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Pelacables automático

175 mm

€ 12.73 IVA no incluido

  • Pelacables resistente con acabado electropintado
  • Boca especial para evitar dañar y cortar los cables
  • Empuñaduras con mecanismo para usar con una sola mano
  • Incluye tope para fijar longitud. Empuñaduras de vinilo
  • Longitud: 175 mm

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Características técnicas

Función 01 22 - 8 AWG
Graduaciones 0,5, 1,2, 1,5, 2, 2,6 y 3,2 mm
Capacidad para pelar cable de alambre 22 / 20-18 / 16-14 / 12 / 10 / 8 mm
Capacidad - Mordaza 0,5, 1,2, 1,5, 2, 2,6 y 3,2 mm
Peso 0,282 kg

Descripción del producto

Pelacables resistente con acabado electropintado. Boca especial para evitar dañar y cortar los cables. Empuñaduras con mecanismo para usar con una sola mano. Indicado para pelar cables de 0,3 -8,0 mm². Longitud: 175 mm.

Contenido en el embalaje

  • Pelacables automático

Comentarios realizados por nuestros clientes

Por: James B


Having seen this type of wire stripper previously, I always considered these to be the premier type of wire stripper, but most makes are out of my price range for the use I will give them as a modeller and DIYer. However having seen these at a show at a very reasonable price I thought it worthwhile. The quality is good, they work well and have a lifeline garuntee, at the price what is there not to like.

Por: Kevin t


Great quick and easy to use strips with no loose wires

Por: Harry


Excellent wire strippers. Very easy to use, works on various thickness of wires and doesn''t damage the copper inside. Would highly recommend.

Por: Anthony G


Good product seem to be pretty well built and helped me finish the job in no time. Guaranteed too which is a bonus even though I don''t think I will need to use it.

Por: Dave P


A nice looking tool and I expect it will work quite well when I use it. The length guide attachment is not easy to attach with a very small screw and a not very good thread, plus the side of the tool is angled which puts the attachment at an angle to the stripper! The attachment is basically useless!

Por: Martin W


I have had several of these in the past from other manufacturers which were a lot more expensive so was a little unsure how these would perform. I have been pleasantly surprised - used now for a few weeks and impressed by the build quality vs cost. Consistent strips every time - looking good. Thanks ..

Por: Frank W


This is a very nice stripper for a very good price.

Garantía de por vida

Este producto Silverline Pelacables automático dispone de 30 días de garantía desde la fecha de compra contra defectos de fabricación y materiales defectuosos. Registre su producto online para extender el periodo de garantía de por vida. Todas las piezas defectuosas serán reparadas de forma gratuita.

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