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Gabarit de tourillon

30 mm

€ 9.25 PRIX H.T.

  • Gabarit permettant de réaliser des assemblages en E, en L et en T
  • Pour chevilles de 6, 8 ou 10 mm dans des matériaux d'une épaisseur maxi de 30 mm
  • Perce les 2 parties de l'assemblage, l'une après l'autre, d'un seul réglage pour un résultat optimal
  • Adapté à la plupart des perceuses manuelles et électriques
  • Compatible avec le lot de 3 forets pour chevilles de bois Silverline

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Caractéristiques techniques du produit

Finition Plastique avec acier trempé poli
Méthode de fabrication Moulé avec insert en alliage d'acier
Poids du produit 0,186 kg

Caractéristiques principales

Gabarit permettant de réaliser des assemblages en E, en L et en T avec des chevilles de 6, 8 ou 10 mm dans des matériaux d'une épaisseur maxi de 30 mm. Permet de percer les deux parties de l'assemblage, l'une après l'autre avec un seul réglage du gabarit, pour un résultat optimal. Adapté à la plupart des perceuses manuelles et électriques. Compatible avec le lot de 3 forets pour chevilles de bois Silverline.


  • Gabarit de tourillon
  • Notice d'instructions

Évaluations de clients

par : Rafał


I used this jig first time. All hole was perfect. I never thought the making hole will be so easy :)

par : David P


Pleasantly surprised by the quality of the dowel jig. First thing, I checked the openings 6, 8 and 10mm. All spot on. Instructions were easy to follow and off I went. Great tool, very happy.

par : Tadeusz



par : Bob


Well made Jig that is simple to use, used it several times and each time the dwells have lined up...which is always a plus :-). The sleeves help ensure the drill makes the hole in the correct place - which is otherwise normally difficult with chipboard.

par : John F


I found this very easy to use, produce very good results and a good asset for any workshop

par : John B


A great item becomes a third hand to help ensure dowels sit in the correct position in my woodworking project. It made life so easy! And it was a great price as part of a ''kit''.

par : Pat


A neat and attractive item. Both seller and I had trouble to figure out how it worked. Eventually, everything fell into place. This is a trouble free good quality component to be used by newcomers to woodworking. I would like to make a suggestion if I may please. I would prefer dowel jig to be made using the same material (lightweight Aluminium) as the Pocket Hole Jig.

par : Peter F


This item was purchased to assist with the construction of a storage unit for my office. The unit is versatile and very well designed and performed just as was expected resulting in all dowels lining up perfectly.

par : Ian R


Never having used a dowelling jig before, I bought this as an educational learning curve before investing more money in an expensive product. In the 2 days I''ve had it, it has served its purpose. Using scrap wood, I''ve made mistakes by not marking my boards properly and I''ve also made some well-aligned joints by following the instructions carefully. It has helped me clarify my requirements for a professional jig - so in that respect, I can''t grumble at the price. It get''s 4 starts based purely on my use as a ''learning tool''. Almost went pear-shaped - the plastic is very brittle and before I had even used it, I knocked it off my Workmate and one of the protruding centre pins snapped off on the ceramic tile floor (about 3 ft drop). I managed to repair it by drilling the pin and screwing it to a piece of wood in one of the recesses on the other side. The repair doesn''t seem to have compromised the function of the tool. You get what you pay for

Garantie à vie

Ce produit Silverline est garanti pendant une période de 30 jours à partir de la date d'achat contre tout vice de matériaux ou défaut de fabrication. Vous pouvez obtenir une garantie à vie en enregistrant votre produit en ligne. Tout bien présentant un défaut sera réparé ou remplacé gratuitement.

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