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Zestaw szczypiec zaciskowych samoblokujących,3 szt.

3 szt.

€ 18.08 BEZ VAT

  • Mocny samozaciskowy mechanizm
  • Stal niklowana
  • Regulowane otwieranie szczęk
  • Dźwignia do szybkiego luzowania
  • Dwukolorowy uchwyt Softgrip

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24 recenzji

Dane techniczne

Rozpiętość - szczęk 15, 30, 55 mm
Wykończenie Niklowane
Wykończenie rękojeści głównej TPR
Hartowane Szczęki - minimum 42 HRC
Sposób regulacji Przykręcane, szybkiego zwolnienia
Waga 0,157 kg, 0,341 kg, 0,483 kg

Kluczowe funkcje

Szczypce z zaokrąglonymi szczękami, niklowane. Regulowane otwieranie szczęk oraz uchwyty Softgrip z dźwignią szybkiego luzowania. Zestaw zawiera rozmiary 130, 170 i 210 mm.

Zawartość pudełka

  • Szczypce zaciskowe, samoblokujące , Softgrip, 130, 170 i 210 mm

Oceny klientów

Przez Mike H


This review probably sounds more like a medical dissertation than my thoughts on a set of self-locking pliers, but please bear with me; all will be revealed. Some time ago, I was diagnosed with a horrid condition called Dupuytren''s Contracture. Simply put, the disease causes pea-like nodules to grow under the skin of the palms and fingers. These nodules eventually join up to form cords. The result? Over time, your fingers slowly pull into the centre of your hand. Eventually, the nails dig into the palms, and your hands are permanently making fists that cannot be unmade. There are treatments for Dupuytren''s; surgery, chemotherapy... they have varying degrees of success. And this is where the set of three self-locking pliers comes in. Due to other disabilities I don''t get out much, so I have to content myself with engaging in stimulating hobbies. Essentially, I repair and restore things; rusty old toys, old board games, ancient kitchen utensils - pretty much anything which looks as if, with a bit TLC, it could be taken off life support and enjoy an extended and useful life. But tools are often a big problem for people with dupuytren''s. Gripping hand tools can be a nightmare, to the point where many people just give up. But all is not doom and gloom. If manufacturers invest more in design technology, things can improve. But it isn''t just about improving the efficiency of tools - its about making it easier for people to interface with the tools themselves. Let me give you an example: As someone with Dupuytren''s, its no good me buying a pair of great-quality pliers if I can''t pick them up or squeeze the grips together without being in pain. Actually, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety has a great page on its website:( The page discusses the crucial importance of ergonomic tool design for health. There is a specific section on ''''crushing, gripping or cutting tools''''. Okay; so how do my three pairs of Silverline self-locking pliers measure up? Extremely well, actually. The large grip is straight, and the small grip only has a very slight curvature. My old pliers had very curved handles, and the effect of this was to place more pressure on the Dupuytren''s nodules in the centre of my palms than on those around the periphery. This was painful. But the straight handles of the Silverline pliers avoid this problem for me, because the pressure is spread much more evenly. Another problem with poor quality pliers is that the grips are often made from badly moulded, hard plastic. Excess flashing from the moulding process can leave sharp points which may dig into the palms and fingers - a minor irritation to some, perhaps, but not if you have Dupuytren''s Contracture. The grips on my Silverline pliers are perfect: firm enough, but also just pliable enough to be very comfortable. I also liked the fact that the pliers come in a set of three; As an amateur hobbyist with a number of disabilities - one of which causes chronic fatigue - its great when manufacturers make things easy. Having three different tools in one set which cover all eventualities - literally, ''''great and small'''' - makes a difference. The pliers have an extremely powerful lock - better than any others I''ve had - and require relatively little pressure to engage them into the locking position. They''re simply a good quality product, plain and simple, but for me, they''re so much more. Everyone''s experience of Dupuytren''s is different, and I can only offer my own testiomony, of course. I don''t think I''ve ever waxed lyrical about a set of self-locking pliers in my life, but for my Silverline ones, I''m very happy to make an exception.

Przez Trevor


Brought this set from Amazon not wanting to spend a fortune I picked Silverline as I have brought and used their tools before and were impressed with them.The set of grips are a good weight and seem to be well made and I recommend them

Przez Michael F


These pliers have replaced an old pair I purchased may years are ago and they represent excellent value for a 3 piece set. These are an improvement on my previous set because of the soft grip.

Przez John


very pleased with the quality for the price - not a full time mechanic and these will fill a hole in my toolbox not satisfied by the rest of my tools

Przez Steven A


great pc of kit with 3 sizes i have been able to do most DIY jobs , well made with good grip and release leaver

Przez Wojciech N


I bought first Silverline about 6 months ago. I was encouraged by the lifetime warranty and radialreasonable price. I was cautious as I never had Silverline before. I wasn''t dissapointed and slowly I''m replacing all tools for Silverline. This time it''s a set of pliers. As usually strong durable materials and tool simply does the job. After locking it it stays where it should be, has a proper grip. Highly recommended. Thanks

Przez Steve P


Delivery no bother, comfy and easy to use, no complaints and 5*, champion.

Przez Wojciech


pretty good quality. Nice and soft handles and jaws have a good grip.

Przez Tom D


Fabulous set of these locking pliers! Nicely made, and incredible value for money. Buy with confidence!

Przez Tom D


Fantastic value for money, and well made. Would recommend this product to anyone who needs good quality wrenches.

Przez John S


Ideal Third hand for most sizr of job

Przez Cees B


Complete, handy and a good quality



this product works perfectly for its use, nice product

Przez Nigel S


These grip pliers are well made and have the advantage of soft handles. They are excellent value for money. the first time you open them (from the factory setting) they require a firm press to release them bur after that they are fine.

Przez richard s


i use them at work for clamping jigs etc, its like having a extra pair of hands.

Przez Michael D


I bought these as I do a lot of work on my own when a second person would be a definite advantage. They are good, lock tight and are easy to fasten even when stretching.

Przez J.W.Mudd


Handy set of self locking "molegrip" types, good value for money.

Przez Graham B


Good quality, work well, would buy them again but I don''''t think I will have to.

Przez andrew r


I have found each of the pliers ideal for various gripping jobs. Very strong locking action and the design allowed for gripping onto various shaped objects. Very good value for money, comfortable in use and I am happy to recommend them. Good job.

Przez Nick


3 useful sized grips. Good quality, appear very well made. Enabled me to undo a nut I had spent a long time trying to loosen

Przez J


Good stuff,worth the money.

Przez Stephen


These pliers are just what I needed,being disabled I struggle with my grip this item helped me to counter this with the soft handles and the various sizes are ideal for any job large or small and the life time guarantee gives you peace of mind knowing they will be replaced if there are any issues

Przez Matthew


Great bit of kit at a very reasonable price

Przez Nathan


A good set does the job for what I need

Dożywotnia gwarancja

Silverline Zestaw szczypiec zaciskowych samoblokujących,3 szt. oferuje 30 dniową gwarancję począwszy od daty zakupu, pokrywając szkody spowodowane wadliwym materiałem bądź wadą produkcyjną. Ponadto rejestrując produkt online otrzymają Państwo Dożywotnia gwarancję.

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