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230 mm

€ 18.60 ZZGL. MWST

  • Hartholzkörper
  • Messing-Rändelschraube
  • Messingbeschlag und -schenkel
  • Zwei gehärtete Anreißnadeln

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Technische Daten

Griffausführung Rosenholz
Bauweise Schraubgewinde
Gewicht 0,170 kg
Gehärtet Ja


Hartholzkörper mit Messing-Rändelschraube. Messingbeschlag und -schenkel. Zwei gehärtete Anreißnadeln.


  • 1 Falzmaß


von: Ms. M


The product itself and your swift service are super! Even during the ''corona'' period.

von: Ferd.


Good piece of equipment. Pleasant to work with. Precisely for marking, made of brass and hardwood, durable for many years. and value for money too!

von: Hughes46


Nice presentation and seems solid. To verify during the use.

von: Daan B


Does as advertised, good quality wood and fittings. Only two small remarks: the gauge pins aren''t perfectly aligned (easily fixed), and it would be nice to be able to fix the gauge pins in position separately from the sizing block.

von: carlos a


By a low price is an useful tool and of good finishings. The surfaces of support of brass does that they glide well and lengthen the life of the tool. At all that see with which had up to now with wooden surfaces. The pin''s are something long but perfectly useful. In soft wood tend to nail but can avoid this problem gliding bent instead of moving it with the pin''s perpendicular to the wood.

von: Mike v


Finish could be better

von: Mike V


Finish could be better but at the end you get a nice tool for just a little money.

von: Frank T


First of all: I like my new mortice gauge very much. It has some imperfections with it''''s pins not a the same height and it''''s bar not fitting tight in the slot. But the wood and the brass hardware make it look very pleasing. And once the screw is tightened it works very well. That''''s all I need.

von: maurizio


is good

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