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Fresadora ½”, 2050 W

2050 W

€ 138.94 IVA no incluido

  • Pinzas de apriete: 1/2", 1/4", 8 mm, 10 mm y 12 mm
  • Velocidad variable y encendido progresivo
  • Ajuste de profundidad de 50 mm, tope de torreta con 7 posiciones
  • Incluye casquillos copiadores de 21 y 30 mm
  • Incluye guía paralela, guía circular, rodillo guía y barra de medición

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Características técnicas

Clasificación PPI IPX49
Velocidad variable
Velocidad sin carga 6.000 - 24.000 min-1
Salida de extracción de polvo
Peso 5,7 kg

Descripción del producto

Fresadora con potente motor de 2050 W indicada para trabajos de carpintería y ebanistería. Incluye 5 pinzas de apriete compatibles con gran variedad de fresas.

Función de encendido progresivo para evitar los movimientos abruptos al encender la fresadora. Control de velocidad variable para adaptarse a diferentes tareas. Esta fresadora le permitirá trabajar la madera de forma fácil y obtener siempre un acabado de alta calidad.

El mecanismo de ajuste de profundidad (0 - 50 mm) de esta fresadora y el microajustador le permitirá ajustar la herramienta fácilmente según el trabajo requerido. El bloqueo del husillo le permitirá sustituir las fresas de forma segura y evitar el encendido accidental.

Velocidad sin carga entre 6.000 - 24.000 min-1, interruptor de gatillo y botón de seguridad para evitar el encendido accidental y daños en la pieza de trabajo.

Incluye casquillos copiadores de 21 y 30 mm, guía paralela, guías deslizantes, plantilla y plantilla de fresado circular, 5 pinzas de apriete y llave de ajuste.

Contenido en el embalaje

  • Fresadora 2050 W
  • 5 pinzas de apriete (1/2", 1/4", 8, 10 y 12 mm)
  • Guía paralela
  • 5 fresas
  • Escobillas de carbón
  • Llave de ajuste
  • Manual de instrucciones

Comentarios realizados por nuestros clientes

Por: Richard C


Excellent tool One thing could be better : make a wider window for thé cutter tool to be installed

Por: Richard M


Great router

Por: Steve S


Fantastic Value for money. Bought this especially to cut kitchen worktop mitres for a home project. Worked perfectly used in conjunction with the Silverline jig and good quality router bits. Would highly recommend this router to achieve great results.

Por: Jerzy


very good equipment

Por: Jean-Marie S


Sans aucun problème, le matériel est parfaitement conforme à mes attentes.

Por: Ievgenii


The plunge router works fine so far. Great that it has several adapters for different diameter of drills. One drawback is that it changes the frequency sometimes without rolling the speed roller.

Por: Jan T


I have been using a low power (500W) German router for several years. Results not always good, specially with tough wood (oak). An experienced hobbyist advised me to switch to a more powerful model. So I bought this one. First run was oak wood 22 mm wide cut 8 mm deep. Beautiful result, machine had no problem at all, very precise and smooth cut. Boy, am I happy with this one!

Por: Walther L


This Router ist very powerfull, when using it for preparing Kitchenette worktop.



Hello, I''m happy to have bought this router. For now everything I want to do is good. I have only a remark ... the ruler ... (sorry I''m French) The "steps" don''t match enough with the "clockwork" ... I am working in Metal industry, so I can find some tips to resolve the problem. More "steps" will be better to set the level of the scalltop height. Thx. Bye

Por: Brimant


After some tries of handling, I am satisfied by my purchase. The router is a little bit heavy but it assure the stability during the use. All the accessories delivered with are welcome.

Por: Pat


Très bon produit au rapport qualité prix imbattable.

Por: Simone m


It works, i used it under a table.

Por: Simone M


I bought this router for my table and it works very good! Only bearings are a little noisy and i hope they work a lot of time but thanks to the 3 years warranty it is a minor problem.

Por: Chris h


Cracking piece of kit.does jobs effortlesy and smooth to handle.have recommended to friends.who also diy.

Por: Franco T


Ottimo prodotto con alta potenza del motore senza però avere forti vibrazioni, anche la rumorosità è accettabile. Le frese in dotazione sono di buona fattura. Utensile valido sia per hobby che per professione.

Por: Rafel M


Very good tool. It works great. Relación calidad precio insuperable. Me ha sorprendido gratamente lo bien que va la herramienta

Por: Ian


Bought this to do a few jobs around the house. I looked around at a few other makes but decided to buy the i have bought a few hand and power tools from Silverline and they have always been well made and this is no exception a great router and a bargan at the price, it is as good as some other makes at twice the price.

Por: Keith R


Excellent router copes with worktops easlisy

Por: Roger E


Substantial, powerfull and above all accurate and easily controlable thanks to the soft start feature. Whether used as a hand held tool or fixed to a router table this is an excellent router. With the 3 year warranty this router represents outstanding value for money.

