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Juwelierschraubendreher, 11-tlg. Satz


€ 3.35 ZZGL. MWST

  • Vergütete Stahlklingen
  • Sechskant-Drehköpfe
  • Satz umfasst: Phillips in PH 00, PH 0 und PH 1
  • Schlitz in 1,0, 1,2, 1,4, 1,8, 2,4 und 3,0 mm
  • 1 Ahle und 1 Magnet

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3 von fünf Sternen
12 Bewertungen

Technische Daten

Ausführung Stahl
Griffausführung Stahl
Gehärtet Ja
Spitzenmaterial Stahl
Gewicht 0,130 kg


Vergütete Stahlklingen mit Sechskant-Drehköpfen. Satz umfasst Phillips-Schraubendreher in PH 00, PH 0 und PH 1, Schlitzschraubendreher in 1,0, 1,2, 1,4, 1,8, 2,4 und 3,0 mm sowie eine Ahle und einen Magneten.


von: Tijn


Over all it is a nice set of precision screwdrivers. There is a good selection of tools. The case is very cheep and was damaged. It''s a good set for the price.

von: Matthew G


Very good! I particularly love the lifetime guarantee. I bought these for £3 from Toolstation. Basically...what''s not to like?!

von: Wendy


I bought this set of screwdrivers in order to adjust my spectacles myself. NONE of the screwdrivers fitted my specs!

von: Wendy


I bought the screwdriver set in order to be able to repair my spectacles. None of the set fitted the screw on my specs! Not good!

von: David M


Just what I was expecting for the price. Plastic case distorted though and will not stay closed, neither will the screwdrivers stay in place in the slots inside the case. Other than that, OK. More or less what I was expecting for £2.99

von: Anthony B


Very good set of various screwdrivers, ideal for maintenance of our spectacles

von: Kevin M


This set of specialist screwdrivers really do come in handy for those small non-standard srews.

von: Kenneth D


Just the ideal tools for dealing with intricate jobs & handy for when your spectacles fall apart.

von: Paul


Nice little set of tools to replace previous set of Blackspur ones which are well worn. Case a little flimsy but drivers OK

von: David L


Needed a set of Screwdriver to fix watch. Found these online. Great price and did the job. The only negative is the poor case but that is because the set is so cheap,I suppose.

von: Margaret


Bought 2 of these sets as Christmas stocking fillers, so not actually used yet, so time will tell how strong/reliable these are - the only downside I can see so far is the "magnetic" tip is NOT magnetic because it will not pick up even the lightest, smallest steel screw, or in fact anything at all, which is a shame as that would have been really useful to avoid losing tiny screws inside components. Can this please be rectified?

von: Tim L


When you need very small tools for fiddly work, this set is ideal. The items are well made and the tops of the screwdrivers swivel so you can turn the screwdriver with your palm and a couple of fingers. Although it might be a bit of an overused phrase, they really work for you.

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