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Saldatore 100 W


  • Adatto per lavori elettrici e in campo automobilistico
  • Per saldatura lieve, cavi dell'alta tensione e interventi decorativi
  • Gamma di temperatura 500 - 550°C
  • Fornito in dotazione con punta angolare

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Caratteristiche prodotto

Portata CA 220 - 250 V
Lunghezza cavo 1200 mm
Gamma tempertaura 500 - 550 °C
Intervallo\Capacità 500-550°C
Materiale - Punta Punta in rame placcato ferro / copertura di ferro spessa 0,2
Peso prodotto 0,240 kg

Caratteristiche chiave

Saldatore adatto per interventi elettrici e di tipo automobilistico, compresa saldatura lieve, cavi dell'alta tensione e interventi decorativi. Fornito in dotazione con punta angolare. Gamma di temperatura: 500-550°C.

Contenuto della scatola

  • 1 x schda dati di sicurezza
  • 1 x Saldatore 100 W

Valutazioni da parte dei clienti

da derek a


excellent quality, low price and 3 year warranty. What more could you want

da Adnaan


This product is excellent. In about 5-10 minutes it is ready to solder anything.

da Kevin F


I have had a few Soldering Irons of around 40/60 watt but on thicker items i found they struggled to melt exsisting soldered joints. The Silverline 100 watt version doesn''t struggle at all. The item is a bit bigger than my lower wattage irons but that i do not find an issue however Silverline could have have included a metal stand for the iron to rest it on. Perhaps Silverline should send me one out in the post.?

da Neil


Powerful machine with clean and pleasing design. The only drawback was I paid over the odds for it but that was my fault for not checking other prices

da Alex B


I needed this spldering iron for soldering items that need to be soldered in short tume and the tool I had was not powerful enough. I only noticed that a screw on the tip needed to be tightened after some time but this is not a problem.

da Alex


The 100 W soldering Iron is useful when I needed to solder in short time some items which cannot be heated too much such as rechargeable batteries. I also have a less powerful soldering Iron which i could not use in such cases.

da Dave C


Very good for use on the larger wires/terminals. Also has a good build quality about it. Very good for the price

da Rob


Good iron, does what it should

da John B


Wanted a bigger iron for a one off job and this was it good product good service 10/10

da Nick


I bought this soldering iron because I needed something that gets a lot of heat into thick wires quickly. It works well and my only issue so far is that after prolonged use the tip came loose and needed to be lightened up before I could continue to solder. Hopefully it won''t keep doing that because other than that it''s doing the job perfectly.

da Andy


Great product great price brilliant warranty does the job first time cheers

da Scott D


Needed a hot iron for outside work. Tried various ones in my stock but none were up to it. Bought this 100W silverline .... wow did it do the job!! Finished job in 10 mins. Brilliant

da Peter W


Got this iron to do stained glass work warms up quickly Would recommend for this work

da Phil L


I bought a 100w soldering iron at a great price. Better still I got a range of compatible tips that allow for any type of soldering need. The iron is well designed and made, using quality materials. Heating up time is very quick.

da Mie B


I do a lot of soldering, I haave a 50 volt iron and use this mains iron for quick jobs. It heats up quickly and the angle tip is hany

da Rodger L


This iron is good for medium sized jobs. It is quickly up to temperature. Very good for the price.

da Bill E


I needed a replacement soldering iron and it fitted the bill perfectly



This iron is Ideal for the medium size jobs, without having a bulky item to hold or position in tight spaces, once warmed up heat transfer is good and keeps retained.

da Tom w


Well worth the money superb


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