1200W Sander Polisher 180mm


£ 64.84 Ex VAT

  • Variable speed
  • Convenient lock-on button
  • Sturdy D-handle for fully controlled sanding or polishing
  • Polishes & buffs vehicle bodywork & other surfaces
  • Includes hook & loop backing pad, sanding disc & synthetic polishing bonnet

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4 out of 5 stars
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Product Specification

Safety Power Switch Lock-On Button
Disc Diameter Ø 180mm
Variable Speed Yes
No Load Speed 800 – 3500rpm
Product Weight 2.55kg

Key Features

Mains-powered sander/polisher with 180mm hook and loop backing pad for sanding, polishing and buffing. Variable speed control and sturdy D-handle for fully controlled sanding or polishing. Lock-on button and spindle lock. Easy access for quick change of carbon brushes. For sanding, polishing and buffing. Includes hook and loop backing pad, sanding disc and polishing bonnet. Output shaft M14 male. Pad size 180mm. No load speed 800-3500rpm.

Box Contents

  • 1 x 1200W Sander Polisher 180mm
  • 1 x Hook & Loop Backing Pad
  • 1 x Synthetic Polishing Bonnet
  • 1 x Sanding Disc
  • 1 x D-Handle
  • 1 x Hex Key
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Customer Ratings



Used this polisher to repair scratches on my bumper great job took all but the heaviest scratches out. Also my front lights were all dull polished up like new

By: Chris


Efficace. Répond bien à mes attentes en matière de polissage / lustrage. Pas trop lourde en usage prolongé. Tenue dans le temps à voir: je ne l''utilise que depuis 4 jours.

By: Ron B


Using for ''compounding'' the hull of an 11m yacht and it works a treat. Thanks. Good value and easy to use. Cheers.

By: Bill P


Good value and works well ,just unlucky with sheep wool buffer as stitching on edge started to come away after a couple of polishing runs but overall ok.

By: Alex


Have used many buffers over the years and this is up there with the best. Excellent value and a good sturdy product. Feels well made and with an added benefit of a 3 year guarantee to fall back on.

By: Martin R


Great quality polisher, ust like all the other silverline tools.

By: Jonathan A


The polished sander came with all the attachments I needed and the variable speed was a brilliant idea so as not to burn the lacquer off the car.

By: Terence L


This is so very light and easy to use. I would recommend this polisher to even a novice DIYer Great value for money in a word Excellent.

By: David H


No issues with the sander but think the pad are really cheap with edges that VERY easily damage paintwork

By: Russell v


A very well balanced tool leaves a great shine easy to use very good bit of kit !

By: Clive S


I purchased this polisher for polishing the Gelcoat on my boat - It''s ideal for this use - powerful and light enough for prolonged use - And it comes with a 3 year warranty - which is great - Great piece of kit - really good quality -

By: Clive S


I purchased this polisher to polish the gelcoat on my boat - Not only does it come with a 3 year warranty- is it comfortable to use (not too heavy) it has adequate power without overheating to complete large sections at a time - Highly recommended for this type of your application

By: Peter w


Very good machine easy to use

By: David C


Good bit of kit does what it should do would recommend to others for DIY use

By: Jonathan N


The recent purchase of your Sander/Polisher unit was the best I''ve made in ages - excellent performance and value for money

By: Derek A


I brought the sander polisher to cut and polish on classic car that i had just sprayed it worked perfectly the speed on it is just great and a 3 year warranty very good item

By: Darryl J


Superb tool to use. Excellent quality and robust. Using as a mop/polisher And is doing the job with ease.

