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400W Water Butt Pump

2500Ltr/hr UK

€ 56.70 Ex VAT

  • 13mm (1/2") quick-connect pump outlet
  • Can be submerged up to 7m & pump water to 12m above pump position
  • Pumps floating solids to maximum 3mm diameter
  • Float switch operation
  • Includes carrying handle, float switch, male quick connector & pipe assembly kit

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4 z 5 hvězdiček
23 recenze/í

Informace o produktu

Délka přívodního kabelu 10m
Connector Size 1/2"
Flow Rate 2500Ltr/hr
Výškový rozsah 0 - 12m
Třída IP IPX8
Max Head Height 1.5m
Max Submersion Depth 7m
Max Temperature 35°C
Maximum Pressure 0.7bar
Particle Capacity 3mm
Výkon 400W
Hmotnost 4.55kg
Bezpečnostní spínač Shut off depth
Objem 7m Immersion depth

Klíčové vlastnosti

400W pump for use in water butts and other large water containers. Strong plastic body. 13mm (1/2") quick-connect pump outlet for use with conventional garden hose connectors. Can be submerged up to 7m and pump water to 12m above pump position. Pumps floating solids up to 3mm. Float switch operation prevents pump running dry. 10m cable. Max flow rate 2500Ltr/hr.

Balení obsahuje

  • 1 x Water butt pump 400W
  • 1 x Carrying handle
  • 1 x Male quick connector
  • 1 x Female connecting shaft
  • 1 x Instruction manual

Hodnocení zákazníků

kým: Brian s


Very surprised how good it is only used it once but perfect for my needs

kým: robert p


good product, good pressure

kým: Margaret H


Just what I needed as on a water meter and have hanging baskets and tubs to water both at fro t of house and back. Simple to put together then just place in water butt and started up immediately only downfall was the plug would not fit into my outside box so have to put in adapter first but not too much of a problem.

kým: Rob K


Easy to assemble. Pump has good power output and floating on off switch cuts power when water low. Only negative is hosepipe connector leaks she connecting a Hoselock hosepipe connector.

kým: Julie B


I ordered one of these, set it up, plugged it in and NOTHING. Sent it back, replacement arrived, which had obviously been opened before. Once again set it up, plugged it in NOTHING. I am giving up, all I wanted was a simple water butt pump.

kým: Matt W


Bought this pump for transferring water from waterbutts around the garden to a new pond. Also for feeding my pressure washer. Have to say it works fantastic, and I''m well pleased with it. Does the job quickly and efficiently, also you can hardly hear it.

kým: Clive D


The pump is quite powerful for a submersible pump and makes watering my vegetable patch a lot easier. My only criticism is the float switch shuts the pump down rather to readily so the pump was cutting out even when there was still 18 inches of water in the butt so I had to play about with its position to get the pump to work

kým: Alastair


Initially this worked ok, the float switch triggers far too soon leaving the butt half full of water but worse than that the inline switch on the output stem has come off so water this everywhere! Have completed the online claim form but haven''t had any response in the past week

kým: Mrs S


Quick and easily assembled. A brilliant no nonsense way watering of a garden and pumping water from one water butt to another.

kým: Michael W


Does what it says on the tin! Easy to install, drilled a hole in the top of my water butt so that I could install it without using the hook arm attachment and keep the lid on my water butt. Works a treat, much more convenient than repeatedly filling the watering can back and forth, recommended

kým: David F


Sitting on the fence at the moment. Bought the pump to save walking up and down the garden with watering cans. So Water Butt to Pond fine. Pond to drain not so great as the float valve has to kept vertical to make it work and pond not deep enough. Pumping water from a bucket sunk into the ground surface water to run into also ran into float valve problems. So pump works fine when the float valve allows it to and the there is no reference to the valve in the instructions.

kým: Bill R


Really moves rainwater, but I have not worked out what the floating box part does (probably cuts it off when water level is low?)

kým: Roger C


Purchased 20th Sept 2016 -- Stopped working on 16th October 2016. Max running time over 2 sessions 20 minutes max . Then will not refund postage for the return.

kým: Marie K


Not happy at all!! The pump worked twice, once last year in September and once this April and did not work again.

kým: alistair c


Great value pump, water flow pressure at hose pipe enables me to water garden 30 metres from water butt. I usually remove it from the water butt and store it away during winter but last year i forgot and even though the water froze it still worked in the spring. fantastic.

kým: Peter E


The water butt pump is one of several products I have bought over the years, ranging from simple spanners and other automotive tools to tools for carpentry etc. The water butt pump was bought for feeding pressure water to a power washer for car and caravan. All have been reliable and are all still in use. More importantly, their prices are cheaper than other suppliers from General Motor Factors to large DIY stores. The only exception is when they also sell Silverline products. Great product, great prices, great reliability.

kým: Jenny C


Just what we needed, does the job, good value for money

kým: george b


it is still work very well

kým: Mike


One of the best purchases I have made,i have a number of water butts scattered around & use the pump to move water to the Main Butt this in turn saves me considerable time & effort when watering my plants & sometimes with a spray head fitted directly to the hose

kým: Robert S


This pump is ideal for my requirements which is mainly garden based

kým: N T


Good product with excellent guarantee period. Had to return my first unit during the 3rd year as it stopped working. The item was replaced , no problem. Only had to pay the return postage, but worth it. Use it in my water butts all year.

kým: Anthony F


Excellent tool and a great help in the greenhouse for keeping my prized plants at the correct moisture level. Thoroughly recommended.

kým: Paul L


I purchased the water butt pump a few weeks ago and find it amazing. I have just had a water meter fitted and this item is a mega saver, with enough pressure for the garden hose.

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