260W Power Belt File 13mm


£ 30.38 

  • Variable speed
  • Adjustable file arm angle & narrow sanding belt
  • Quick belt tensioning system
  • For intricate sanding in difficult-to-access areas
  • Ideal for sanding, deburring, weld descaling & shaping mortices & wooden joints

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4 out of 5 stars
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Product Specification

IP Rating IPX91
Material - Abrasive Resin
Power 260W
Sanding Belt Size 13 x 457mm
No Load Speed 330 - 550m/min
Product Weight 1.15kg


Key Features

The 13mm electric belt sander from Silverline is ideal for descaling, sanding and polishing of welds, shaping mortises and joints and sanding tasks in difficult corners and hard-to-reach places. Designed for use on wood, metal and plastics, its 130mm long file arm has a maximum belt speed of 550m/min and is adjustable to the required working angle.

Featuring variable speed control via an easily accessible dial, you are able to select and change the speed of belt revolution in order to achieve a specific rate of removal and finish, depending on the task at hand and material you are working on. At the base of the file arm sits a tensioning / release screw which tightens or loosens the belt to improve performance, as well as making removal and replacement easy.

Dust extraction is possible during operation by connecting your method of suction to the adapter on the side of the tool, at the base of the file. Reviewers have commented on the good balance of this tool thanks to the in-line motor, rather than a more unstable side-positioned motor.

Compatible with 13 x 457mm belts of varying grit, including Silverline's (code 910232) for an assorted 5pce set. Supplied with this tool are two sanding belts - 1 x 80 grit and 1 x 120 grit - so you can get started straight away.

Box Contents

  • 1 x 260W Power Belt File
  • 1 x Dust port adaptor
  • 2 x Sanding Belts (80 & 120grit)
  • 1 x Instruction manual

Customer Ratings

By: Blue Hammerton


Absolutely brilliant love how easy and fast it does what you want it to do

By: Peter Mallett


I have been meaning to purchase one of these files for a long time so finally i have one and find it very use full for doing all the awkward jobs and also my model making with the finer grade belts.

By: Blue Hammerton


This is a tool I should have brought years ago it does exactly what it says and more I love it

By: Hugh mcilvenna


Very happy with purchase. Would definitely buy from them again

By: Mark Allen


This is great tool to have in your tool kit and a great price, just wished I had come to this site first as I got from Amazon and paid more :(

By: Michael Gard


Haven''t used it yet ,but it looks well made

By: George Wayne


This tool is what I have needed for a long time. I just didn''t realise ho good it would be. Now that I''ve got it I''ll be able to save a lot of time.

By: Brian Thomson


This should be a very handy tool for sanding those awkward corners

By: Tony Gordon


I recently became an owner of a slverstorm powerfile I make wands and the odd walking staff as a hobby and wanted to try using a tool to rough down my creations before I finished them by hand very pleased so far with the tool and how it performs.

By: Ken Larman


Why pay more! Cheap doesn’t always mean Cheap. As I have found with the silverline products they are a well priced and of good quality, I was in the building trade for 35 years so have always purchased the more expensive brands. I purchased the Power belt file to clean back rust and to clean back to bare metal for welding the underside of my old Transit and it hasn’t missed a beat, it can get into all the tight spots that a Angle grinder can’t reach, it has plenty of power and with its adjustable head makes it even easier to get to the awkward bits, looking forward to trying it on some carpentry projects. My next purchase will be the hand held Drum Sander which also looks like a very useful tool. If you register it online you can get a 3yr warranty so can’t ask more than that.

By: Lorenzelli


Simple and effective, what is asked for this type of portable tool !!

By: paul mceneany


excellent tool,gets into all the nooks and crannies. Easy belt change and the bet actually stays on!