By: Robert l


I’m a so called d.i.y.erI got this sander polisher first time I used it it worked well nice bit of kit my van looked the bees need got top money for it now my son uses it on his car

By: Robert l


I’m a diyer first time I used sander started slowly used it to buff out scratches then polished van it came out brilliant for a first timer read what to do brilliant tool I now have just finished table what a shine what a fantastic bit of kit 5 stars

By: Andrew J


Was sceptical on the quality of this, when the price compares to other similar products so favourably. However, the tool is solid, powerful and easy to use. There is no vibration, it''s light for a tool it''s size. Head changes are quick and easy and the velcro fastening grips really well. I don''t see any down sides

By: Andy p


Excellent product,. Well made and fully balanced, a true silver line product, excellent quality at a very fair price.

By: Stephen


Brilliant, just what we wanted.

By: Kunle


Polisher did a great job and the customer service is great as well. It feels good to know that the product one buys has genuine warranty that is actually fulfilled when the need arises.

By: Richard H


I was looking for a good quality polisher for a long while and my wife bought me this one as present. I was a bit sceptical at first as I had been looking at far more expensive branded machines. However I have been totally blown away by the Silverline DIY 1200W Sander Polisher. I have used lots of different and much more expensive polishers over the years and the Silverline DIY 1200W Sander Polisher is defiantly one of the best ones I have used, its light weight, compact, powerful with ample power settings and very easy to handle even when detailing a large car giving outstanding results. The Silverline DIY 1200W Sander Polisher is a Fantastic piece of equipment and is perfect for large or small jobs at a cost that will not break the bank. I would highly recommend The Silverline DIY 1200W Sander Polisher as it is an excellent product and well worth the money The Silverline DIY 1200W Sander Polisher also has a free 3 year guarantee which again is excellent and give me peace of mind!! Well done Silverline this is a top product 5*

By: Gary


This has to be the worst polisher I''ve ever come across. I''ve used it 4 times and every time I wonder why I bother. I don''t know if I have a faulty one or not but it is nearly unusable at times. It''s skips, jumps, speeds up, slows down. Jumps across the panels. It''s just horrible. I''m sorry I bought it. Would not recommend to any one. Gave it one star only because there''s no option to give it zero stars.

By: MIke D


This product is good value for the price. We bought this polisher to polish our sailboat, we do not intend to use it for heavy regular polishing. We use ours as and when necessary and it works a treat to keep the hull shine up to standard. I would recommend this polisher for the DIY market and those who like to do a good job.

By: Ben f


Does what it says it does very well. Build quality feels good for the price point. The unit is quite heavy though.

By: Michael W


Was worried about buying this compared to some expensive polishers but this is amazing for the money. There is no need to spend stupid money on something when silverline are just as good but at a fraction off the cost.

By: Nigel S


Excellent polisher. gives great results every time.

By: Matt L


Great product, slow start and good variable speed range, light and easy to use. exactly what i was after

By: Bill n


Have only used once so far but does what it’s supposed to,it’s quite light unlike some others that I have so easy to use. The variable speed is good as helps to get the correct affect on any surface.

By: Chris M


Bought from Amazon I need to send this back to someone for replacement

By: Martin J


Great tool for polishing cars

By: John H


Great equipment! Light and easy to use cleaning and polishing my Jeanneau 645 motor cruiser. Will recommend to friends.

By: Stephen H


The Silverline 1200w polisher is an awesome bit of kit. Well made and feels like a more expensive tool when using. I recommend this product very highly and well worth the 5 stars.

By: DiyDoug


Haven''t had time to actually use this tool yet but thought it might be worthwhile sharing my experiences on putting the tool together on receipt. I found the tool heavier than expected at 3kg and trying to assemble the front handle very difficult; the supplied bolts were extremely tight in the body threads and required some petroleum jelly and an extension tool on the supplied Allen key to try to ''tap'' the bolts into position. The machine was also quite noisy in operation. Don''t know what I really expected and can''t rate the tool fully until put into use - hence the 3 star rating.

By: Colin B


Well designed. Robust. Comfortable and safe in use. Going strong after several years use (polishing, sanding, surface cleaning with wire brush).

