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Clé mixte

€ 6.68 PRIX H.T.

  • Chrome vanadium
  • Acier trempé, revenu et matricé
  • Finition polie haute qualité

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Caractéristiques techniques du produit

Poignée/manche - primaire - finition Poli - mirroir - chromé
Finition Poli - mirroir - chromé
Trempé Trempé et revenu
Poids du produit 0,272 kg
Style Bague 12 points et extrémité ouverte à 15°

Caractéristiques principales

En acier chrome-vanadium matricé trempé et revenu, profil mince, finition polie.


  • Clé mixte

Évaluations de clients

par : Doug Z


Yes it''s a spanner, but!! It is very good quality for the money! People say, "you pays your money and takes your choice!". However that is not strictly true, at least not in the way it was meant! What was meant, and is more accurate is ''buy junk and you get junk''! The difference being is there is no referrence to ''cheap'', I wouldn''t call these spanners ''cheap'', I would say they are well priced! There are those people that say Silverline tools are a waste of money, I dissagree, it all depends on what and how one uses them! I have had (and still do have) ''cheap'' spanners/tools from India, tiawan etc, bought back in the 70''s, they are still going strong, I wouldn''t use them in a situation where I think they may fail, it is a case of using the right tool for the job, one doesn''t use a light spanner on a rusted bolt that hasn''t been touched for many years! I''m an engineer and that is part of the training! That said, I still have all the tools I started with at 16, well maybe not all, one does have ''accidents'' and ''losses'', of course I have added to my ''collection'' over the last 40 odd years, but then one does as a new challenge comes along! Back to these spanners though, they probably would cope, and probably as welll if not better than many others, I would say they are probably as good as Gedore or Britool, Snap-on or Blue Point, I''ve seen those fail when used inappropriately, but then I''ve work with some some real ''mullers'' that called themselves ''engineers'' or ''mechanics''!! So I gues it does come down to ''you pays your money and makes your choice''! I would suggest you buy these, if you do not abuse them, they will serve you well!

par : Iain J


Lasted well so far, high quality polished finish.

Garantie à vie

Ce produit Silverline est garanti pendant une période de 30 jours à partir de la date d'achat contre tout vice de matériaux ou défaut de fabrication. Vous pouvez obtenir une garantie à vie en enregistrant votre produit en ligne. Tout bien présentant un défaut sera réparé ou remplacé gratuitement.

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