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Avvitatore elettrico 400 W

400 W


  • Coppia max. 350 Nm
  • Attacco quadrato da ½"
  • Grilletto a velocità variabile
  • Ideale per svitare i bulloni stretti e per il fissaggio ad alti valori di coppia
  • Include 17, 19, 21 e 23 mm bussole in acciaio temprato

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Caratteristiche prodotto

Finitura Plastica
Protezione IP IP20
Potenza 400 W
Colpi/impatti al minuto 0-4000 ipm
Velocità a vuoto 3200 giri/min.
Coppia Max 350 Nm
Peso prodotto 2,37 kg

Caratteristiche chiave

Avvitatore ad impatto elettrico con coppia elevata da 350 Nm, ideale per svitare i bulloni stretti e per il fissaggio ad alti valori di coppia. Controllo preciso da parte dell'utente con un innesco a velocità variabile, selettore avanti/indietro e manico a vibrazioni ridotte. Attacco quadrato da ½" . Include boccole in acciaio temprato da 17,19, 21 e 23 mm.

Contenuto della scatola

  • 1 x Avvitatore elettrico 400 W
  • 1 x Boccola da 17 mm
  • 1 x Boccola da 19 mm
  • 1 x Boccola da 21 mm
  • 1 x Boccola da 23 mm
  • 1 x Manuale

Valutazioni da parte dei clienti

da Jeremy H


There are two reasons I bought this. Firstly, it has a variable speed. Secondly it is a mains driven impact driver. I replaced a shock absorber on my honda civic, and although it didn''t have any problem getting the nuts on and off, it could not cope with one nut until I applied some heat to it. Comparing the one I used in the garage (I am a technician) then I would say it is not as powerful as the CP air gun I was used to, but for what I wanted it for (speeding the process of removing and replacing nuts over just using a ratchet and spanner) then it did the job. I did the shocks in around two hours. Without this tool it would have been a lot longer. Good tool. Well worth it, and to be truthful, it''s fun to use.

da Ricky


Having only just used once for car suspension components, had no issues. Tool is a very good entry level impact wrench.

da Paul m


Great Bit of kit has plenty of grunt perfect for suspension units track rod ends ,etc

da Oscar E


Lovely power through this. Locking wheel nuts came undone in the blink of an eye - among other jobs around the home. Very well priced with no fuss and immediate task handling. Highly recommended.

da José


The product comes in a card box, together with 4 socket wrenches. The build quality is good and the touch feel is great. It has a green light indicating it is connected to power. The control of the speed through the trigger is easy.

da Royston M


I purchased this wrench after months of research. The only down side was the inability to tryout the different makes in person and rely on customer reviews. At 68 years of age I needed something fairly lightweight, that did not snatch,is durable and does what it claimed. Price was also a major issue. The warmer weather has arrived and MOT is in June. The wrench has performed brilliantly, ten out of ten on all tasks so far and lets hope it keeps on going. I had trouble with the nuts on one wheel but the guy at tyre bay had to resort to a large bar and a lot of effort to release them so no reflection on my wrench. Adjustable speed on trigger, Excellent!!! Highly recmmended.

da T L


Excellent product at very competitive price

da Tim L


Excellent product, well priced with good build quality. Will see good service helping to rebuild my 20 year old mazda mx5.

da Raymond


Very good price for this good tool!

da Jeff I


Brilliant tool and powerful. So wish I''d seen and bought one of these decades ago. I have an air impact wrench but this knocks spots off it for power. My air one wouldn''t remove some of my car''s wheel-nuts but this little beaty did - no prob. I keep looking round my shed and garage trying to find more uses for it, just for the fun and satisfation of using it. With cheap adaptors from e-bay, it also now drives large screws brilliantly - ideal for decking. Proves that at 73, I''m still a kid at heart (someone - please tell my body!!) Summary: Love it!! [and it''s inexpensive and I rarely am able to sday that!]



produit conforme aux exigences demandées, convient parfaitement pour des réparations courantes .Je suis très satisfait de mon achat auprès de ce fournisseur compte tenu du prix et de la qualité du matériel

da Matt K


Great item, handles most jobs well, very happy.