Por: Aurelian L


I''m happy with this tool , good price-quality relation.

Por: David B



Por: Tim H


A powerful router for a great price invaluable sturdy carry box....great all round. Bought this to do worktop joints.....Did the job well.

Por: Darren


Good router does everything I want it to can''t complain

Por: Ian


This is my first router and having read about them on line decided to get the Silverstorm. I have used it a few times now and have to say i am really pleased with with the results, you can''t go wrong with the price and quality of the router. you also get a case with 5 collets,5 router cutters, parallel guide bar, template guide and a roller circle guide. I have bought a few Silverline tool in the past and have never had any complaints so if you are looking to buy a router look no further, i would recommend this one

Por: rolland


nice tool, good price, what else ?

Por: Paulo B


What is the voltage of the router?
  • Hi Paulo. Thanks for your comment. The voltage of this product is 220V / 240V.

Por: Vito


La fresatrice lavora bene, la uso da poco e non in modo molto continuativo, rapport qualità prezzo buono per uso hobbistico. Un difetto è che nella valigetta erano presenti solo 2 mandrini invece di 5, fortunatamente il venditore ha rimborsato una parte.

Por: Vito


La fresatrice è potente e funziona bene, è un po'' pesante ma gestibile, l''asta per la regolazione dell''altezza è in plastica. Fresatrice di buona fattura per un uso hobbistico. Unica pecca è che la valigetta conteneva solo due mandrino e non 5,ma per rimediare il venditore mi ha scontato il prodotto del 20%.

Por: Darran


Sturdy tool and great customer service

Por: Gordon D


I did a lot of research before buying this router and have now used it for several projects. It comes with a selection of bits and a circle cutting attachment which I have used three times so far and cut a perfect circle every time. It comes with features which are normally only found on more expensive routers such as, variable speed and soft start. Although a little heavy, it is very well built with a smooth action and very little vibration. I would not hesitate in recommending this router.

Por: Peter


Unfortunately the quality is not as expected. The engine is great but the router is useless. There is an amount of 3-4mm play on the router rods and the motor. This makes it impossible to make a straight grove. I had 2 brand new router and they all had the same issue. I think this is a production error.

Por: V P


I’ve had this for about a month now, it’s a heavy duty router which, with the correct router bit, slices through oak very nicely. Component parts seem decent, no breakages or complains just yet

Por: Andrea R


Il prodotto è valido, con il suo potente motore di 2050 W, riesce a lavorare anche il legno più duro senza problemi. Il rapporto qualità prezzo è veramente eccellente.

Por: Rob


Fait le Job, un très bon rapport qualité prix.

Por: Vincenzo


Metto 2 stelle solo per il foro rettangolare e della piastra base. Il rettangolo risulta stretto e non è possibile usare frese con diametro di 45 mm o più. Per una fresatrice da 3 hp circa è un limite grave. Nel mio caso l''ho installata in un banco fresa e ho dovuto interporre una piastra da 50 mm di spessore con foro "circolare" da 80 mm. Ho dovuto comprare una prolunga. Così posso usare frese fino a 75 mm di diametro senza alcuna modifica alla fresatrice. Forse per questo modello da 2000 Watt la Silverline potrebbe prendere in considerazione la possibilità di cambiare la piastra di base con una con foro circolare da 80 mm. Diventerebbe una signora fresa antagonista ai più blasonati (?) e certamente più costosi brand. Per il resto, anche se finora l''ho usata pochissimo, la fresatrice fa egregiamente il suo lavoro. Soft start ottimo, funzionamento fluido e aspirazione trucioli efficiente. Forse un pochino troppo rumosa.

Por: Didier s


Excellent pour le travail que je fais

Por: Faleyc


Cette défonceuse est très maniable, malgré son poids. La puissance est bien là et le travail du bois est agréable, les fraises mangent le bois sans hésitation. Les coulisses n''accrochent pas. J''aurais aimé un système pour la régler sous table pour qu''elle soit parfaite.

Por: Le C


Very well, does a good job for a best price. Sorry for my english.

Preguntas más frecuentes (FAQ)

Can the power switch be locked on?
No, this is a safety feature. If using with a compatible router table, an additional strap will be required to maintain power
What size collets does this come with?
1/4", 1/2", 8mm, 10mm & 12mm
What size guide bush is included?
Includes 21mm & 30mm outside diameter guide bush plates
What size is the base?
The base plate for this router is 195mm

Garantía 3 años

Este producto Silverline Fresadora ½”, 2050 W dispone de 30 días de garantía desde la fecha de compra contra defectos de fabricación y materiales defectuosos. Registre su producto online para extender el periodo de garantía 3 años. Todas las piezas defectuosas serán reparadas de forma gratuita.

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