By: william s


i have one of these and just done a good repair on my previous car taking a lot of scratches out and polishing afterwards. it is a very good product for what it does

By: Brice E


Great Product, sands well for surf shape. Lightweight and powerfull. The motor has enough couple to sand a low speed. For the price you can go ahead ! 3 Years warranty

By: William M


Excellent value for money Does all it says on the box Light and easy to use not like others on the market which are too heavy Speed control is very responsive with a good range of speeds available Overall 5 Stars

By: Joy J


Bought for sanding and buffing wooden worktops. Does the job and good value.

By: michael m


Great product at a competitive price. Reassuring for the 3 year warranty.

By: Roger C


Very solid piece of equipment. Fiddly to fit handle but ok when done. Easy to use and change disks etc.

By: Stephen B


This is a great polisher for the price. The soft start feature sets it apart from many other polishers, essential in preventing polish being flung all over the place when start. The detachable handle makes the polisher comfortable to hold and control. All in all i am very happy with the product, but if i had to pick fault i would like to have an extra metre in length on the power cord, the supplied 2m length is fine for average sized vehicles, but not quite long enough to reach the centre of the roof on larger vehicles.

By: Peter B


First rate piece of kit. With G30, did a wonderful job on my boat''s top-sides. What more can I say!

By: Klaas v


The polisher is a BIG improvement over a previous one I used to detail my cars. It is easy to use and really shines. The large disk reduces the time spent shining.

By: larry s


excellent value tics all the boxes well worth it!

By: Mike H


looks and feels like a really solid piece of equipment, on;y used once at present due to the weather but so far so good

By: Christian V


Good quality product! Very satisfied.

By: Yusuf A


An efficient machine at a reasonable price that does the job!

By: Robert D


Great tool. Very pleased

By: richard


I''ve used this polisher for a few years now and its still going strong. perfect for my boat hull and my car. Good value for money and does the job. I accidentally pushed the rotor lock button while it was on and broke it, but immediately went out and got another one they are such good value.

By: Robert D


Very nice machine very pleased with it good quality

By: Matt


I had my previous rotary machine polisher for about 7 years, so i thought i was due an upgrade seen as my last one did not disappoint i thought i would go for the same model only a new one. It did not disappoint. It''s a little smaller than my old one and even a little lighter. It''s also much much quieter. And if it performs like my old one then I''ll be really happy. 7 years and it never let me down. Infact it''s still going i have it to a friend who uses it regularly.

By: paul h


amazing product and value.show car shine every time.10/10.100% brilliant.thanks silverline.

By: Tom K


Solid looking polisher. Yet to try it out on the boat but it starts up nicely, the slow start up is particularly nice and it changes speed well.

By: Shayne C


This polisher is nicely weighted I used it for over six hours on paint correction and it handled it very well it could do with a longer power cable as the one supplied is about two metres shorter than what I am used to and on a larger vehicle a longer cable makes it easier to use and doesn''t get dragged over the freshly polished paint. Also a side handle option would be nice.

By: M J


Does the job , comfortable grip, with a good length electric cable, so far well worth the price.

By: dave


A fantastic polisher for the price. Only downside is the handle is made for righthanded people only but nothing to really worry about. I still does a fantastic job

By: dave


great all round polisher. only downside is the handle is designed for right handed people only

By: dave


The 1200 polisher is a fantastic and well made tool. I''m very pleased with it.Dave

By: Alan


The reason I say I was pleased after all, was because the 1st polisher was faulty, the spindle lock did not work, this was returned without any fuss and a replacement polisher sent out the next day which worked fine. A good polisher, with a decent size mains lead on it, and not to heavy to use and well balanced, so I would recommend this polisher.