da James l


Just the job it will remove any nut or bolt on the bike kawasaki zx12

da J W


Best investment in a power tool ever if you suffer with any form of sore finger joint or wrist joint soreness and still want to repair your car or do anything where there is a need to tighten or undo nuts and bolts then this is the tool to do it perfect.

da William P


This impact wrench has variable trigger. Something more expensive ones does not have. A must for tightening smaller fasteners. My dad tightened up an m16 bolt with his new cp7748 to a torque of 990nm and this wrench was able to slacken it. I think this is a great tool at a great price.

da Kelvin


Bought this after looking at more expensive alternatives and pleased with the choice. Bargain price with good power and control and a 3 year warranty. Is worth buying just as a time saver on wheel nuts etc. but invaluable for stubborn fasteners too.

da baertsoen


très bon outil,fait juste son travail(manque réglage du couple),pour le montage des roues finir le travail a la clé dynamométrique,

da baertsoen


conforme a la description

da rault f


pour changer mon jeu de jantes hivers , ce produit coûte seulement le prix que demande le garagiste pour un changement de roue, 1 changement et c''''est rentabilisé

da Diane


I''''ve this and it''''s strong where have you been than you

da Philippe M


This electric tool is one of the best investment ever.

da Michael


Excellent tool compared to most as the variable speed makes it so much more user friendly, I''ve tried other makes and by far this is the best. It''s pritty much on par with an air impact wrench, but for the home mechanic perfect

da Mark B


Seems to be a good sturdy product. I have only used it a few times but it has not failed me yet and has always undone the bolt. Very pleased

da tony


support second to none on silverline tools

da Dave


Have used on several repair jobs around the garden ,lawn mowers ,box trailers worked perfectly

da Dave


Brought this to remove wheel nuts on my small box trailer which it did no problem. removed the blade on my petrol mower ready for sharpening, again easy. Feels very capable of doing anything I throw at it..

da Andrew p


Fantastic tool we''ll worth the money.

da Keith


Wasn''t to sure about buying an electric impact gun as I thought battery would be more ideal. However I saw the silverline range and liked the look and the power it says it has. I used it for the first time as the weekend and wow it''s amazing. Never know how I managed to get by before. I''m a mechanic DIYer and always tinkering with cars, so I highly recommend buying this product. Ace A1

da Paul W


What can I say!? I needed to change my whole suspension on a 14 year old car and just couldn’t undo the bolts by hand however I tried. I took the plunge and not only did it do the job it also saved me so much time with fighting the impossible. The only time it struggles is when bolts have previously been treated by nut locker It’s now one of the most used items in my tool box as part of my restoration project and the fact that it has a 3 year guarantee I can’t lose for the price

da Mike


What a great impact wrench. Does exactly what I wanted - removes those stubborn nuts with ease.

da Keith B


I found that this tool was not powerful enough to remove wheel bolts from my Mercedes and had to return it for refund. This is the first time I have had a problem with Silverline tools and they are usually of very high quality. This product is not, unfortunately so I can’t recommend it.

da Peter B


Appears to be well made. Purchased for removal of car wheels after fitting by a garage. Performed OK so far. Some bolts quite rusty.

da Greg


If you have ever felt you back compress undoing a wheel nut or cant get the leverage working on your back then this will be what you need. It cant do more than a descent length breaker bar but it doesn''t require effort or space. Also handy for rotating items like strut tops and clutch nuts - slow start helps with the feel.

da Luca


My best purchase of 2018! It''s exactly what I was searching for: strong and reliable electric impact wrench able to unscrew all that bolts that you can''t by your arms.



Superbe outil , puissant , équivalent et du matériel beaucoup plus couteux. Tout mes copains bricoleurs ont acheté la même aprés l''avoir essayé.

da R M


I have used my wrench extensively since last review (May 2017). My friends have borrowed it and it is still going well.It is without doubt the best power tool I have purchased in many years.Highly recommended.


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