By: John reynolds


Good tool lots of uses

By: Darren Jones


I bought this to do some work on my T3 camper van, which needed a neat job done on a sill replacement. It''s been a revelation - taken hours off the time it would usually take me to prepare sections for welding and remove spots of rust in seconds that would usually take a lot longer. The tool is well built and comfortable in the hands, and works as it should do. The only slight downside is that it''s easy to accidentally adjust the speed control in use (usually in the downwards direction), but this is a minor gripe on an otherwise well thought out and built tool.

By: Ian Johnston


This is my second, nice and light , ideal for getting in to awkward corners

By: Stéphane G


Cette lime remplace très efficacement sa concurrente B&D que je ne supportais plus... Quel dommage cependant qu''aucune housse ou valise ne soit fournit ou même disponible en accessoire !!!.

By: Klaus W.


Ich hatte für knapp 40€ keine allzu großen Erwartungen, aber der zehnfache Preis bei Bosch war mir dann doch zu heftig! Umso positiver überrascht war ich über die Qualität, Ausführung und Stabilität des Silverstorm-Schleifers! Sogar Drehzahlregelung ist vorhanden, damit hätte ich bei diesem Preis wirklich nicht gerechnet. Das Gerät macht einen absolut wertigen und stabilen Eindruck und bewährt sich auch im täglichen Einsatz. Und mal ganz ehrlich: Selbst wenn das Teil nur die 3 Jahre Garantie überstehen sollte (was ich mir bei normalem Heimwerkergebrauch nicht vorstellen kann), dann kann ich bis zu 10 neue Geräte kaufen für den Kaufpreis eines "Profigerätes" in blau! Und mehr als Schleifen kann das Profigerät auch nicht! Also absolute Empfehlung von mir für den Silverline-Fingerschleifer! Und nicht erschrecken beim Auspacken: Es ist kein "falscher" UK-Stecker montiert, sondern nur ein genialer Adapter, der sich sehr leicht entfernen läßt zur Nutzung des Euro-Steckers!

By: David


I love this small machine it gets in small places

By: Rainald Sternberg


Quick sanding. Power belt works very well. I''m very satisfied and will recommend your agency and products further on.

By: roy frederick


what a brilliant tool, got into awkward confined spaces and done the job so easy save me loads of time.

By: Steve White


Whenever I do a job I always ''budget'' for the tools I don''t yet have. A friend of mine was using one of these a few days back and I was so impressed I went out and bought one, plus a pack of belts. So far I have had to clean rust off steel, grind hardened epoxy and GRP out of a difficult small space and sand down areas for epoxy work in difficult tight corners. What a tool; it turned a full day''s work into, literally, less than an hour. For someone who served an apprenticeship and time on the tools, and who is now retired and enjoying doing this stuff, this tool is a very welcome addition to my (quite eclectic) collection of useful implements.

By: Derek Homewood


Tool bought to file difficult areas of wooden projects that I make.Pleased to report the tool does just this and more.Delighted with my choice and purchase.

By: Krzysztof Kosmala


We use it for copper busbars, the biggest advantage is weight (only 1kg).

By: Johnn Ward


This came as a surprise as it''s really quite compact compared to the B & D versions I have had for years (2 of and just about still going...gasp, gasp..) that lack the balance of this model as the motor is within its sleek body and not as the B & D models where its slung on the side and makes for a clumsy device considering the narrow working area it uses up. I have had Silverline products now over many years, since they started I would think, so it was interesting to see if things have moved on with their current range. You get two belts supplied with this model and the first thing you notice with this sander is how light it is, falls and fits well in the hand almost like a decent sized torch, with placed at the rear out of harms way, a ‘on/off’ switch (naturally) plus a wheel type speed control that is more than ample as I found on the lowest setting for finishing some MDF off. It has a decent length of cable, plus the adjustable up & down ''blade'' or sanding area is handy for getting into assorted areas and could be a boon to model makers, plus a small but adequate owners manual and it comes with a 3 year warranty (!) by registering on-line which I did natch. In use it works well, quite comfortable to use in fact its streets, or roads even, in front of the B & D models as outlined above but with a 3 year warranty perhaps the makers have faith in it but so far it works wonderfully well. Its well designed by somebody who knows their stuff and quite reasonably priced :-) Rating? – 5 Stars based on use so far!

