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Digitale schuifmaat

150 mm

€ 12.94 EXCL. BTW

  • Lichtgewicht, sterk carbonstaal
  • Groot en helder LCD scherm
  • Voor interne en externe metingen
  • Meet van 0,1 mm tot 150 mm
  • Metrische of imperiale kalibratie

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Product specificaties

Afwerking Glad
Gewicht 0,059 kg

Product beschrijving

Carbon stalen digitale schuifmaat voor interne en externe metingen. Resolutie: 0 - 150 x 0,1 mm.

Doos inhoud

  • 1 x digitale schuifmaat, 150 mm
  • 1 x LR 44 batterij

Klanten reviews

Door: Stephen B


Great piece of kit for model railway enthusiasts for sizing plasticard, brass sheet and bar''s and other smaller componants that you cannot get an accurate measurement with a ruler and you have got a digital reading

Door: Simon H


Super tool, is accurate and the sliding mechanism and measuring faces are machined accurately, unlike some of the uber cheap ones.

Door: Alex H


I use a vernier caliper all the time in my job so it''s usually in my pocket. On this occasion I had misplaced my usual caliper and I needed to measure a component. I hurriedly went to the local tool store with the aim of buying another just to get me through and found this one by Silverline. Through the packaging it looked cheap and nasty but as I needed one I bought it. Upon arriving home I used it and found it to be extremely ergonomic - it fits my hand perfectly and feels good. The display is bright and clear and foremost it is accurate, returning to exactly zero every time. My original (much more expensive) caliper showed up but now I use only the Silverline. It''s a bargain for the price and does everything it should - highly recommended!

Door: Matt J


Very simple to use and lightweight. Nice and accurate as you''d hope. I think the only downside I''ve discovered so far is the lack of a locking screw, otherwise, perfectly serviceable.

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