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1500 W elektrische breekhamer

1500 W

€ 190.06 EXCL. BTW

  • 360° roterend, soft-grip handvat voor een verminderde trilling
  • Beitel afmeting 30 mm
  • Geschikt voor metselwerk en asfalt
  • Sterke plastic opbergkoffer, met wielen en verschillende sloten
  • Inclusief beitels & steeksleutels

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Product specificaties

Hoofdhandvat afwerking PA6
IP waardering IP20
Vermogen 1500W
Stootkracht 45 J
Slagen per minuut 1900 min-1
Gewicht 14,3 kg

Product beschrijving

De krachtige en efficiënte Silverstorm elektrische breekhamer van Silverline, met een impactsnelheid van 1900 slagen per minuut, maakt het afbikken van steen, blokken, asfalt en beton gemakkelijk en eenvoudig.

Het over 360ª draaiende zijhandvat en het standaard trekkerhandvat dragen bij tot een stevige greep vooreen veilige en ergonomische werkpositie. Telkens voorzien van een soft-grip afwerking voor een betere controle en comfort, en om bij te dragen tot een verminderde trilling. De elektrische breekhamer is snel en gemakkelijk op te stellen en is geschikt voor standaard 1-1/8" (29 mm) beitels die op hun plaats worden vastgezet met behulp van een veerbelast penmechanisme.

.Met een standaardvoeding van 230 V is deze robuuste elektrische breekhamer gemakkelijk te manipuleren en op te stellen, en levert hij een effectieve 1500 W breekwerking, wat hem perfect maakt voor het uitvoeren van gemiddeld sloopwerk. De hamer is dankzij zijn compacte vorm bijzonder geschikt voor werkzaamheden in beperkte ruimten die niet toegankelijk zijn voor een compressor.

In sommige situaties kan het zijn dat u uw gereedschap wenst te voldoen met behulp van een generator of een transformator die aanwezig is op de bouwwerf. Dit is gewoonlijk mogelijk, alhoewel hij er zich van dient te vergewissen dat de nominale waarden van de voedingsbron ten minste tweemaal de nominale waarden van deze machine dienen te gedragen, en dat het geleverde vermogen een compatibele spanning en frequentie vertoont.

De Silverstorm elektrische breekhamer wordt geleverd met 1 x platte beitel (30 x 410 mm), 1 x puntbeitel (30 x 410 mm), 2 x zeskantsleutels, 1 x sleutel, 1 x oliefles, 2 x reserve-koolstofborstels en een robuuste stalen draagkoffer. Compatibel met alle 1-1/8"" (29 mm) beitels en punten, zoals Silverline 868735 of 633765.

Doos inhoud

  • 1 x Elektrische breekhamer 1500 W
  • 1 x koolborstel, paar 1 x Moersleutel, 23 mm
  • 2 x Zeskantsleutel (5 en 6 mm)
  • 1 x Oliefles (zonder olie)
  • 1 x Platte Beitel
  • 1 x Punt beitel
  • 1 x Opbergkoffer met wielen
  • 2 x Koolstofborstel
  • 1 x Handleiding

Klanten reviews

Door: chris


great tool dose the job

Door: Doug r


Fantastic tools great seller fast delivery well worth a try

Door: Doug r


It''s a pleasure to do buisness with you fast delivery great product this is the second 1 I have bought will do buying again thanks

Door: Mr D


Excellent product , extremely well made , very good value

Door: K m


Very happy with breaker, good substantial bit of kit and very good value for money.

Door: Rod B


Great tool easy to use straight from the box. Achieved what i wanted it to do take down old wall and go through rock to get footings into ground. Good value for money.

Door: brian a


I buy a number of silverline tools & have been very satisfied with them. My work mates also keep asking to use them. B A Ridley

Door: Bob O


Very heavy and difficult to use has limited use
  • customer contacted

Door: Nigel O


I have hired breakers that are nowhere near this good!

Door: Dave W


I simply wouldn''t have been able to break up our old fence posts and concrete bases without this tool and an angle grinder. A superb tool that takes literally a few seconds under it''s own weight to break open concrete. Well done Silverline!

Door: Michael B


Couldn''t go wrong for the price and warranty, works well.