By: Steve w


Machine works well, only down side is that the power cable isnt as long as you want it to be, which means using a extension lead near the vehicle body work

By: mr l


Unpacked the sander polisher, was impressed with the polisher. But the 1st time I used it the polisher worked, but as soon as you put the polishing head on what you want to polish, the motor is still working, but the head slows and stops turning, so I was unable to polish anything with this polisher. also the spindle lock does not appear to work

By: Adam


Very good, used for polishing and correcting paint on cars, easy to use, very adjustable and powerful

By: mark h


Great tool just what I need to get my boat looking good.

By: Herbert M


Das Gerät macht einen sehr guten Eindruck, es ist nicht zu schwer und liegt gut in der Hand. Für den Privaten Gebrauch, reicht es aus, schließlich muss man den günstigen Preis berücksichtigen!

By: R. M


First time I have used a polishing machine, found this model (1200w) easy to use from start. With a bit of common sense and some cutting paste I removed the dead paint on the roof of my VW Campervan, the speed range was good and the weight easy to handle. Only bug was the length of the cable which made it a pain to stop the extension lead socket from hitting the side of the van while I was up the ladder, finished up tucking down the front of my overalls. Overall a good machine at a fair price

By: craig c


purchased this via email and collected personally not only was it a great product at a bargain price but the lady who served me was polite knowledgable and helpful would definitely buy other products

By: george g


i bought this sander compounded a merc van fine, so i decided to try on my boat 3/4 of the way round the " D " handle broke and made it very hard to finish off ,ive tried to look on line to order a new handle without success can you help me please , apart from that brilliant tool, you can contact me at my workshop on 01603304904 thank you




By: bruce h


this is a brilliant product,i have used it on my 1991 ford fiesta''s paintwork,which was very dificult to get a good shine on the bonnet,after using the polisher with a cutting agent, the shine was back,it took no effort at all,as the machine is well balenced,and efortless to use,great product!

By: Drew D


Great quality polisher for a decent price, would recommend!



very happy with this tool works well and is not to heavy delivered quickly and is good value

By: dale b


fantastic quality item does what it say''s never had a problem with these tools from silver line i work in the motor trade and use them all the time

By: Keith w


The power trigger mechanism was faulty out of the box, with starting the machine being a problem. After using the machine with difficulty for 20 mins its almost impossible to get the trigger to start the machine. It''s covered under guarantee but postage isn''t, and as its quite heavy postage is expensive. I''d give it zero stars as its not fit for purpose.

By: Glen


No bad bits, it works very well, no problems at all, didn''t find it too heavy, only thing I would have liked would have been a Blown Mold case, but i''m only picking here :)

By: Jerry H


I''ve used numerous polishing machines over the years, including top brands. With a view to getting one for home use I thought I''d give this one a go in view of previous successful purchases from Silverline. It does everything expected of it, the speed control is good and even at low speed the torque remains sound. The dead man''s switch is tricky to get used to, but it''s a needed safety function so happy to work with that. Very much a two hand tool it''s proven reliable, robust, and if the truth be known the duty cycle far exceeds the intended DIY use. Utterly superb value for money.

By: Warren


Excellent value for the price used on various jobs and brouht the car up good as new👍🏻

By: Paddy W


Excelent product at good price.

By: m b


what a brilliant buffer very good value for money . excellent machine. would highly recommend it for anyone who take pride in their car.

By: Kevin R


Good value product

By: Daniel B


great value product, brilliant for polishing your car with adjustable speed and easily changeable polishing heads used with polishing compound you can get a deep shine finish on older paintwork that has become dull over time or remove the orange peel effect on freshly painted bodywork. easily as good as the more expensive machines. overall very pleased with this polisher.

By: Jim S


Well balanced, easy to use piece of equipment. The additional handle and variable speed makes it ideal for the task of polishing, especially under the boat I was working on.



Very good product not had a problem with the polisher to date does everything that can be expected

By: Philip D


It Sand! It Polishes! It''s still going strong after 2 years!

