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Tester świec iskrowych

270 mm

€ 7.93 BEZ VAT

  • Umożliwia połączenie pomiędzy świecą a przewodem zapłonowym
  • Jasno wskazywane funkcje układu zapłonowego

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19 recenzji

Dane techniczne

Sposób zacisku Wciśnij złącze na świecę zapłonową
Wykończenie Chromowane / plastik
Tworzywo kon. drugorzędnej Stal
Tworzywo końcówki Stal
Waga 0,062 kg

Kluczowe funkcje

Umożliwia połączenie pomiędzy świecą a przewodem zapłonowym aby zapewnić jasno wskazywane funkcje układu zapłonowego.

Zawartość pudełka

  • 1 x Tester świec iskrowych

Oceny klientów

Przez Jeroen


A simple but great tool to check if your ignition generates enough spark. The brighter the tester is lit, the more spark it measures. Simple but effective.

Przez Scott M


Highly recommend this product great value for money.

Przez Alexander N


Everything works! fast delivery!

Przez Derek H


Can''t fault this product. Excellent value for money, does exactly what I was looking for and quality is as good as far more expensive brands.

Przez Richard T


Tester didn''t work

Przez Michael C


simple and easy to use

Przez pip


simple & easy to use

Przez Nick E


Bought this because of problems starting my chainsaw. In theory this is exactly the tool I needed - for a visual check to see if there actually is a spark being generated. - my chainsaw has plastic surrounds so no convenient metal to rest the plug on to check for spark. Reality is there is not much slack in the HT lead (this is Stihl chainsaw) and becasue of the ''probe'' length on this tool, it only just reached. So if the ''probe'' (metal end) was shorter and the HT lead end was slightly longer, this would have been better for me. The other thing about this is that when the lamp does glow (indicating spark is being generated) it is a bit dull - very hard to see in daylight. So the tool does what it is supposed to, but the above two issues made it difficult for me to use (on the chainsaw). It is a good price though.

Przez Paul B


Does the job for what I need

Przez Tony i


I purchased the ignition spark tester because I currently run a tool hire depot and it saves so much time just plugging on the tester than removing the full plug and I love it tells you that everything works from the first pull of the pull cord to the ignition of the fuel its great.

Przez Peter H


This plug tester works just right for me. I tend to use it on my classic MG Midget when I have problems and it helps me to eliminate faults. Great buy.

Przez Steve B


Since buying this I have used it several times. It has worked flawlessly every time and has helped save me a wad of cash by helping to diagnose problems myself. It makes it easy to see if you are getting a spark without having to hold a loose spark plug and lead against an earthing point. A great, useful and worthwhile addition to my toolbox.

Przez Alastair C


Excellent product easy to use worked perfect and easy to use. Would recommend

Przez Steven N


Bought this to quickly identify if my spark plug on my lawnmower was good. You need to be in the shade or inside your shed to see the spark.

Przez neil c


This device fits between the HT lead and the spark plug and shows whether a spark exists. If the spark is present but the engine won''t fire it will suggest a timing or fuel supply problem. The device is not a spark plug tester as the absence of a spark could be a plug or HT problem.

Przez Mary S


This ignition spark tester has helped us in many ways & has been able to help us with our diagnosis on our motor problems without having to involve taking it to mechanics.

Przez Peter O


Brilliant bit of kit, enabled me to solve the problem promptly. Everything running smoothly again.

Przez Leslie


Does as it says. Colour of spark (if you get one) indicates the richness of the petrol mixture. Difficult to see spark if in sunlight so I did have problems checking the mower.

Przez Paul s



3 letnia gwarancja

Silverline Tester świec iskrowych oferuje 30 dniową gwarancję począwszy od daty zakupu, pokrywając szkody spowodowane wadliwym materiałem bądź wadą produkcyjną. Ponadto rejestrując produkt online otrzymają Państwo 3 letnia gwarancję.

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