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Zestaw kluczy sześciokątnych typu T, 10 szt.

zł 11,37 .

  • Stal chromowo-wanadowa
  • Formowany plastikowy uchwyt typu T
  • Wytrzymały metalowy stojak na klucze
  • Wymiary metryczne: 2; 2,5; 3; 4; 4,5; 5,5; 6; 8 i 10mm
  • Podwójna końcówka

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4 z 5 gwiazdek
75 recenzji

Dane techniczne

Rozmiar napędu 2 / 2,5 / 3 / 4 / 4,5 / 5 / 5,5 / 6 / 8 / 10 mm
Rodzaj napędu Sześciokątne
Wykończenie Satyna chrom
Wykończenie rękojeści głównej Plastikowe
Hartowane Tak
Waga 0,950 kg
Zakres 2- 10 mm
Rodzaj Sześciokątne


Kluczowe funkcje

Stal chromowo-wanadowa. Podwójna końcówka kluczy sześciokątnych z uchwytem typu T. W wymiarach metrycznych: 2; 2,5; 3; 4; 4,5; 5,5; 6; 8 i 10 mm.

Zawartość pudełka

  • 1 x Stojak montażowy
  • 10 x Kluczy sześciokątnych z uchwytem typu T

Oceny klientów

Przez William


Great for gransons bikes and scooters not having to search out Alan keys they are all in a line ready to go worth the money just to save the time searching in tool box great product

Przez Jack


Great variety or sizes, and don’t seem to flex.

Przez Daniel Masters


Great set of Hex Keys, using for Mountain Biking Maintenance. Helpful stand that fits well on a workbench.

Przez Jason


Love them. Although the short end could do with being a bit longer.

Przez John Lancaster


These are a fantastic buy and so much easier to use than a normal hex key without handle. For the price, I thought they would twist and bend at the first attempt at a tight fixing, but I have been using them on various size bolts and they are still looking good. It would be nice if they had a ball end, but that''s a bit cheeky at this price. All in all, a nice bit of kit.

Przez Bas


Strong set off tools for a good price.

Przez Charles Pickering


Excellent bit of kit well worth the money used them twice now and nice stand for them to sit in.

Przez Markus Hpoelzl


I bought this set to repair and inspect circulation pumps. Most of the time i need SW4 and the work is very easy because of the ergonomic handle. All of the Keys fit perfectly to modern screws and do no damage even if the screws are thight. I can definitely recommend buying this nice set of T-Handle Hex Keys. It will be a good friend for lot of DIY projects,

Przez Paul Callaghan


This is the best allen key set I have ever had. Very well made and good construction. Has a handy wall mountable holder for easy storage. All in all a great purchase.

Przez Mike


I lost a standard allen key in the long grass so was looking for something to replace it. These are bright blue and easy to see when I drop them in the grass!

Przez David Davies


I brought these as I work on a lot of Motorcycles, these I must say are brilliant!! Handles good and strong you great great torque for undoing most bolts. Stand really good

Przez Jason


Do exactly what they should, had no problems so far. The smaller keys have a bit more flex to them than I''d like, and annoyingly the size labels on the rack don''t line up with the actual keys, so it can be a bit of a guessing game which one you''re getting.

Przez Michael beck


Very good value for the price very strong and perfect if you have a bolt that''s deep in a car door panel.

Przez Dan Rosenfeld


Just received my set of Silverline hex tools in the post and they are great. Strong and robust and easy to store in the rack that they come in. I’ll be using them mainly on mine and my children’s bikes. Great purchase.

Przez Paulo Costa


This kit has great quality and great grip on the hand to take screws out, very nice kit to work on bikes and cars.

Przez Martin lynn


Bought the full set of hex keys and they’re awesome. The little holder they come in screed straight into the van so they’re at hand when I need them. They’ve got every size you need not like some sets that are cheap because they skip a few. What you pay for what you get is brilliant. Totally recommend.

