Komfortgriff
Gewicht 0,164 kg
Max. Temperatur 1300 °C
Max. Arbeitszeit 25 Min.


Leichter und kompakter, nachfüllbarer Butangasbrenner. Piezoelektrische Zündung und Flammenfeinregulierung. Geeignet für Kunsthandwerk und Schmuckherstellung, beim Modellbau, zum Löten sowie für kleinere Klempnerarbeiten. Höchsttemperatur: 1300 ºC. Betriebsdauer: ca. 25 Minuten.


  • Bedienungsanleitung
  • Butangasbrenner


von: Ludivine


I chose this torch to help me with my creation of jewelry on silver solder; and I must say that I am very satisfied! Small handy, quickly rises in temperature .. And we see that the materials used on this torch are of quality! I recommend to all creatives like me!

von: Paul B


Excellent value , it’s extremely reliable, I would recommend this product, the flame is regulated and is very positive on the control knob , this product is excellent , 5*****

von: Guy D


It has a stand to hold it straight up, it uses gas, it moves to where I out it, it fires up when I want it to and goes out when I turn it off - in other words, it does just what I want it to.

von: Mr D


This torch worked perfectly well until the gas ran out I found I couldn’t refil it trying more than one gas canister. Tried so-called refil point/pressure adjustment without success. This problem has been well documented on line. Help.

von: Mohammed S


The Butane Gas Torch is very simple & easy to use all you need is Butane Gas normally sold as a lighter refiller at nearest local store, place the Gas nozle below the foot of the Torch where a filler cage exists, fill & adjust gas pressure to desired choice turn top rotating nozzle marked as On/Off the press the ignite button to start a standard constant flame immediately & enjoy this great tool. A excellent choice preferably.

von: David L


A good little tool,only dislike is you can only use it for 2 minutes at a time, then you have to let it cool down. Apart from that, great.

von: Richard T


The torch is excellent for consistent heat and is easy to control the flame for small solders in jewellery. However, I did find filling it difficult having to buy a three different cans of gas until I found an attachment that fitted without leaking gas. That said, now I have it, I don''''t need to worry about it.

von: keith b


I use it for hobby use, soldering brass and copper parts, the gentle hot flame is better than an electric soldering iron because you don''''t get excess solder everywhere.

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