By: William D


Things go wrong, but ! service is everything. It is important that this polisher has a variable speed, the speed control does not function, took me a while to get a response from supplier, Now in the middle of an refurbishment, having already damaged the surface when the polisher burst into life, I have to return it, "for examination" no idea when it will return. Poor show.

By: Krzysztof


Brilliant as a polisher, leaves an incredibly shiny finish and the bonnet is good quality too, don''t use on maximum speed though as it would set fire to polish.

By: Mr G


Spot on polisher, The polisher is very easy to set up and use, Just the right wait so it can be used for longer periods without your arms dropping off, And with different heads it can be used for various tasks, A very good polisher, Just right for the jobs it is made for.

By: keith e


keith A little disappointed . Only been used three times for small jobs. Trigger switch doesn''t always turn off when released which could be dangerous the only way to ensure it switches off is to flick it off

By: David S


Very impressive, it is used to polish my 5 cars on a regular basis, machine works very well with variable power excellent. I recently sprayed part of a car and the polisher was very affective at finishing and cutting the paint back. The head is easy to change and I would not hesitate to recommend the machine.

By: Mull


This is a very good piece of equipment, excellent in fact! Used it for cutting & polishing faded car paintwork & it delivered fantastic results, 1st class. It''s a nice weight to use and the handle with nice rubber grip is very comfortable, even for longer periods of time. The motor has a great variable range, from nice slow to very fast and is easy to handle and operate. Finally it''s very, very competitively priced and will give more expensive machines a run for their money! Overall, very happy & would definitely recommend this Silverline Polisher, without reserve. Thank you



THE ease off use amaseing. it fits perfectly in hands.speed control was great for our use. slowly changeing my tools to SILVERLINE...

By: J T


Best value for money. Very powerfull as you would expect for 1200w. Perfect for your DiY tasks around the house and car. Also comes with spare brushes for a peace of mind so you''d be never stuck on a job 😀

By: Gerry C


Made polishing a 35ft fibreglass cruiser a pleasure rather than a chore

By: Geoffrey D


Good piece of kit does a good job

By: Dave


It''s ok easy to use bought to polish my canal boat,but after 1 hour the lock button used for changing the polishing heads came apart, so I now use a spanner to change the heads except for that it''s a good tool. I would have given it a 4 star but with the problem I''ve had it''s only 2 star.

By: Andrew H


I have had the DIY 1200W Sander Polisher now for just over a month and I am really pleased with the great quality of the product, especially when you factor how little I paid for it against other manufacturers This is not the first Silverline tool I own and it won''t be the last

By: T H


Excellent value for money. Has the power to do the job. Just one in a great line up of reasonably priced tools from SilverLine.

By: Alan J


Brilliant polisher and sander with the variable speed used it after reviewing how on utube to slowly sand and polish the yellowing on my merc headlights bringing them back to look like new after it failed the MOT, and it passed.

By: Dave F


Bought one to buff up my old airstream – perfect. Came with spare elec contacts too though I''ve lost them already.

Reviews & Awards

The Silverline 1200W is the clear Best Buy among our rotary polishers, as it combines genuine ease of use with a good polish action, and all at a very competitive price.
“It’s another win for Silverline in the rotary category, simply because this polisher doesn’t fail at anything and is such astonishing value for money. The polisher is well balanced and light, which makes long polishing sessions easy.”

Customer Faq's

Does this product have a lock-on switch?
Yes, this sander polisher does have a lock-on switch
What is the length of the power cable?
Approximately 2 metres
Does this model have variable speed?
Yes, this model does have variable speed.
Where can I buy extra attachments?
Silverline has a range of sanding and polishing attachments in our Power Tool Accessories category. Here is a link http://preview.silverlinetools.com/en-GB/Products#79

3 Year Guarantee

This Silverline 1200W Sander Polisher 180mm is guaranteed for a period of 30 days from date of purchase against a fault developing in either the materials or the workmanship during manufacture. You can register for your 3 Year guarantee by registering your product online. Any faulty goods will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

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