Przez Aron Benke


I could not be more satisfied.

Przez John Mason


Hex keys with handles make the job so easy ,should of purchased a set years ago. Silver line tools are great value and good quality tools. Has saved me time in the first week.

Przez Alec Watson


Silverline Hex key t-handles - great value for money and a lifetime guarantee to boot, you cant go wrong. Helped me dismantle motorcycle brakes no worries. For the price, 5 stars.

Przez Piet Commeren


Voor dit geld een mooi en degelijk product

Przez Rob S


Excellent hex key set. Comfortable handles and precise solid construction too. The holder has holes designed specifically for each key so you don’t get them mixed up. Also it can be wall mounted or stood on your bench. Both ends of the keys are proper hex finish and not the ball type, which I my opinion never gives a satisfactory a fit. Overall a great purchase at an amazing price.

Przez Brian Allington


Excellent product just what I needed, have recommended it to a number of like minded people. good price great delivery.

Przez Nathan Evans


Great set, Well priced and highly durable. Definitely Reccomend!

Przez Matthew Vince


Bought these tools to aid my lutherie; they deliver in every way. Their sturdy structure mean I can turn a trus rod without the risk of tearing up the hex socket. What I like most is the long reach and t-handle, this allows me to fit in between guitar strings and also have great leverage. Would recommend these for any auto repairs too as the length and opportunity to gain torque would be a massive help. If I find a need for them in my garage I may purchase a 2nd set that can get dirty seen as they are a fairly inexpensive tool.

Przez PW


I''ve seen good reviews regarding the Silverline tools especially these T-Handle hex keys. I do a lot of DIY and have found these to be an excellent set as they have the intermediate sizes of hex i.e. 2.5, 3.5 etc. Often you don''t get these included. They were a good price too. I was pleased to find that they had a lifetime guarantee - easy to register them on the Silverline site.

Przez Chris


these are great hex keys hard wearing and with the added hex key in the handle they are very handy, another great #SliverlineTools product

Przez Ash


These are cheap enough for a set, it would be helpful if there was a 1.5mm version like other similarly priced sets. However, these hex keys are really much larger than I expected. For the larger keys this is necessary, but for smaller keys the size really gets in the way if you are trying to use them in a tight space. I had to buy an additional smaller hex key set after these arrived because these ones were too big to fit in the gap that I needed. I''ve kept this set anyway because they are sturdy and have a wallmount.

Przez Russell Gascoigne


Light weight but feel strong enough and an excellent price. Happy purchaser.

Przez Russell Gascoigne


Compfy in the hand, seem solid and a good price.

Przez Geoff Ellam


I bought this set because you get two tools in one, which comes in very handy having long and short hex keys, ideal for those stubborn hex bolts. The handle is comfortable to use, it comes with a useful stand, so it''s easily noticeable if you have placed one down somewhere, which encourages you to put away you''re tools.

Przez Pete


I''m really pleased with this hex key set. They were a fraction of the cost of other sets, and in some cases, only as much as individual hex keys. Ok - the handles might not be those soft grip tactile handles, but they seem robust, fit for purpose and backed by a lifetime guarantee. You can''t really ask more for a £7 set...apart from them throwing in a stand for them!! A nice extra bonus for the workshop.

Przez Gareth williams


Used these wrenches few times now good honest tools priced correctly and with the lifetime warranty you would be crazy to look elsewhere than silver line tools

Przez andrew silvers


fantastic value for money,silverline all the way.....

Przez Robert Primrose


Bought set of hex Allen keys, they were excellent value for money,very well made and strong material, good handles which gives you a nice grip and very easy to work with. I have used silver line tools before and find them all excellent. Would recommend to any DIY enthusiasts.

Przez James black


well happy with quality product for great of all lifetime warranty! ! I will now always buy silverline instead of other big brand names in the mtb tool world..