By: Morlan Watson


I am in the process of re-fitting an old salvaged boat and needed to get into very tight corners to smooth down fibre glass repairs - this machine is exactly what I needed and carried out the work more than satisfactory I DO recommend this machine very highly. Regards M L Watson

By: Robert Mott


This is a neat precision tool for those hard to get a places with other tools or time consuming hand work. I like the dust extractor facility as well and the straight line handle/sander belt for ease of working.

By: Darrin Alker


For the money this is a good tool, though lacks power compared with some other similar tools that can be bought. Slim design means you can get into narrow spaces where others cant. does the job but takes a little longer. Adjustable arm makes it that more versatile for any job.

By: Jack Bell


A great tool at the right price + 3 years warranty

By: Michael Evans


Great little tool easy to get in small spaces ,and very quiet motor very pleased with my purchase.

By: Philip Slaney


Having three different types of sander I still struggled to get into those tight spaces and had to manage with sandpaper wrapped around a wooden spoon! I was a little sceptical but took the plunge and bought this Silverline power file, after all if it didn''t do the job it wouldn''t break the bank. Let me say this..... I now couldn''t be without this brilliant tool!! It simply does everything I needed it for and more! Easy belt change, powerful, precise and easy in the hand. I''m more than happy I went for this power file rather than a much more expensive option! The Silverline brand provide quality at the right price yet again!

By: David Holding


What a great piece of kit needed a file sander to clean some railings on a wall and fit 5 lever mortis locks to 3 doors the tool worked great and saved me a lot of time ive already told a friend about this product and has decided to purchase one him self well recommended 100%.

By: Billard


Très bon produit au rapport qualité /prix imbattable. Les bandes sont de dimension usuelle et facile à trouver. Je recommande cet outil qui produit un aussi bon résultat que la black et decker

By: Gavin Pettet


This tool is a must for the serious hobbyist or the DIY person great tool for the price didn''t know if I needed one but cant do without it now.

By: jim


got this for my friend he over the moon with it excellent

By: james bembridge


this is a great file perfect for my needs it was delivered very fast im very pleased with my item

By: Paul Stephens


It arrived in excellent time frame (next day) and is well made. The variable speed and angle are great features. The machine is noisy so extended use will require ear protection. Take care and practice if not used before to avoid excess material removal as can be quite aggressive if not careful.

By: Joseph Seymour


Motor overheats quickly and there''s no adjustment for belt that runs off centre.

By: Keith Ingleson


The file I purchase is a welcome addition to my tool kit its ideal for finishing off my chainsaw carving.

By: Mike Eyre


Lighter than most of the electric files I have used, this does exactly what it says and efficiently

By: Pepe Seymour


Fair price, fast delivery. Motor overheats quicker than it should. Belt runs off centre and there''s no adjustment. I don''t expect it to last as long as my Black and Decker did (37 years), but I won''t live long enough to find out. Ö¿Ö

By: ashley


i got this belt sander to do work on my car with and it greqt for fileing down welds and clean the rust i would recomend this product

By: Attanasio


At that price, what more could one ask? Does its job smoothly. Its limited power has to be taken into account, but it suffices for most jobs I have in mind. Its slight bulk is certainly a plus, as is its light weight. Durability is probably limited, but the other machinrs of this type I''ve had did not last very long anyway, at twice (or more) the price. I''d buy it again with no hesitations.

By: John Williams


Just bought the Power Belt File, and it has saved me hours of sanding. Marvellous. One bit of advice, practise using it before you use it for real.

By: Pen Llewellyn - Roberts


I already own several Silverline products and have found them to be excellent and have just received my Silverstorm Power Belt file and it is brilliant! It is very robust, powerful and most of all just the job for getting into corners and all sorts of places that are hard to reach. In operation it is easy to use due to the adjustability of the head and the variable speed control. Its just great and I have been surprised at the amount of uses that I have put it to. Guaranteed for three years, great price and belts easily and cheap to obtain. Superb.

