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Amoladora angular 115 mm, 950 W

950 W (UK)

€ 45.19 IVA no incluido

  • Empuñadura auxiliar ajustable en 3 posiciones diferentes
  • Bloqueo del husillo y botón de bloqueo de seguridad
  • Indicada para cortar y amolar metal, piedra y hormigón
  • Compatible con cepillos de alambre en copa y cepillos de alambre para retirar restos de óxido y corrosión
  • Incluye empuñadura auxiliar, llave de espiga, protector para corte y desbaste

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Características técnicas

Diámetro del disco de lija 115 mm
Clasificación PPI IP20
Tamaño del disco 115 mm
Potencia 950 W
Velocidad sin carga 11.000 min-1
Número de protectores 2
Peso 1,9 kg

Descripción del producto

Amoladora angular con potente motor de 950 W y disco de 115 mm de diámetro. Compatible con discos de corte y desbaste de 115 mm. Velocidad sin carga 11.000 min-1 ideal para cortar metal, azulejos, cemento e incluso hormigón.

Esta amoladora dispone de un diseño ergonómico para sujetar la herramienta cómodamente con ambas manos. La empuñadura auxiliar le permitirá ajustar la posición de la herramienta según el trabajo requerido.

Esta amoladora incluye dos protectores para discos de corte y desbaste. Los protectores sirven para proteger al usuario de los posibles desechos proyectados durante el corte/desbaste.

El interruptor de encendido/apagado de dos etapas de esta herramienta evita el encendido accidental. El mecanismo de bloqueo del husillo le permite sustituir el disco de corte de forma segura.

La amoladora 115 mm es una herramienta ligera con tan solo 1,9 kg de peso, ideal para usar en espacios reducidos. También dispone de accesorios opcionales como por ejemplo el juego de accesorios para corte y desbaste Silverline 633831.

Contenido en el embalaje

  • Amoladora angular 115 mm, 950 W
  • Brida roscada
  • Brida interior
  • Empuñadura auxiliar
  • Llave de espiga
  • Protector para disco de desbaste
  • Protector para disco de corte
  • Manual de instrucciones

Comentarios realizados por nuestros clientes

Por: brian h


The 900w Silverline angle grinder I got as a birthday gift was a very welcome present until I tried to use it . On the second minor DIY job it not only blew but blew my home fuse box.I contacted Silverline ''customer services'' and they arranged for me to send it back to check. Shortly after a replacement tool was received which so far works very well. In short the service from Silverline and especially the customer service team (Roxy) was GREAT and I would highly recommend this company again for it''s customer care attitude. Well done !

Por: Paul H


Very good product and good value for money. Works if grinding or using for cutting paving stones

Por: Steven c


Very good product i use it every week and it asn''t let me down yet I would recommend this to anyone that''s looking for a angle grinder

Por: John m


Worked great for 18 months then gave up the ghost

Por: Peter S


It''s a nice item but I was using it and it seemed to judder and a lot of smoke gushed out of it, So I stop using it for a wheel and now it seems to be ok??? But the ballerinas seem now to be plying up, I''ve been in touch with you about it but have not heard back from you, it''s a nice machine But!!

Por: Andy b


Happy with it so far. A lot better then the one I had before.

Por: Elwyn


This is a fantastic grinder, Powefull so the task get''s done faster but still fairly light with nice soft grip handles just in the right place for confort, Not too noisy a motor, Easy to change the discs with just one key. I would recomend this grinder to anyone. Now & Ned Prep.

Por: drew c


the grinder has worked fine, with extended continual use cleaning off old paintwork from metal . easy to use.

Por: Thomas D


You do not need to spend a fortune on a grinder this one does the job no problem

Por: Graham H


Very poor quality, used once, tried to change blade,flimsy brake button popped off and lost,making product useless, but not worth returning for repair either.

Por: Peter L


Excellent product for the price, ideal for what I needed, certainly recommend

Por: antoine


cheap and good, i use one to cut and this one to sand down so no need to switch wheel

Por: John C


It''s still working 18 months later after some heavy work which is a bonus compared to some cheaper brands. No requirement yet for any maintenance. I would have no problem replacing like-for-like when the time comes for a replacement.

Por: john s


excellent product works well good price recommended to all

Por: D G


Purchased after seeing reviews of other similar products, (and of other Silverline products) to replace my old budget! angle grinder, which has given many years of trouble free service. I''ve only used this tool on a few occasions so far but it appears to be robustly made with plenty of power for the jobs done. Fairly heavy but handles well when in use. Pleased with purchase so far and would be happy to look at other Silverline tools in the future.