Door: Alan M


Decided to purchase this unit instead of renting as this would then enable me to work on my 3mx3mx0.5m concrete patio whenever I had the time. Started work on a Friday and completed within one day leaving me the weekend to remove all the rubble. The breaker was effective in all aspects and has proved worth its weight in gold as it has not only saved me time and money but has now been used by friends and relatives to do jobs that have been daunting in the past but made extremely easy with the right equipment. Cannot believe how much work this breaker has performed and without a hitch. Taking to my sons next weekend to demolish a wall. Cannot wait. Value for money with quality and performance included.

Door: Adrian T


Brilliant tool. Doe''s exactly what I wanted it to do and I am very happy with it. Would highly recommended it. Thank you.

Door: Mel b


Good value works well

Door: Albert m


As used for a diy project, this breaker did not require a 110v transformer being 240v .It works out cheaper than hiring one from a shop. It works very well and am pleased with it

Door: lee p


I bought this for breaking up a thick concrete path, it did that alright, it also did every other job I put it to. After it has been used for about an hour, doesn''t have to be in one go, check all the Allen bolts are still tight, if I recall there are 2 different sizes. All in all a very good and relatively well made tool for the around to get the best price, I got mine from Amazon warehouse.

Door: Simon R


really surprised how good this breaker is considering it is not a huge amount of money. Have been hiring breakers but easily this has paid for itself and chisels both still really sharp. Couldn''t be happier with it.

Door: Ben c


Fantastic piece of machinery, easily broke up 10inch thick concrete without struggling. Would recommend.

Door: David K


I bought this to break thick concrete on my driveway - I’ll be honest I thought it might struggle. How wrong was I - it has got through 6/8 inch thick poured concrete without a problem, not sure how long the breaker bit will stay sharp, but they are not too expensive to replace when needed. For less than £200 it is a great piece of kit and I would highly recommend for moderate domestic use. Pays for its self in first day of use.

Door: Thomas J


We have used this for the last couple of months. It has worked exceptionally well. We will definitely continue using these.

Door: Maurouard A


Fissure du carter moteur aprés 2 heures de fonctionnement . Trés décevant ..

Door: Maurouard A


Après 2 heures d''utilisation , une grosse fissure est apparue sur le carter moteur .

Door: James


Used this to break up a garden concrete path about 5" thick and 15ft long. Got the job done fine. I can''t comment on reliability as this is the only job i used it for.

Door: A M


Bought it to excavate an old fence post. Worked well, took a fraction of the time if I''d had to use a sledgehammer and chisel. Easy to swap the two chisels over. Nice case.

Door: Ben T


Get in! Back of the net! What an absolutely awesome purchase of a tool that has performed perfectly for the light medium work planned. Currently the breaker has gone through an area of 8 sq metres of 5 - 6 inch concrete with relative ease in 4-5 hours with a couple of tea breaks thrown in ;) It will need to do a diy job about 3 times the size and the same type of concrete in coming months, which before I was sizing up to be completed professionally but now....I can''t wait! Don''t hesitate but this!

Door: colin w


Excellent product, very powerfully

Door: colin w


this hammer is more powerfully than many of the leading brands, would recommend it to other.

Door: Gavin S


Excellent value tool. Used it to break up a sandstone wall and its concrete foundation. Did the job no bother. This tool is heavy but I suppose it has to be to carry out its purpose. Would recommend.

Door: Seamus B


Great tool

Door: Seamus B


Very pleased with this tool.

Door: Michael R


It made good work of breaking up old concrete from around fence posts. Heavy bit of kit but I suppose that is par for the course for such equipment. Very pleased.

Door: Reynom


Did the job of breaking up old concrete around fence posts. Heavy bit of kit. Helps build up muscles! Yes, very pleased with it.

Door: Mark


Decided to purchase rather than hire as was a very good price and it meant I could do a little bit at a time on the project rather than try and do all ASAP. I have been very impressed by the build quality and the power. Makes easy work of very strong concrete. Very happy with my purchase.

Door: John H


Very effect, easy to use breaks down hard stone walls in matter of seconds

3 jaar Garantie

Dit product is voorzien van 30 dagen garantie vanaf de aankoopdatum, tegen materiaal- en vakmanschapfouten tijdens de productie. U kunt uw product online registreren voor het verlengen van de garantie. Defecte machines worden vrij van kosten gerepareerd of vervangen.

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