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Szlifierka taśmowa 810 W, 76 mm

810 W

€ 61.18 BEZ VAT

  • Regulacja mechanizmu prowadzenia
  • Odczepiana torba na pył
  • Ergonomiczna główna i przednia rękojeść
  • Klamry odwrócenia do montażu na stole roboczym
  • W zestawie: 2 taśmy bezkońcowe, arkusz szlifierski, 2 zaciski, port odsysania pyłu oraz worek na pył

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32 recenzji

Dane techniczne

Ekstrakcja pyłu Tak
Wykończenie Plastikowe
Stopień ochrony IPX0
Moc 810 W
Rozmiar taśmy szlifierskiej 75 x 533 mm
Prędkość bez obciążenia 250 obr./min
Waga 2,85 kg

Instrukcje obsługi

Kluczowe funkcje

Narzędzie przeznaczone do średnio zaawansowanego szlifowania oraz szybkiego usuwania materiału. Wrażliwy na nacisk, spust z blokadą oraz dźwignia z szybkim zwolnieniem taśmy. Łatwe wyrównanie taśmy szlifierskiej, dokładne prowadzenie zaś zwiększa długość eksploatacji pasa. Ergonomiczna główna i przednia rękojeść. Odczepiana torba na pył oraz klamry odwrócenia, pomagają do montażu szlifierki na stole roboczym. Taśma szlifierska 76 x 533 mm.

Zawartość pudełka

  • 1 Szlifierka taśmowa 810 W
  • 1 x Bezkońcowy pas szlifierski P80
  • 1 x Bezkońcowy pas szlifierski P100
  • 1 x Worek na pył
  • 1 x Arkusz szlifierski
  • 2 x Zaciski
  • 1 x Instrukcja obsugi

Oceny klientów

Przez Gerry R


only just arrived sander appears to remove excess easily but found difficulty fixing to bench as there are no instructions showing the correct holes where to clamp it down.

Przez Steven L


Good machine, can''t fault it. Easy to swap belts and adjust tracking if necessary. Like the option to invert and clamp down when sanding small pieces. Belts easily unclogged with a rubber belt cleaner.

Przez Dennis B


This Sander as been very usefull with my reclaming timber and bringing it back to usable wood, Easy to use and not to heavy when working, Good price and quality,

Przez Darren R


This is an awesome bit of kit. I purchased it after having bought the planer and loving it. It took a little practice on some scrap wood first to know how much pressure to apply as i didnt want any gouging. I also had a practice on different grit belts to see which moved the right amount of stock for the job i had. Once i got my eye in it was very easy and made quick work of removing the finish on my old kitchen table before i used a random orbit sander to finish it off. Havent tried the inversion clamps yet but im sure they will be handy.



Very good purchase especially with extra belts included and also a clamp with the sander

Przez jack r


the belt sander is a great michine and it is strong and sterdy and with the 3 year garente you can not go rong I recomend the belt sander to all

Przez Alan T


Good sander for the money

Przez Dennis R


Very good tool for the serious diyer. Light and easy to use.

Przez Peter C


bought this to hap make light work of sanding hard wood for making some decorative items. Works well and seems to be efficient and powerful enough for most jobs. Had a question about the inverted use and bench mounting but that was quickly answered

Przez David K


Great little belt sander that works really well with course and fine grain sanding, it''''s light so easy to use and quiet too, so very pleased with this purchase and would recommend!

Przez KGFisher


As a retired carpenter and joiner i did not expect to much from this tool as i have had and used many more powerful and much more expensive belt sanders in my time.That said i am pleasently surprised and would recommend the above wholeheartedly.

Przez Justin D


A very good and powerful sander. Good size and weight for most jobs. The inversion plate for bench mounting is a great idea and makes this sander really versatile.

Przez Peter J


Good basic belt sander with the additional benefit of included clamps that hold the sander on a bench upside down for even greater uses such as sharpening things and grinding small objects, -A well thought out product

Przez Alan F





Very usefull tool not only as a belt sander but as a linisher allowing good control .You can also use the end part as a roller sander letting you shape wood easily.The belt stays put in use and does not try to come off. Very good value and the belts are readily available.

Przez ALAN F


great tool comes in handy for loads of jobs thanks

Przez Ian H


Good value machine that works fine. Like the idea of including the clamping kit to tie it down to a bench. Comfortable to use with a good supply of belts also included.

Przez Robert s


Makes ideal bench linisher as well being very good at medium sanding tasks

Przez jane c


Really great product, does exactly what is needed. Good price as well.

Przez Robert s


Have used sander several times both by hand and on bench and up to now I am very impressed with this power tool

Przez jane c


Very good tool, does exactly what it says on the box. Really good value. Light and easy.

Przez Paul D


Considering the value of this thing, it''s managed to sand back our parquet flooring and then some! Dust collection is excellent, belt has never slipped and it just keeps going! Very impressed.

Przez John R


Great sander great power get a good arm workout

Przez Stephen G


This belt sander is an excellent quality machine it comes with a bench mount kit included compared with other brands where you have to purchase these as extras making this a very versatile tool

Przez John R


Good power does the job so far very happy

Przez Russell G


Dreadful main motor barings have failed after 18 months of light use. Got to say i''m well disapointed as i''ve not had a problem with silverline products before.

Przez Robert S


This sander appears to be robust and does a good job at a fair price. The one issue is that the website for spares informs me I do not have authority to purchase spares!

Przez Syd B


Great piece of kit at a reasonable price, just what I was looking for, I believe Silverline Tools are very good, also the prices are very good. Keep up the good work Silver Line

Przez Andrew L


I have given this a good work out and worn out half a dozen sanding belts. I(t does just what it says on the tin. The tracking control works very well, everything is put together well. I can''t find anything not to like!

Przez morin


Morin très bon produit un peu lourd mais très content je le conseil

Przez keith s


Good product , Good price, Very robust and effective, quite heavy but should be manageable for most people. would recommend this product.Would buy again.

Przez Lawrence


My first sander and what a solid bit of kit for the price easy belt alignment and a bonus having the option to flip this upside down with the clamps supplied makes work so much easier couldn''t have ask for more

3 letnia gwarancja

Silverline Szlifierka taśmowa 810 W, 76 mm oferuje 30 dniową gwarancję począwszy od daty zakupu, pokrywając szkody spowodowane wadliwym materiałem bądź wadą produkcyjną. Ponadto rejestrując produkt online otrzymają Państwo 3 letnia gwarancję.

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