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Pilarka taśmowa 350 W 190 mm

350 W

€ 181.15 BEZ VAT

  • Maksymalna głębokość cięcia; 80 mm, rozmiar płytki 190 mm
  • Silnik indukcyjny 350 W
  • Duży stabilny stół 300 x 300mm ze szczelina typu T
  • Rególowany stół z zakresem od 0-45°
  • W komplecie: brzeszczot 1425 mm (6 TPI), prowadnica, port odsysania pyłu

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Dane techniczne

Moc 350 W
Maksymalna głębokość cięcia 80 mm
Prędkość bez obciążenia 1450 obr./min
Waga 15,3 kg
Rozmiar blatu 300 x 300 mm
Maksymalna głębokość cięcia 80 mm

Instrukcje obsługi

Kluczowe funkcje

Pilarka taśmowa z mozliwocią montażu do stołu warsztatowego, mocny silnik indukcyjny 350 W. Szerokość cięcia: 190 mm; głębokość cięcia; 80 mm. Regulowany stół z zakresem od 0-45°. Blokada prowadnicy do cięc prostych oraz prowadnica do cięć ukośnych. Prędkość bez obciążenia 1450 obr./min. Brzeszczot 1425 mm z 6 TPI (zębów na cal). Wymiary stołu: 300 x 300 mm. W zestawie: port odsysania pyłu, klucz sześciokątny oraz popychacz.

Zawartość pudełka

  • 1 x Pilarka taśmowa 350
  • 1 x Pomiar skosu
  • 1 x Metalowy hak
  • 3 x Klucze sześciokątne
  • 1 x Uchwyt blokady stołu
  • 1 x Stół roboczy
  • 1 x Prowadnica
  • 1 x Popychacz
  • 1 x Podkładka płaska
  • 1 x Instrukcja obsługi

Oceny klientów

Przez Francesco F


Good tool

Przez John L


I did take some time making the decision to buy this, at the end of the day all you can read the specs, compare prices and read the reviews and base your purchase on this and then hope. The reason I went for this one was two fold, firstly the reviews were good and secondly I have a surprising amount of Silverline products around and about and they''ve all served well. This arrived in the Canary Islands after four weeks, well packaged and undamaged. It is well constructed with a excellent adjustment options and a heavy cast base. I use this mainly for model making and it produced great quality thin softwood strips. Very pleased. The only niggle was the manual. Its A5 in size and for me, unreadable as the typeface is too small. I ended up downloading one and making it x2 size.

Przez peter e


nice saw

Przez David G


I think it is a very good saw, easy to set up. It cuts very straight. A very good buy!

Przez David


Well the first one to arrive was DoA so not a good start but Amazon as efficient as ever had a replacement with me the next day which a quick check seemed fine. Fast forward a couple of weeks and time to use it in anger, first cut clean accurate and quiet, so to cuts 2 and 3 (nothing heavy just a 20mm thick ash plank) push the power switch and nothing, dead as a doornail again. On its way back to Amazon tomorrow and won''t be replacing it with another Silverline bandsaw. and one star is one more than it deserves. Disappointing as the mechanical Silverline tools I have are fine and good value but seems electrical ins''t so good.

Przez David


A good little band-saw that is plenty enough for my occasional needs. cuts well and quiet operation, looses one star as the the fist one I got was dead on arrival which is a little annoying for a brand new item.

Przez Franksy


This is an excellent little saw and suits my need perfectly well. I make chopping boards and needed a band saw. For the money its worth every penny! I use 2" wood and this saw is ideal. Well done Silverline!!

Przez Martin K


I was pleasantly suprised at how good this little saw is for around £100. Once set up it produced nice straight cuts through hard wood 2" thick.. The fence is a bit fiddly and needs a a bit of time to set it up, but otherwise I''m very happy.

Przez Helena P


My Dad loves the Bandsaw that I bought him for Christmas. Hes already been to the woodyard and got lots of wood to practice. Hes also bought a book for ideas as to what he can make. The saw us very well made and comes with extensive instructions. Thank you!

Przez Steve


On the looks of it it seems to be a very sturdy and well built band-saw , but when you have a closer look there are lots of things that could have been more refined and made to be more sturdy , the band saw will not cut in a straight line and will cut banana shaped objects all day . Try to get the saw blade tension-ed tight enough to eliminate blade run out and either the tracking will not stay in place or as soon as you start cutting it jumps off the drive wheel, the bottom guide for the blade is only two hardened pins and nothing to stop the blade wandering if any weight is applied to the blade, This saw could have been a lot better and I''m thinking of returning mine and asking for my money back POOR !