Przez Craig o


I''ve used these for a few weeks now and they are better than many more expensive brands that i have purchased in the past Looks great feels solid well worth the the money 😁

Przez Richard Sellers


An excellent set of Allen Hex keys enabled me to fix the item in No time. The T-Handle could do with being a bit longer otherwise it worked fine. That''s for extra leverage and to make ir easier on the wrists.

Przez Gary Williams


Great set of T-Bars! I'll be using on my motorbikes and bicycles.

Przez Anibal


Es un kit de 10 llaves Allen con mango hergonómico,resistente y de buena calidad. Son muy resistentes y manejables a simple vista parece que no vayan a aguantar un gran esfuerzo pero al usarlas ves que aguantan muy bien y cómodas. Traen un soporte simple y muy eficaz ya que lo atornillas al banco y tienes todas las llaves ordenadas y a mano. Sin duda un articulo calidad-precio inmejorable.

Przez Henri Thake


Whilst these tools are not the most expensive, they are great for the job and with the warranty offered it is clear that Silverline are confident in their longevity

Przez Anibal


Al principio no estaba convencido pero despues de usarlas he visto que la calida-precio es inmejorable, mago ergonómico y cómodo. Las pumtas se ven un poco toscas y parece q no vayan a aguantar mucho,tras el uso veo que aguantan con firmeza. A de más tienen garantía ilimitada y las recomiendo 100%

Przez Tim


A great 10 Peace set of T-Handled Hex Keys,, Great for the price with a Lifetime Guarantee, you can''''t go wrong.

Przez Nathan


Great product, exceptional value for money. I woukd definitely recommend!

Przez Dan Campling


Great little Allen set, ideal for working on push bikes and trials bikes - great value

Przez Dawn


Bought these for my son as a gift to use whilst doing Mechanic Course. Just great for this an excellent piece of equipment at a great price. Would recommend this product.

Przez Geoff Thomas


Very easy to use and do the job very well

Przez Paul Shaw


I bought these Allen Keys as a present for a young (15) mechanic as he was complaining that the Allen Key set he had was not up to the job. Upon receiving them, I was impressed by how well they were manufactured for the price. Needless to say I ordered another set for him and kept this set for my self. So far I have used them on countless jobs and they are still as good as new!! The only problem I can see is how to stop my work mates pinching them for their toolkits!!!

Przez Dan Lewington


I have loads of sets of high end tools at work but needed a set of Allen keys for home to work on my push bikes. These are ideal, every size you will need are in the set and they are easily accessible with the supplied stand. The metal is good quality and is suitably hardened so there shouldn''''t be a problem with the ends rounding off in normal use. I always check the hardness on new tools with a needle file and won''''t use them if they are soft. These are not ball ended, just the normal flat end. The handles are hard plastic but are still comfortable to use. I bought from Amazon at a really good price, 8 times cheaper than the equivalent Park Tools set. Highly recommended

Przez Walter


What can you say about a Set Hex Key T-Handle Allen Keys which does the Job Perfectly ? Comfortable to your Hands Excellent Grip, Does the Job Perfectly , Lifetime Guarantee at a very good Price. Excellent Product

Przez cliff chiverton


good selection of sizes should cover everything I need moulding finish on handles a bit rough but for the price you don''''t get rolls Royce smooth do a good job though used nearly every day on my job see how they do in the future

Przez Gordon Milton


This is a well made and designed tool set and all at a very reasonable price. I''''ll certainly be looking to getting more from Silverline.

Przez Larry


The Hex Key Handle Set is quite simply a brilliant excellent value for money, quality tools that are perfect for the mechanic and jobs alike.These are simply one of the best alternative branded tools that you could want in your tool chest/box. I have now purchased other Silverline tools and found those also to be of great quality and match quality, power and above all cheaper than those of the top brands - Furthermore Silverline is a brand I definitely recommend and trust.

