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3-delige magnetische gereedschapsrek set

200, 300 en 460 mm

€ 15.34 EXCL. BTW

  • 'Heavy-Duty' carbon staal
  • De krachtige magneet klemt gereedschap stevig vast
  • De set bevat: 200, 300 en 460 mm rekken
  • Inclusief bevestigingsmiddelen

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11 review(s)

Product specificaties

Afwerking Geverfd
Bevestigingsmiddel(en) 6 x Kruiskop schroeven, 6 doorschijnende pluggen
Klemmethode Magnetisch
Capaciteit - maximale last 2,5 kg
Gewicht 0,261 kg, 0,417 kg, 0,645 kg

Product beschrijving

'Heavy-Duty' carbon staal. De krachtige magneet klemt gereedschap stevig vast. Inclusief bevestigingsmiddelen. De set bevat: 200, 300 en 460 mm rekken. Inclusief bevestigingsmiddelen.

Doos inhoud

  • 3 x magnetische gereedschapsrek
  • 6 x schroeven
  • 6 x pluggen

Klanten reviews

Door: Mike B


Excellent quality, easy to fit, at last a magnetic tool rack that actually holds tools. Much stronger magnets than anything else on the market

Door: Stewart


Exactly as described. 3 very solid tool strips. Strong enough to hold multiple hand tools. Very reliable.

Door: angela


excellent magnetic very strong holds all the tools

Door: [email protected]


Brilliant set, considered a number of others online, but decided on these 3 and really not sorry I purchased. Considering another set just figuring the appropriate place in the garage.

Door: Does t


good value excellent for holding metal tools obviously not aluminium brass or copper though. cant fault the price either.

Door: totalguy


These are pretty good value for money i like that they included rawl plugs with the screws not all companies do this with this type of product sometimes it is just screws. i really like these they do the job right and seem pretty sturdy as well the big one can even hold my drill press vice! Impressive considering the weight of it

Door: Kieran


Fantastic space saving piece of kit. Strong magnets, easy to install and extremely useful. Worth every penny.

Door: Pauline A


Fantastic product just brilliant for quickly sorting my tools

Door: Marc


Always took me so long to find the right tool in my many toolchests; now I just hang them in front of my eyes and all is within easy reach. The magnets of the tool rack are strong enough for good hold and the three sizes allow to sort different types/sizes/weights of tools accordingly. Really recommend this to optimize sorting your tools.

Door: Moritz v


The Silverline magnetic tool rack set works great for me! It holds everything in place just fine. Even bigger and heavier tools.

Door: Steve K


Excellent accessory that holds many of my hand tools firmly with a very strong magnetic grip. Much better than using multiple hooks which would be either impractical or take up too much space. Highly recommended !!!

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