By: Simon barnard


I''ve had this little belt sander only for a couple of weeks but so far I''m really impressed. Easy to change belts, plenty powerful enough and big bonus is it''s compact form - very easy to hold and control in one hand leaving other free for stability / added control. This makes it a great item and was the reason I chose it ahead of BnD rival product. Plus it is much better value to do the same job. Dust extraction isn''t great but no big deal for The work I tend to do.

By: jeff earl


Great tool for those hard to reach places, wish I had purchased one earlier

By: G Wardle


I bought this belt file primarily to use as a sharpening tool. It performed better than expected, and now we have very sharp knives in our kitchen. Then onto my gardening tools which are now back in tip top condition. It performs well on small sanding jobs and is quite versatile. Overall, I''m pleased with the purchase. It''s not a beast, but a very good addition to the tool box.

By: a.r.trebilcock


this is an excellent tool dose exactley as described and more .i wish i had purchased before.

By: danny field


feels easy to handle and makes life easier

By: John molloy


First class

By: Brian Max Keel


What a great belt sander this turned out to be ... gets in all the difficult places. Its slow speed enables sanding on delicate surfaces. I`m removing paint from aluminium surfaces and it works very well ...well done Silverline!

By: John Molloy


Good honest construction, nice feel, easy to use and most of all it does the job

By: Marco Bonomini


I recently bought this item after looking for more expensive ones (150-400 euro). I do not need to use daily, so I decided to save money and try this Silverstorm. I was a nice surprise: well packed, comes with instruction manual and two belts (spare belts 457x13 mm are widely available and quite cheap because shared with other belt grinders'' brands). The power tool is well built, nice soft handgrip, part of the belt gear is made of aluminium, part is sturdy plastic. I thing for a non-professional like me, will last very long. I measure the belt speed with a laser speed meter, and it is 550 mt/min as declared from manufacturer. The power cord is sturdy and safe, and comes with double connector UK or SHUKO (you need just to remove the UK/EU adapter unscrewing just one screw: easy).



Very good value for money

By: Steve


Don''t know how i got by without one of these great tools before. Works very well for cleaning up welds on car bodywork - so much more precise than using an angle grinder. Easily gets into the small places that a grinder cannot reach. Easy to use, very easy to change the belts, and i like the way you can adjust the angle of the belt - making it easy to find a comfy position to get at the job in hand.

By: Keith Robertson


I recently bought a Silverstorm, 13mm power file, this is an excellent and very versatile tool, which saves a lot of time. The general construction and finish is also superb.



Good deal. Good product.

By: Thierry FLORENCE


Le produit est excellent rien à dire c''est parfait

By: Graeme Peak


Purchased this a week ago, out the box it looked well built, it felt well balanced and on turning it on, found it was quiet to use. I cut some rough half lap joints and finished with this tool, using the supplied 120 grit belt. With no pressure, just allowing the belt to do its job, the joints were smooth in no time. I have used this to shape timber to a profile, I have used it to dress poor cutting on timber. In all, what a tool, very happy, registered for warranty online was a simple process, and at the price I believe this cannot be beaten! Thanks Silverline!

By: Bill Cox


Good tool easy to use, make life a lot quicker and easy

By: Stephen Wagg


Have not had a chance to really put this through its paces, what work I have done gives the impression that this is a well made piece of equipment that should give good service

By: Steve


The adjustable head enables really good access to narrow spaces. Not too noisy either!

By: John Wilson


I got this as a Christmas present and used it for the first time over the weekend on my 67 Beetle. What a great little tool this is. Used it to straighten the section I had found out and it was quick and neat. It also removed the paint from the section to be welded. I will definitely be using it more often.