Przez Ryan Cooper


Ordered these off Amazon. They are perfect for everyday use. The only situation they may not be suitable for is for super high torque applications. Other than that at the money they sell for, these are an essential item in any tool box, would recommend to friends.

Przez Dave


Great set of allen keys especially with the T handle. Helped me strip and rebuild my bike with ease and no rounded screws - or keys. Great product

Przez Simon Wasley


Great product and price always but Silverline where possible

Przez Luca Lugli


Good object

Przez Alfonso


This Hex Key Set is very usefull, you can apply all your arm strength without making and injure to your hand.

Przez norman lynch


they stand nicely on my bench, making it handy to reach for them when working on my bike. The sizes cover all the parts on the bike - so " they do what it says on the tin"

Przez Roy Flint


Great product at a brilliant price, got these for my Cycle build/maintenance jobs and they are spot on. Only thing stopping them getting 5*''s is a lack of a ball end. Would recommend them any day.

Przez Ian Martin


As a cheap set this does the job, I had to return the 2 mm bit as it had rounded, a new set was sent to me. I haven''t used the new 2 mm bit yet, stuck with the old fashioned allen key for the small size - just in case!

Przez Dan


The set of keys is super strong, I''ve had no issues at all with them starting to round off even under some very high pressures. Would thoroughly recommend

Przez Martin Smith


Unlike cheaper hexagonal keys that ''round'' on first use these keys do the job. Well pleased with the hex key T-handle set 10pce.

Przez Adam gipp


This product was spot on one of the best I''ve ever seen so so happy with it thanks

Przez Adam B


These were purchased to work on a mountain bike and a car but have come in handy in lots of other places. They are strong, very comfortable to use and with the warranty I would recommend there to anyone.

Przez Jake Taylor


Great little set in a handy stand. Quality is good for the price although the sizes are a little small fitting. As before, great at this price. Nice and sturdy tools with a good look and feel. Would be great if they had ball ends, that would make them 5 stars!! Would highly recommend for the home DIY mechanic or handyman ☺☺

Przez John Watton


A very useful bit of kit it saves all the fiddling about with Allen keys

Przez Richard


Good quality product for a great price. Have a few silverline tools now, use them weekly and they stand up to the use.

Przez Surinder Chagger


Brilliant hex keys with moulded handles, this lets you use extra force when trying to undo stiff hex bolts and easier on the hands too!

Przez Eric Taylor


brilliant product and excellent value

Przez P. F. Andres


The right tool, does the job. Strong and good quality. Works every time.

Przez Paul Keward


Without realizing it Silverline have in the Hex T-Handle Set the ideal tool for people like me who have extreem difficulty using hand tools of any kind. I am spinal injured with broken neck and am clasified as tetraplegic. I am always searing for tools I can use and this fits the bill. If it is good for me then it must be good for the able bodied as well. A great tool set at a fantastic price. I always review tools I buy measured against my limited physical ability 5* to me means 10* really

Przez Marc


The tools are good and resistant and the prize is very cheap

Przez John Gratton


Was after a set of these to replace my old ones, these have proved. To be excellent in daily use in my trade as an electrician

Przez David Draper


I purchased this T Handle Hex Set over 12 months ago for working primarily on bikes (mountain, road and motorcycles) and some work on cars. For that period it has been my go to set of hex heads. Overall, all offer a good solid bite on the majority of bolts and screws. Some of the smaller sizes are a ''touch'' small and on cheaper screws can slip. The set has been reliable at a great price. I would recommend as a good set for the home mechanic.

Przez Ben


Great seat of tools for maintenance of my everyday bike

Dożywotnia gwarancja

Silverline Zestaw kluczy sześciokątnych typu T, 10 szt. oferuje 30 dniową gwarancję począwszy od daty zakupu, pokrywając szkody spowodowane wadliwym materiałem bądź wadą produkcyjną. Ponadto rejestrując produkt online otrzymają Państwo Dożywotnia gwarancję.

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