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Spannbacken, Doppelpckg.


€ 9.70 ZZGL. MWST

  • Passt in 18-38-mm-Öffnungen diverser Werkbänke
  • Schnellspannmechanismus

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Passt in 18- bis 38-mm-Öffnungen diverser Werkbänke. Schnellspannmechanismus und -arretierung für schnelles Entfernen.


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von: Peter


I can only confirm the review above. The cam does not lock into place, and the clamp is therefore not working as intended

von: Adam S


Didn’t intend on buying these but they were included with the workbench when I bought it. They have proved quite useful for holding items firmly in place when need to cut/measure/mark them. Product feels a bit plasticy, but does the job well.

von: Marek


Super produkt

von: Kevin M


One of the best tools I have seen for a long time. Versatile and easy to use, strong enough for most things. Very pleased with my purchase.

von: George C


Got them for my workmate and they are great for holding larger objects to the top.One drawback is they don''t work on the holes next to the vice winders as there isn''t enough clearance for the retaining nuts underneath. Otherwise they''re great.

von: Richard E


The idea of being able to clamp flat wood to the surface of a workmate is a great idea, but these just don''''t work because the blue clamp lever doesn''''t lock into place meaning that the wood isn''''t held firmly in place.
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