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Pneumatische niet- en spijkermachine, 50 mm


€ 53.88 EXCL. BTW

  • Lichtgewichte aluminium behuizing met soft-grip rubberen handvat
  • Ideaal voor bekleding, knutselwerk, lambrisering , paneel werk en cabinet maken
  • Veiligheidsmechanisme voorkomt accidentele afvuring
  • Voor het afvuren van 18-gauge (10-22 mm) spijkers en 18-gauge (13-40 mm) nietjes
  • Inclusief 6 mm (1/4") mannelijke snelkoppeling

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Product specificaties

Luchtverbruik 4 - 6 cfm
Koppeling formaat 1/4" snelkoppeling
Dikte (gauge) 18
Hoofdhandvat afwerking Rubber
Materiaal - secundaire constructie Aluminium tacker
Maximale druk 7,5 bar / 108 psi
Gewicht 1,3 kg
Werkdruk 4 - 7,5 bar

Product beschrijving

Lichtgewichte aluminium behuizing met soft-grip rubberen handvat. Ideaal voor bekleding, knutselwerk, lambrisering etc. Veiligheidsmechanisme voorkomt accidentele afvuring. Voor het afvuren van 18-gauge (10-22 mm) spijkers en 18-gauge (13-40 mm) nietjes. Werkdruk 4–7 bar. Inclusief 6 mm (1/4") mannelijke snelkoppeling.

Doos inhoud

  • 1 x pneumatische niet- en spijkermachine, 50 mm
  • 1 x 1/4" selkoppeling
  • 2 x zeskantsleutel
  • 1 x pneumatische olie
  • 1 x instructie handleiding

Klanten reviews

Door: Tim H


I bought this to go with my new Stanley 25 litre air compressor to make some trellis, I had already ordered a Stanley air nailer from another supplier but I thought I would take a chance on an inexpensive stapler. This is a very inexpensive nailer and stapler, the build quality is basic but it is mostly metal and surprisingly robust. It does not have a rubberised end so it does mark your wood, not a problem with trellis. The trigger is very crude but works and it has a bsp male connector, not a euro fitting, which I have simply swapped over with a less used tool as my compressor has a euro connection. I had a complete nightmare loading this with Silverline''s 90 staples as the minimal instructions assume you will magically know how to do this. For some reason I couldn''t get it to work hanging the staples over the bar and decided you needed to put them inside the loading mechanism. Do not do this as it will jam and you will learn how it is all put together when you have to dismantle it. This is surprisingly easy with the Allen keys provided and once dismantled and put back together and putting the staples exactly where I had initially, hanging over the bar, it worked perfectly. I have now extensively stapled some pine trellis, with out any jamming and I now know how to dismantle the firing mechanism if it does jam. Comparing this with the Stanley which is almost three times more expensive it is clearly more crudely made but it works well. I have not tried it with nails but suspect it will work fine. If you want something for fine woodworking, with rubberised handles and fancy triggers and a case this is not for you but if you want something for more rough and ready work you cannot go far wrong for the price. I would have given this five stars but the instructions are pretty poor and for some reason it did not work until I had taken the firing mechanism apart and put it back together. However I will give it four stars because of the satisfaction of taking it apart and putting it back together and it working and the fact it fires staples very effectively.



Air Nailer Stapler 50mm 18 Gauge.. great little nailer works great and does a good issues and for the price is a good tool for anyone''s tool box.

Door: Mr a


I have several silverline tools and none have let me down, the nail gun is light and easy to handle and use and a great price.

Door: Grahame L


Very well made product. Works very well better than some dearer makes.I used this for 4 hrs the other day and didn''t jam once. Really pleased. Would recommend to all.

Door: Vidal D


Perfecto para mis necesidades, peso ideal, relación precio calidad excelente, totalmente recomendable



Matériel impeccable, correspond à besoin, je le conseille. très bon rapport qualité /prix

Door: Craig g


Good value for money and excellent on straight brads. Staples bit more difficult too use but if done slowly worked well. Overall good value

Door: ROY S


A well made item. Easy loading. Smooth operation. A good buy.

Door: Nick T


Only used a couple of times but works perfectly. Strong impact and has yet to misfire. Cannot complain. Simple to use.

Door: Alain


Good material and. Good price.

Door: Neil A


Absoultly over the moon with this nailer it does what it is supposed to do ..3 year warranty what more can you ask ..i would highly recommend this to anyone who wants a quality bit a kit that won''t break the bank ..

Door: Neil


Wow amazing is solid yet comfortably sits in your had .does the job with ease and you get a 3 year warranty wow ..this is my first ever silverline tool and folks please give them a try an occasional tool user as my hobby is woodwork and yes I would highly recommend you try them .

Door: Chris


Reasonable price good product always like silverline tools

Door: Clive D


Used to have an electric nailer which was rubbish. Bought this without expecting too much because of the price but very pleasantly surprised. Seems solid and well made and worked perfectly out of the box

Door: Alan S


Just 1 small drawback the safety slide which allows you to operate the gun is rounded works fine on flat surfaces but on uneven surfaces it is difficult to hold on the position you want

Door: Keith


Very nice product, good quality finish and very robust body, drives a 2” Brad nail right in to solid wood and countersinks its head beneath the surface, hard to beat this product at the price.

Door: Geoff D


I own a number of Silverline tools and have always found them well made and very good value for money, but by far my favourite of all is my Silverline Air Nailer. I had owned it for several years and it had given a lot of good trouble-free service in that time, so I was devastated when it finally failed a couple of weeks ago. I went straight online, and found a merchant that was selling the exact same model, and put in an orde. It arrived two days later, and was put immediately back into service. I am happy again now !

Door: kenneth j


I purchased the 50mm gun at £27, and find it a fair price, and am more than pleased with its performance......

Door: Tony J


I had a Tacwise electric nailer and had problems from the beginning so my wife bought me this nailer and a small hobby compressor for my birthday and the 2 work perfectly together. I thought Silverline tools were cheap because they were poor quality but this nailer is great. I have used 25, 38 and 50mm brads and get a great finish by simply adjusting air pressure.I''ve used this a lot in the short time I''ve had it and only wish I''d got one sooner. If you are on a tight budget give it a try, you''ll be glad you did.

Door: Alan K


I bought this to make up bird nesting boxes and feeders. It performs even better than I hoped it would. Great product and great quality. Great Job Silverline

Door: Mick b


Nicely weighted nail gun , sits well in the hand and does what it says on the tin with honours

Door: Peter B


Great bit of kit easy to use.

3 jaar Garantie

Dit product is voorzien van 30 dagen garantie vanaf de aankoopdatum, tegen materiaal- en vakmanschapfouten tijdens de productie. U kunt uw product online registreren voor het verlengen van de garantie. Defecte machines worden vrij van kosten gerepareerd of vervangen.

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