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1/4" rechte imperiale groeffrees

€ 3.01 EXCL. BTW

  • TCT snijranden
  • Sterke, gehard stalen schacht
  • Enkele fluit voor fijne afwerking
  • Voor algemeen frezen, groef frezen, afkanten en randfrezen
  • Max. 24.000 min-1

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Product specificaties

Max. toerental 24.000 min-1
Constructie methode Gepolijst, gefreesd en gesoldeerd
Frees bit afmeting - C 1"
Frees bit afmeting - D 1/4"
Afwerking Geverfde fluit, gepolijste schacht, droge roestbestendige coating
Gehard Ja
Gewicht 0,015 kg
Materiaal - secundaire constructie Hardmetaal YG8
Schacht lengte 35 mm
Schaarhoek Positie snoeihoek - 3°

Product beschrijving

TCT snijranden. Sterke geharde stalen schacht. Enkele fluit voor een fijne afwerking. Voor algemeen frezen, groef frezen, afkanten en randfrezen.

Doos inhoud

  • 1 x rechte imperiale groeffrees 1/4"

Klanten reviews

Door: Gordon R


I purchased a "Rotozip" type spiral cutter a few years ago. I loaned to a friend a, who returned it with the cutting bit almost blue. I don''''t know what he had used it on, but it had been tempered and became brittle. I looked around for a replacement, but they were around the £15 mark and I didn''''t often use the device - so I left it. Perusing a Tool Station catalogue, I noticed this cutter, which appeared to be the correct dimensions. At £2, it was a no brainer. On buying the cutting bit, I was impressed by the finish. It certainly looked well made and I was astonished at the quality for the price or even 5 x the cost. The acid test was using it. I tried it out on a few pieces of wood - beech, walnut and oak. The cuts were neat, precise and easily made. I am a bit of a cynic, but am very impressed. They say you get what you pay for, but in this case, I got a whole lot more.

Door: Colin S


This cutter does a good job at a good price

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