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Serrucho universal

230 mm, 14 dpp

€ 10.02 IVA no incluido

  • Hoja de acero endurecido y templado
  • Corte en ambas direcciones
  • Para maderas duras, blandas y sintéticas

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Características técnicas

Longitud de la hoja/disco 234 mm
Anchura de la hoja 59 mm
Acabado Azul y gris
Acabado - Empuñadura principal ABS
Dientes por pulgada 14 dpp
Peso 0,184 kg

Descripción del producto

Hoja de acero endurecido y templado. Para cortes en ambas direcciones, más rápida y precisa que otras sierras convencionales. Corta maderas duras, blandas y sintéticas.

Contenido en el embalaje

  • Serrucho universal

Comentarios realizados por nuestros clientes

Por: Arnaud


Cette scie effectue un travail précis surtout à l''amorce de la coupe (en poussant plutôt qu''en tirant comme une scie égoine). Légère et efficace, j''en suis très satisfait (testée sur du contre-plaqué principalement, à voir plus tard si elle permet un travail relativement propre sur du mélaminé)

Por: James G


I bought this tool has a hobbiest one of my best buys thank you silverline .

Por: Ryan M


This saw is a great addition to any tool set i have used mine lots and it is still sharp and give a neat cut. The handle is comfortable. I would recommend this saw and silverline tools to anybody.

Por: Bob L


I bought this saw on a whim, along with a conventional hardpoint crosscut at Toolstation. I''ve fancied a Japanese pull saw for years, but they''re pricey. This wasn''t pricey,but it was a waste of money. A thin blade, like the saws it was based upon, but, attempting to cut a softwood section (across the grain) it binds in the cut. I got my micrometer out and measured the blade thickness at the back, then at the teeth. Both measurements were the same, 30 thou, or approx 0.75mm. The blade seems to have neither a taper to it, nor any set to the teeth. That''s a recipe for the binding I experienced. The blade''s not terribly secure in the handle, either. I didn''t expect a lot at the price, but its performance was even poorer than I thought possible.

Por: Vivian S


I found this a little awkward to use at first. With a little more application however it really does ann excellent job Very sharp and kept its edge. Sturdy and well made it is an excellent addition to the toolbok and not at all expensive. A good buy.

Garantía de por vida

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