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Stabile Klappwerkbank

150 kg

€ 42.83 ZZGL. MWST

  • Stabiler, strapazierfähiger Vierkantstahlrahmen
  • Max. Tragkraft: 150 kg
  • Verstellbare Tischplattenwinkel: 0°, 45° und 90°
  • Zwei Platten in den Abmessungen 605 x 120 mm

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Technische Daten

Max. Tragfähigkeit 150 kg
Ausführung Stahl mit Pulverbeschichtung
Griffausführung Kunststoff
Gewicht 6,34 kg


Strapazierfähige Werkbank mit stabilem Vierkantstahlrahmen. Große Arbeitsfläche, bestehend aus zwei Platten in den Abmessungen 605 x 120 mm. Verstellbare Tischplatten lassen sich auf 0°, 45° und 90° abwinkeln. Max. Tragkraft: 150 kg. Lieferung in Einzelteilen.


  • Stabile Klappwerkbank


von: Philip w


I purchased a TB05 heavy duty workmate, on receipt there were at least ,10 areas where the laminate was chipped,on removing the Dogs more laminate chipped off,the jaws bend or move apart when you lift your job off the metal base, you can''t put anything in the end as jaws won''t hold tight,very very disappointed in item

von: Paul M


Very good value for money, would recommend

von: Paul M


Good performance for the price quite lightweight

von: Shaun S


The workbench I received is sub standard at best and potentially dangerous and not fit for purpose. One of the pre assembled adjusting screws (the devices which move the working surface) had a nut which was not fully tightened. This nut secures the screw device to the bracket which holds the working surface. Because this nut is not fully tightened the working surface lifts up and the work piece becomes uneven and loose. It is impossible to access the nut to tighten it further. I cannot use this workbench for the purpose it is designed

von: Shaun S


When I used the workbench I discovered that one of the nuts on the screw bracket was not fully tightened. As part of a pre assembly it was impossible to access the nut to tighten properly. The consequence of this untightened nut is that the surface board on which you place the work piece raises up on one side when tightened. The outcome is as follows - the work piece is not level and also not secured tightly because it is at an angle and does not have a flat surface to sit on. I cannot effectively use this tool.

von: David


Rock solid workbench Assembly instructions could have been a little clearer, but for the money no compliant

von: Oz P


I''m very happy with this product. It went together extremely well - I have seen many reviews in various places saying that the instructions could be clearer but to be honest they were perfectly fine and no worse than anything you would get with a piece of IKEA furniture. It does everything I could ask of it, and the frame is certainly robust enough that I could see it lasting a long time. However the top is MDF and I imagine I''ll be replacing that pretty soon.

von: Martin W


Workbench is an excellent product for the price

von: Owen


There are a few choices out there but it came down the this one because the quality is good and value for money is spot on and its light to carry and it has 150 kg load rating to top if off.

von: B c


Easy to assemble but should have nylon nuts on the m6 bolts to stop them vibrating off when using vibrating power tools

von: robin s



von: Chauvet J


Bon produit facile a monté et très simple d''''utilisation. Je le recommande sans réserve

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