By: Phill Potterton


First class tool, very versatile, better than expected

By: Ren Price


very good, quick and easy to use, well liked,

By: Ren Price


Very good item, built for years of service.

By: Andrew Bargh


I have used this now for a couple of weeks and it does all that I want to remove old paint and varnish from my skirtings and doors. The angle adjustment is very handy to get into awkward corners. The belts are easy to change and are proving very good at removing material. I would definitely recommend this to the serious or even occasional DIYer.



I purchased this tool and found it to be a very versatile power file that it is able to file at different angles.l, and with speed control for fine work and good selection of different grades belts for the file. At a very good price far cheaper than many others and excellent quality well made

By: Bob whitehouse


I bought this tool. It was a very competitive price. It came before EDD.works very well. I am vey pleased with it

By: Ian


Bought this sander to do my stairs the spindles and it makes light work of the job. It is a must for your diy tool box everyone should own one

By: Andrew Aindow


The Silverstorm 260W Power Belt File is a versatile all round detail sander and de-burrer which can be used in restricted places. The belt is liable to be displaced when using the pointed end at the highest speed, however the belt remains in place when used gently at the lower speeds. (The belt is easily replaced by plunging the point onto a hard surface, the finger of the file then clicks into the open position to allow the belt to be replaced and then is tensioned by use of the release button. The tool would benefit from a positive belt lock on the release button which would prevent the pressure on the point displacing the belt.) In conclusion this is a fine tool which would be perfect with a positive belt lock.

By: Robert Ross


Very light weight and easy to use, changing the belt is easier than other files I''ve had, very good tool, highly recommend.

By: James Patterson


I am an engineer and i saw a power file many years ago an thought at the price of it ya could buy a van load of hand files for the same money so when I saw silverlines at a low price a thought I would give it a try I a using it to file out holes in steel an I can honestly say I''ll never go back to a hand file unless I can''t fit this machine in somewhere but it''s fast to use easy to change the belts an they are also at a sense able price so if your a engineer or just use hand files to do your work stop an think hours saved an let this machine do the hard work for you

By: Chris Arscott


Previously used a competitors power belt file but this wins hand down as it has the versatility of being able to angle the belt arm In relationship to the body of the machine. A great addition to any workshop.

By: Jonathan


Good tool for the low Price it''s sold, i''ve been scraping plaster for a year, still doing the job !

By: Nigel Shoebridge


This is a great little file/sander, it has a lot of power and works well on some very demanding jobs,don''t let its small size worry you, I was very impressed with what this little tool was able to do.

By: Ian Taylor


Bought this to remove paint from my van panels before welding. Does the job with ease and due to its inline motor reaches into tight corners that are hard to reach with other tools.

By: Clive Bloom


After struggling with a normal fine for years I saw the Silverstorm 260w power file 13mm and for the price decided to give it a go and bought one. How it changed my time, so easy to use and half lap joints have never been so good

By: Mark Campbell


I''ve owned and used one of these for two years now and it''s great! It''s reasonable priced and has a 3 year guarantee. It can get through the belts quite quickly, so get a fair few or you''ll run out, but they''re fairly cheap. I''ve used it on wood and metal and it''s great on both. I would definately recommend it - I''m nothing to do with silverline and getting nothing for this review.

By: DJ


It''s a great tool! easy handling, and good adjustable for small work!

By: Mark ward


Found it perfect for getting into small places on my car restoration project, makes a professional look to the job

By: nicholas schuette


what can i say,,,excellent machine,compact and light,easy to use,would recommend for automative,ideal for sanding in tight corner,ideal for metal work on cars,van,bike,trucks etc would recommend to friends and family any day... excellent value and built very well

By: Cliff Wilkinson


Such a useful little addition to my tool box, i use it so many times, i dom:t know how i managed before purchasing it.

