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Levigatrice a nastro e disco da 350 W

350 W

€ 110,64 -

  • Posizione doppia multi-angolo 390 x 125 mm banco con battuta angolare
  • Superficie della levigatrice può essere inclinata da 0-90°
  • Motore ad induzione a lunga durata con i cuscinetti sigillati
  • 390 mm di lunghezza levigatrice e 150 mm di diametro disco abrasivo
  • Include nastro abrasivo G 80, disco abrasivo G 80, banco multi-angolo e guida angolo obliquo

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Caratteristiche prodotto

Finitura Metallo verniciato
Potenza 350 W
Classificazione IP20
Dimensioni nastro abrasivo 914 x 100 mm, 915 x 100 mm
Dimensioni foglio abrasivo 150 mm
Velocità a vuoto 1450 min-1
Peso prodotto 14,6 kg
Dimensioni Banco 390 x 125 mm
Diametro disco 914 mm
Tempo di lavoro max 30 minuti
Ciclo di funzionamento S2 30 minuti (breve tempo)


Caratteristiche chiave

Levigatrice a nastro combinata montata a banco e 150 mm levigatrice a disco. Motore a induzione a lunga durata con cuscinetti sigillati. Porte per l'estrazione della polvere doppie. Doppia-posizione del banco multi-angolo con la guida angolo obliquo. Angolazione d'inclinazione levigatrice è regolabile 0-90 °. Interruttore anti-polvere sigillato e piedini di montaggio gommati. Adatti per la levigatura generale di vari materiali tra cui metallo, legno e plastica. Nastro abrasivo 915 x 100 mm con 190 mm di lunghezza superficie del nastro. Velocità a vuoto: 1450 giri/min. (smerigliatrice a disco), 5 m/s (levigatrice a nastro). Fornita di nastro abrasivo di grana 80, foglio abrasivo di grana 80 a fissaggio strappo, banco multi-angolo e guida angolo obliquo.

Contenuto della scatola

  • 1 x Levigatrice a nastro e disco 350 W

Valutazioni da parte dei clienti

da James oneill


Its exactly what i was looking well worth the price would recomend this

da Andre Stapelberg


Very solid and enough power for DIY use.

da Van Leiper


A. dd to my previous review. The disc guard proved to be too flimsy it cracked in two places when fitting and the holes did not seem to be correct. To get the disc to run true was a major headache and it was impossible to fasten it securely with the guard in place. In the end I threw the guard in the bin. Again only minus stars

da Van Leiper


Who designed this junk? To change a belt. like a major overhaul requiring three sizes of screwdrivers and a 10mm spanner? My previous machine needed one Allen key and three minutes of my time, this one has taken me ten minutes without replacing the covers!!!! The switch unit is very conveniently placed on the left end where you have to reach around a spinning disc to operate it or have the belt spinning toward you and throwing muck in your face! I seriously hope it blows up soon so that I can throw it away in cold blood. Star rating? Minus six.

da brian ewins


simple pictorial assembly instructions are clear and easy to follow to get the machine up and running. The belt sander work/rest stop needed a bit of manual '' adjustment'' to get it straight and in line , apart from that a good, well made semi-pro machine.

da Simon Chapman


I was initially impressed by the product but during setup It became apparent that one of the plastic guards didn''t fit correctly at factory and had been re drilled to force it. This evidently cracked the part in two places. Not wanting to send the whole unit back for a small plastic part, I contacted Silverline through the website to request a part. More than a week later, no reply. Worse still I cant find any phone numbers to chase it up. Having used the machine for two minutes, a loud clunking noise was heard that physically made the machine jump once per rotation. Having investigated it, either the motor is misaligned for the whole cast iron chassis is bent. This is probably the root cause of why the plastic spark guard didn''t fit in the first place. Either way completely unusable. Its going back for a refund.

da Owen Henwood


Very good tool that is good for the finishing touches on the fabrication work of my projects. A low affordable price that makes it a very competitive machine.

da Ian Holt


I found the assembly instructions were not easy to follow. I am an engineer and following drawings is my business so it should have been easy. The fitting of the disc to the shaft is poor as the disc runs out of true because the bore is oversize and maybe not even at 90 deg to the face. In general the disc is a very poor fit. The remainder of the machine seems to be good.

da nigel carf


It does exactly what it says on the box. My only criticism is that the extraction connection is a bit awkward to fit in to a standard extraction flexible pipe.

da John Howsego


Not very good! Poor fitting parts, inaccurate table tilt / angle guide.
  • customer contacted

da Walter Rinaldi-Butcher


Very pleasing and efficient piece of equipment


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