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Loose Leaf Buffing Wheel

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  • 40 layers of 100% cotton
  • Suitable for final polishing of metals & for use on complex shapes
  • 6mm shaft suitable for most power drills
  • Max 12,500rpm

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Product Specification

Shank Length 30mm
Thickness Buffing wheel - 10mm
Connector Size 6mm
Method of Construction Layered cotton
Product Weight 0.042kg
Material - Secondary Construction Steel alloy arbor

Key Features

For final polishing of metals and for use on complex shapes. Features 40 layers of 100% cotton and 6mm shaft. Suitable for most power drills.

Box Contents

  • 1 x Loose Leaf Buffing Wheel

Lifetime Guarantee

This Silverline Loose Leaf Buffing Wheel is guaranteed for a period of 30 days from date of purchase against a fault developing in either the materials or the workmanship during manufacture. You can register for your Lifetime guarantee by registering your product online. Any faulty goods will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

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