Excellent performance considering the purchase price and very easy to use due to its overall shape which is identical to the larger angle grinders

Por: David G


The 2nd time I used the angle grinder it stopped working after 2 minutes, I didn''''t bother to send it back. This is the only Silverline tool I have had a problem with, every thing else has been great apart from the angle grinder.

Por: Des Q


I use this grinder every day. It has proved to be a reliable and essential part of my tool kit.

Por: Mr J


A smashing little grinder which is great value for money. Powerful and versatile does what the competition do at a much better price. Highly recommended.

Por: Colin


Had this tool for quite a while now & its done a lot of heavy work & is still going strong. Normally we would have seen off one or two of its competitors by this time but not with this one. Bought only as a gap-fill but well impressed.

Por: Mr A


Very good power, comfortable to hold and use. Ideal for any small job.

Por: Nathan H


The old adage "You get what you pay for" - but actually, I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It''s fairly well made. Balanced well when using. I''m pretty pleased with it.

Por: Barry L


Excellent piece of equipment. More than capable of carrying out its job.

Por: Raymond M


Great purchase used it to cut up old disability ramp at my back door,went through it like a hot knife through butter,tubular steel,flat steel bar, angle iron,the lot,saved as load of money doing it myself and I''''''''m sure I''''''''ll find more odd jobs for it.Good powerful motor and great value tool.

Por: William B


I have had quite a few tools from silverline a good product.

Por: Mr J


well made with good quality materials it has done a lot of work in the last 3 weeks and performs as good as my last black and decker pro grinder did I''m very impressed

Por: Graham


Main issue with the grinder is the button to lock the output doesn''t work very well, so changing discs is a greater effort than it should be.

Por: Graham


Not used it much, but did the job well - worked as expected. Comes with spare brushes which is thoughtful and a 3 year guarantee for peace of mind.

Por: Malcolm M


First class item, great deal

Por: Malcolm M


First rate product, great bargain price, just what I needed

Por: Glen C


Very good value for money works well used the grinder lots since purchased and still performs well.

Por: Brian G


I bought this to replace an inferior B&Q product. I like the switch mechanism and easy to use.

Por: Andrew B


Great tool , great price!

Por: andrew b


Super tool!Great value!

Por: David C


Used it many times now,seems very powerfull for its size and is comfortable to use,would recommend to anyone.

Por: Geoff F


This is my second silverline grinder, first one still going strong after 4 years hard work. It has now been passed to another family member

Por: john h


Light, easy to use, poweful enough for most jobs

Por: Brian m


Good value grinder for grinding cutting or polishing suits me /hobbiest.enough power for my needs.

Por: Will


Great product, great price!

Por: David H


Bought this when I had some floor tiles to lay. Was absolutely perfect for cutting and trimming them. This will be getting a lot more use in the future. Great value and well made.



I have found the angle grinder very easy to use as a trigger switch is much easier than a press or slide button.

Por: Leandros K


Have bought power tools before from Black & Decker, Von Haus and Bosch. They have scored high in one area, and disapoint in another. Silverline has set a new standard, and they back it up with a 3 year Guarantee. Great solid build quality, and confidence that I shalln''t need to fish for the receipt within a hand-ful of uses as I have had to do with other. No swipe left here! ( Thanks reddit for the info on tinder/grinder! )

Por: Keith


My first impression of the Grinder is the styling of it being more like the bigger 230mm machines. It feels much better balanced than most other 115mm Grinders. 950w is sufficient power for most uses and will certainly be enough for me. The 3 year guarantee is also good to have.

Por: Sadayeen K


Had this about 6 months now and used quite a lot, changed the blade twice to give you an idea of how much I have used it. The unit it good, well balanced with acceptable vibrations and tacked all my jobs very well with the correct blades. I was disappointed with the 2pin plug converter to UK 3pin, actually think it is too dangerous, so I cut it off and replaced it with a solid UK 3pin plug.

Por: derek b


very good value for money, handy tool to have.

Por: alex m


I have hardly used the grinder I bought but it works ok I received spare brushes with it does that mean the brushes already fitted to the grinder are expected to wear out quick and it came with 2 safety guards I find that unusual also I had one of these grinders before and the brushes wore down thanks alex

Por: Noel B


Great tool for the price.

Por: Gary S


Great grinder easy to use

Garantía 3 años

Este producto Silverline Amoladora angular 115 mm, 950 W dispone de 30 días de garantía desde la fecha de compra contra defectos de fabricación y materiales defectuosos. Registre su producto online para extender el periodo de garantía 3 años. Todas las piezas defectuosas serán reparadas de forma gratuita.

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