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Hochdruckreiniger, 2100 W, 165 bar

Max. 165 bar

€ 154.12 ZZGL. MWST

  • Luftgekühlter Induktionsmotor mit automatischer Start/Stopp-Funktion
  • Selbstansaugefunktion für den Anschluss an andere Wasserquellen wie z.B. Regentonnen
  • Sprühlanze mit Reinigungsmitteldosierung und gebündeltem Sprühmuster oder Fächerstrahl
  • Integrierter Sprühlanzenhalter mit Düsenablage und Netzkabelhaken
  • Inkl. 5 m langem Hochdruckschlauch, Sprühlanze, Reinigungsnadel und Zulaufschlauchverbinder

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Technische Daten

Ausführung Kunststoff
Schutzart IPX 94
Leerlaufdrehzahl 2940 min-1
Leistung 2100 W
Gewicht 20 kg


Der luftgekühlte Induktionsmotor bietet Zuverlässigkeit und Energieeffizienz, während die automatische Start-/Stoppfunktion den Hochdruckreiniger jedes Mal bei Betätigung des Abzugs selbsttätig aktiviert bzw. deaktiviert. Sprühlanze mit Reinigungsmitteldosierung und wahlweise auf gebündelten oder Fächerstrahl einstellbarem Sprühmuster. Integrierter Sprühlanzenhalter mit Düsenablage und Netzkabelhaken. 5 m langer Hochdruckschlauch auf Schlauchtrommel und 5 m langes Netzkabel. Ausziehbarer Handgriff und Transporträder für müheloses Umstellen. Haken und Halterungen, Reinigungsnadel, Sprühlanze mit Spritzdüse und Verlängerung sowie Zulaufschlauchverbinder im Lieferumfang enthalten.


  • 1 Hochdruckreiniger, 2100 W
  • 1 Sprühdüse
  • 1 Lanzenverlängerung
  • 1 Lanzengriff
  • 1 5-m-Hochdruckschlauch
  • 1 Lanzenklemme
  • 1 Düsenablage
  • 1 Netzkabelhaken
  • 1 Zulaufschlauchverbinder
  • 1 Reinigungsstift
  • Bedienungsanleitung
  • 1 Schraube


von: George K


Quiet and powerful, but definitely deserves a longer power hose. 8 or 10m would be ideal. 5 stars but for the power hose length.

von: Bob H


Needed a new power washer for the 4x4 and the garden - but found most offered little power, poor build quality and limited warranty. Read the reviews for Silverline, and decided to order because I’ve used their tools in the past and found them to be good quality. The washer was easy to assemble - and has a great design with a roll up spool for the hose line. It’s incredibly powerful, and cleans our mud stained 4x4 in brilliant style - far superior to other makes ... and with a 3 year warranty! I wish Silverline made an extension hose for this model, as I need a really a long reach for the cars - but that’s just my personal preference. Highly recommend this washer - you won’t be disappointed!

von: Nikki M


I bought this as an emergency machine from Amazon with prime as my trusty old karcher had does a death after splitting it''s motor housing. I wouldn''t hesitate to replace this with another of the same as it''s just as powerful as my K5 premium, the only thing is it''s a little louder as it''s air cooled not water cooled.

von: Ken M


Was a little sceptical reading about its performance. However, when used on my extremely dirty black paving slabs I was pleasantly surprised to see how easily the dirt was removed.The dirt was significant, but a steady but constant spray from the washer cleared it all. I am no longer sceptical about the ability of 2100w washer to clean any part of my patio in future, Thank you.

von: Nikki M


Not used it too much yet but as far as o can see it''s an excellent machine, it''s slightly louder than my old karcher K5 but I can live with that.

von: Joseph B


Excellent power from this machine , easy to use and at a great price , really happy with this product.

von: Hung


The machine has sticker said working pressure 110 bar - no where near 160 bar

von: DENIS M


Very good

von: Hung


We just cant get it that it said 110 bar in the sticker but the sale said 165 bar. The machine is a bit noisy but doing good job.

von: Brian H


Only used a couple of times so far, but pleased with results. A 3 year warranty is better than most competitors offer.

von: Graham


Powerful and very effective. Heavy but the wheels and adjustable handle means it''s not a problem. When I clean one of the patios it has to run all day so the Brushless motor means a long life.

von: Andrew P


Awesome item

von: P C


Probably the best value for money power washer available, strong, sturdy and dependable. Does what it says on the box, results are excellent and one sweep washing is achievable even on the toughest grime. Would recommend, the quality and build are comparable with the expensive machines out there.

von: Ken M


Bought this item to replace an older washer from a different manufacturer. The improvement is remarkable and I now wonder why I persevered with the old machine. Have not yet used all the facilities it offers but am delighted with what it has achieved for me so far

von: Eryk S


Very powerfull. good price, Long warranty. Very happy

von: Trevor M


This product achieves all that a top line pressure washer is asked of . From assembly to usage it covers all that is required . Exceptional value

von: trev


i bought this to do the concrete patio out my back, it done such a good job i done the brick paving out the front of my house, it brought my old fence panels up like new, and now all the neighbours are asking me to do all theirs. i highly recommend this.

von: Putelat


Bon rapport qualite prix

Drei Jahre Garantie

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