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Cepillo de banco 1800 W

150 mm

€ 256.70 IVA no incluido

  • Profundidad de corte: 3 mm
  • Ancho de corte: 150 mm
  • Guía de corte ajustable entre 90° y 135°
  • Salida de extracción de polvo
  • Mecanismo para evitar el contragolpe

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Características técnicas

Ángulo ajustable 90° y 135°
Longitud de la hoja/disco 154,4 mm
Anchura de la hoja 1,8 mm
Acabado Metal pintado
Tamaño de la banda de lija Longitud: 154,4 mm, anchura: 1,8 mm
Velocidad sin carga 12.000 min-1
Peso 7,95 kg
Tiempo de trabajo máximo 10 minutos

Descripción del producto

Cepillo de banco eléctrico con base robusta indicado para utilizar con madera y plástico. Guía de corte ajustable entre 90° y 135° para utilizar con objetos irregulares. Salida de extracción de polvo para un entorno más limpio y seguro. Interruptor de parada de seguridad para mayor protección. Mecanismo para evitar el contragolpe. Profundidad de corte: 3 mm. Ancho de corte: 150 mm. Velocidad sin carga: 12.000 min-1.

Contenido en el embalaje

  • Cepillo de banco
  • Manual de instrucciones

Comentarios realizados por nuestros clientes

Por: John g


Excellent machine,cuts through the wood easily leaving a perfect finish. Easy to set up and simple to use even though the instructions where vague and and not very comprehensive

Por: Christopher T


I just love this planer so easy to use and very practical would highly recommend.

Por: Jeffrey E


Bought this planer as I wanted to start woodworking again as a hobby. Its easy to use and converts pallet wood into usable timber again as none of the pieces are bigger than the 15cm table on the planer. Good value for its price range.

Por: gary w


good piece of kit for the money and great for dressing up recycled timber. found the best results were when l cut the materials to size first then any slightly bowed material came into contact with the blades more evenly. 8/10

Por: w d


Hoi dit had ik veel eerder moeten doen werkt perfect

Por: Jan P


Robust for a small planet that can handle large piece of wood. Customer service is even better. The switched malfunctioned and I had a new one delivered free within 48 hours. Tops!

Por: S. W


Super bench planer, enough power to cope. Leaves a good finish. Would recommend

Por: Jan


Handy tool and was very happy with it for a few days - then suddenly, the start button doesn''t work anymore. The planer works when pushing the start button, but it won''t hold. As soon as I release the start button the planer stops. I assume a faulty piece I will have to replace. Aside from this problem - an excellent small tool that can handle big pieces of wood. So a bit disappointed. Hence, only 4 stars.

Por: David


If you have a few projects that you want to get out of the way this is a great little tool, sure its not an industrial thicknesser planer but neither is the price :-) and if you''re patient you''ll be amazed at the results. It helps to use the pictures as well as the instructions when building the fence but no real headache, the only bugbear for me was the port for dust collection as I had to build an adapter from B&Q plumbing parts to attach it to my vac.

Por: Vicente


Hola me gustaria saber si tambien se puede rebajar una madera por grosor de ancho.

Por: Paul W


Good value for money for a DIY bench top planer.

Por: George F


Lets face it you''re not going to get a top of the list planner at this price. That said I used this on some 3" x 2" timber the lengths were 4''6" and 3'' it did a great job on all 10 of them. Frankly I''m pleased with this machine. The only thing I would like to see improved is the fence, it should be horizontally moveable and a bit less flimsy. I am going to build a new one that will be more to my liking. I''m giving this nearly top marks for quality and top marks for value. Any hobby woodworker would find this tool very good and useful

Por: George F


This is extremely good value for money. I used it on some reclaimed timber that was very rough and ready. I wound up with two perfectly square sides ready to be planed to the thickness I required. This is a nice DIY product and I''m expecting to get a good few years work from it.

Por: Stephen H


I needed to reduce a number of 18mm boards down to 15mm thickness as part of a project to install safety gates in a three storey property. I am not easily impressed but have to state that the Silverline machine was brilliant. It took less than 10 minutes to convert the various pieces of wood and the machine is there ready to use on future projects. 100% satisfied.

Por: M D


Bought this planer a number of months ago. Tried to square up a piece of red deal but with very poor results results. I was quite peed off and through it to one side. Due to circumstances I didn''t get a chance to get back to it to find out what was wrong with it. This week took it out and using a straight edge and dial calipers I measured the relationship of the infeed table to the out feed table. From side to side it was off by 0.45 mm and lengthwise there was a discrepancy of 0.8 and 0.9 mm. I have been in toolmaking and design for over 50 years so I took the thing asunder to see if there was any method of adjustment - there was!!. Using trial and error I adjusted the table to a reasonable working degree. My View is that quality control and the factory was extremely hit and miss. The manufacturers would need to get their act together. I would not recommend buying this machine.

Por: Frederick J


Only used it once and l wish l had got one many years ago it is very nice tool to use thanks again John Dixon Norfolk

Por: Jeff J


Within 30 minutes of using this planer, there was a loud bang and the planer stopped working. On investigation the bottom had been pushed out of place and a white plastic cog was in bits.
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Garantía 3 años

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