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Akku-Schlagbohrmaschine, 18 V

18 V

€ 45,53 

  • Lithium-Ionen-Akku mit 1,3 Ah und intelligentes Ladegerät mit 3–5 Std. Ladedauer
  • Doppelhülsiges 10-mm-Schnellspannbohrfutter
  • 16+2 Drehmomentstufen und Rechts-/Linkslauf
  • Bohrleistung: 20 mm in Holz, 10 mm in Mauerwerk und 8 mm in Stahl
  • Eingebaute LED-Arbeitsleuchte

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Technische Daten

Netzkabellänge 1,8 m
Ausführung Kunststoff
Schutzart IPX 0
Eingangsspannung 100–240 V~, 50/60 Hz
Ausgangsleistung 23 V DC, 400 mA
Leistung 18 V
Akkutyp Lithium-Ionen, 1,3 Ah
Ladegerät 3–5 Std.
Leerlaufdrehzahl 0–400 / 0–1.450 min-1
Max. Drehmoment 30 Nm
Spannfuttergröße 0,8–10 mm Bohrfutterkapazität
Drehmomentregelung 16+2
Bohrleistung in Holz 20 mm
Bohrleistung in Mauerwerk 10 mm
Bohrleistung in Stahl 8 mm
Anzahl der Akkus 1
Gewicht 1,2 kg



Akku-Schlagbohrmaschine mit intelligentem Ladegerät und Lithium-Ionen-Akku mit 1,3 Ah. Doppelhülsiges 10-mm-Schnellspannbohrfutter. 16+2 Drehmomentstufen und Rechts-/Linkslauf. Gummierte Griffflächen. Elektrische Bremse und praktische LED-Arbeitsleuchte. Leerlaufdrehzahl: 0–400/0–1.450 min-1. Max. Bohrleistung: 20 mm in Holz, 10 mm in Mauerwerk und 8 mm in Stahl. Max. Drehmoment: 30 Nm. Ladedauer: 3–5 Std. Akku, Akkuladegerät und Ladegeräte-Netzteil im Lieferumfang enthalten.


  • Akku-Schlagbohrmaschine, 18 V
  • Akku, 1,3 Ah
  • Ladegerät, 3–5 Std.
  • Bedienungsanleitung


von: colin slade


light to use very torquey good range of torque settings ok battery not quick charge but for normal diyer does job with ease would highly recommend and a good price to match

von: colin slade


build quality very good.lighter than previous cordless drill ok not a fast charger but for price would highly reccomend for a diyer .very torque all torgue settings feel precise varible speed good all in all a really well made piece of kit

von: michael everett


i bought this drill because its made by silverline . ive had several tools in the past and they have never let me down .the only thing i can find wrong with this item is silverline do not seem to sell spare batteries for this model , but for the price its nearly as cheap to just buy a second drill .its nice and light weight and compact .it does everything a cordless hammer drill should do so i highly recommend this product .

von: Eddie Bethell


Very pleased with the drill. Works well, long lasting battery & even better with the extended 3 year warranty - would recommend this product



My experience with the product has been great so far. Lightweight and quite useful to have a driller that can be used for screwing too. When used with the hammer feature it works reasonably well even with half battery, making a hole in concrete took seconds. Obviously it is not a heavy duty tool since the body is made of plastic so not recommended for everyday professional use.

von: Adrien PISCIOTTA


This little machine is well designed and well configured. It is light and very practical to use. The fact that it runs on battery and has lighting, makes it a product to recommend.

von: Bev


Purchased two of these in March 2016 and products have been fairly OK. However, first one packed up a month ago and the second packed up recently! These units have been kept clean, dry and regularly charged / discharged. Unfortunately, we didn''t register the warranties online, but I do have the printed receipt for these items but, Silverline flatly refuse to honour their 3 year warranty without registration - they just offered a chargeable repair... So BE WARNED, no registration within 30 days NO WARRANTY!

von: christian mahé


bon produit et esthétique

von: mahé christian


beau produit,et efficace

von: Carlos Domingo Murilo


- Para el precio que tiene esta muy bien,el funcionamiento es bueno.

Drei Jahre Garantie

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