Przez Charles P


Delivered,unpacked,pieces assembled wait stop,is that all,assembled so easily I was looking for more pieces.Good weight stands on work bench bolt holes ready for bolts to keep the bandsaw immovable and safe for use.A manual easy to read and understand follow the instructions to years of safe use.That''s it get your own now and enjoy like me.

Przez Cameron A


I found the assembly and setup instructions not easy to follow. I emailed Silverline for help but got no reply. But this said, I am satisfied with the product.

Przez Brian W


Such a shame.With a little more care this gem could have been just that, but, poor quality control lets this potential star down. 1. Top blade guides. The holes that take the pin guides are of different sizes and, out of alignment, so do not allow the guide to be set correctly. 2. Wheels and tyres. Out of true, so vibration, wobble, and poor cut result. I''m going to put a vid on you-tube soon just so you can see the points I mention. And I''ll probably be contacting Silverline too! This is such a shame as for the money it would be a steal. I have owned other Silverline tools in the past and have never come across such a situation, and so when looking for a bandsaw I had no hesitation in purchasing a Silverline product.

Przez David B


Apart from a minor issue the bandsaw does what I require for light to medium-weight DIY uses. The issue was the securing knobs on the hinged cover which had a loose fit and fell off the spindles during use, and would not undo or re- tighten the threaded screws - resolved by using epoxy glue to secure them to the screws. There was a slot in the outer end of the screw (for using a screwdriver), but this was not mentioned in the instruction booklet and not really practical.

Przez Ray D


Great machine, arrived with easy to set up instructions , but was virtually ready to go. Very versatile and cuts a range of soft and hard woods. Very pleased with my purchase

Przez Alan


Splendid machine

Przez John F


Nice little saw. My first band saw and I was looking forward to using it. Sadly no matter what I did I couldn''t get it to cut in a straight line unless I was cutting wood thinner than about 6mm. Anything thicker and you stood no chance. However, I bought a new 3/8 blade and it''s great. Not quite as manoeuvrable as a 1/4 blade but not too bad. An OK saw for a beginner but not for a serious user.

Przez Mike H


This is a great addition to a small workshop. It is very easy to set up and use. The maximum width of cut is quite sufficient for 99% of projects. It has served me well for over a year now. Very good value for the price. I would recommend it to anyone.

Przez Robert L


I bought this saw through a series of requirements. It was the right size, the dight sort of price, and as I''m a firm believer in using things to their fullest extent, I''d already made sure that I could get blades that would cut metal. basically, It works absolutely fine. I''ve broken one bladeintwelve months, and I''ve discovered that if you check the set up before you use it, it does exactly what it says on the box, and a bit more besides. all in all, well worth it, and highly recommended

Przez Nic Q


The saw is excellent but the blades are rubbish. If you replace the blades with Draper blades it is a very good bandsaw

Przez Patrick s


Excellent value. Does exactly what I need and very easy to use.

Przez Douglas C


Well made,does the job, and should last a lifetime

Przez Tony


Great bandsaw for cutting circles in one direction or cutting bananas. Not much good for straight cuts though

Pytania klientów

What is the height and width of this product?
Product dimensions are height: 440mm; length: 355mm; and width: 225mm 
What is the chuck capacity?
This drill has a 13mm keyed chuck capacity and is compatible with mortice bits
Does this run off mains power?
Yes, the product runs off mains power.
What is the smallest drill bit this drill press can take?
the smallest is a 1.5mm drill bit
Can this be used to cut metal or glass?
This machine has been designed to cut wood, light and soft metals, and plastic. Cutting tough metal or glass is not recommended
Can the cutting speed be adjusted?
There is no variable speed on this model
How big is this product?
Height is 700mm. Table size is 300 x 300mm. Product 15.1kg
What is the guarantee on this product?
All Silverline power tools come with a three year guarantee. All you have to do is register your product here,

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Silverline Pilarka taśmowa 350 W 190 mm oferuje 30 dniową gwarancję począwszy od daty zakupu, pokrywając szkody spowodowane wadliwym materiałem bądź wadą produkcyjną. Ponadto rejestrując produkt online otrzymają Państwo 3 letnia gwarancję.

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