By: tim hamnett


I was not expecting very much from this tool due to the very low price and relatively small motor. I have however been very pleasently surprised buy its build quality and performance . The longditudal motor and slim profile differs from many other similar products and makes this tool surprisingly versatile in tight spaces. I''ve so far used it primarily for dressing mig welds on car bodywork and it has proved very capable. A friend borrowed it for the afternoon to try out on a floor he was sanding to see if it was any use in getting into the tight corners such as up to skirting boards that his belt sander could not reach. He ordered one the same day! I''m sure its not worth comparing with the equivilant bosch or makita etc but within its limits and for occasional use I realy can''t fault it. I don''t know how long it will last but I did registar (after a struggle) for the three year guarentee which if honoured would make this tool outstanding value for money.

By: Guido Serra


Actually very much priceworthy and reliable. Easy to use.

By: Brian Collinson


This tool is excellent I have used it on several materials and it does not disappoint, it''s powerful very good quality easy to use a must have tool.

By: Dennis


I,m an avid diy person I have tools going back over 50 years, it was a surprise to me, that I have found that the Power Belt sander not only done the job, I bought it for but I find it is now part of my tool box it is something that I now try first when I''m sanding difficult shapes. I recommend it for any one who does sanding.

By: Bob Harris


I bought this tool to sand some recessed areas I could not reach with my other power sanders or by hand. It did an excellent job getting right into corners and close to edges. The adjustable handle made access very easy with no motor sticking out the side there was very little restriction to its use. The quick easy tool less belt change is also a bonus. I have now found may uses for this sander not only for prep for decorating but have also used it in restoring my classic car sanding welds back (using an emery belt.

By: neal lynch


Great bit of kit for the money ,easy to change to belts

By: Richard Pickering


Reliable and effective. Does what it says on the tin.

By: Paul Lazenby


This Sander is one of the most useful Tools I have ever purchased. Since I bought it I have wondered how I managed without it before. The delivery from my Dealer (Bamford Trading) was within 36 hours of placing my order. I am very satisfied with the Sander and level of service received. The price represents excellent VFM. Fully recommended.



I bought this to remove quite a lot of rust from the box sections on the underside of my car. It was ideal because some of the rust was in quite a bit of hard to reach places.This file worked a treat .I have also used it to ease the bottom of my shed door as it was sticking and it was easy with the door still hung. Very easy to use and changing the sanding belts is very easy. I would recommend this tool. Excellent.

By: William Barnes


I am finding it very good for the small finishing off sanding Jobs I do a lot. Saves me a lot of fiddling time to get a good job. Do recognise this is for small jobs only! Regards WilliamB

By: Peter Hindley


Bought for some intricate sanding - I couldn''t have bought a better tool, saved me hours of work and at a really competitive price

By: Brian Towers


I bought one of your power files several months ago, but it failed for not obvious reason, definitely not damage or overwork. Unfortunately I didn''''t register it so couldn''''t claim on guarantee. How''''re, I must have faith in your product as I recently bought another one.

By: HM


fast delivery and good quality for the price

Reviews & Awards

It really is amazing what you get here for 25 quid. The ability to chew through metals, wood and plastics with hardly any pressure applied is easily on par with more expensive items.

Customer Faq's

What is the guarantee on this product?
All Silverline power tools come with a three year guarantee. All you have to do is register your product here, https://www.silverlinetools.com/en-GB/Support/ProductRegistration
How many belts do you get with this product?
One belt is supplied with this product
Where can I buy more belts?
Silverline has a range of sanding belts. Here is a link to belts compatible with this product http://www.silverlinetools.com/en-GB/Products/Power%20Tool%20Accessories/Sanding%20Belts
Can the switch be locked on without holding it down?
Yes, this product has a rocker switch that can be toggled on or off
Does this product have dust extraction?
Yes, and can be used with a vacuum cleaner.

3 Year Guarantee

This Silverline 260W Power Belt File 13mm is guaranteed for a period of 30 days from date of purchase against a fault developing in either the materials or the workmanship during manufacture. You can register for your 3 Year guarantee by registering your product online. Any faulty goods will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

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