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Młot udarowy SDS Plus 850 W

850 W UK

€ 89.15 BEZ VAT

  • Wiercenie z udarem, kucie, wiercenie bez udaru
  • Uchwyt wiertarski SDS Plus oraz uchwyt wiertarski kluczykowy 13 mm
  • Wbudowane sprzęgło przeciążeniowe
  • Zdolność wiercenia w: drewnie 40 mm, murze 26 mm, stali 13 mm
  • W zestawie:wiertła udarowe, dłuto płaskie, dłuto szpicak, ogranicznik głębokości, futerał

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Dane techniczne

Stopień ochrony IP20
Moc 850 W
Siła uderzenia 3,5 J
Uderzeń na minutę 4000 uderzeń/min
Prędkość bez obciążenia 800 obr./min
Typ uchwytu SDS
Regulacja momentu obrotowego Sprzęgło przeciążeniowe
Maks. śred. wiercenia w drewnie 400 mm
Maks. śred. wiercenia w murze 26 mm
Maks. śred. wiercenia w stali 13 mm
Waga 4,6 kg

Instrukcje obsługi

Kluczowe funkcje

Urządzenie posiada 3 funkcje: wiercenie z udarem, kucie, wiercenie bez udaru. Natężenie uderzeń 3,5 J, 4000 uderzeń/ min. Wbudowane sprzęgło przeciążeniowe. Maksymalna prędkość 800 obr./min. Zdolność wiercenia: 26 mm. W zestawie: 13 mm uchwyt wiertarski kluczykowy, klucz do uchwytu, SDS Plus trzpień oraz wkręt, 3 wiertła udarowe SDS Plus 6 ,8 i 10, dłuto płaskie, dłuto szpicak, ogranicznik głębokości, klucz kołkowy, osłona przeciwpyłowa oraz pojemnik ze smarem. Wszystko zapakowane w wytrzymałej walizce dla łatwego transportu i przechowania. Waga 4,6 kg.

Zawartość pudełka

  • 1 x Młot udarowy SDS Plus 850 W
  • 1 x Uchwyt wiertarski 13 mm
  • 1 x Klucz do uchwytu wiertarskiego
  • 1 x Trzpień SDS Plus
  • 1 x Śruba trzpieniowa
  • 3 x Wiertła SDS Plsu (6, 8 i 10 mm)
  • 1 x Dłuto płaskie
  • 1 x Dłuto szpicak
  • 2 x Szczotki węglowe
  • 1 x Ogranicznik głębokości
  • 1 x Osłona przecwipyłowa
  • 1 x Pojemnik na smar
  • 1 x Klucz kołkowy
  • 1 x Isntrukcja obsługi

Oceny klientów

Przez Laurence C


This is a good heavy duty sds drill/breaker

Przez Kevin g


Great product done the job that I bought it for Little heavy but great

Przez Louie


Would highly recommend

Przez Grev L


Great product. I’ve never drilling into brick could be this easy. It’s a monster and I’d highly recommend this very robust piece of kit to any DIY enthusiast!

Przez Francis P


Found the Drill is Fantastic like more expensive one,it’s value for money really works well

Przez Miah


The drill itself is really heavy and bulky, and does wear your arm out after a while. I used it to remove some cement render and bricks off the back of my house. Half way through the chisel got stuck and couldn''t be removed so ended up getting a replacement. If it wasn''t for it getting jammed I would have given it 5 stars.

Przez Mark


This is the best sds drill I have ever had and used it out dose the others on the market

Przez N N


But then it began smoking and sparking... Eventually it slowed right down and wouldn''t work. I''d had it all of two weeks! Bit disappointed and couldn''t return it in the end either. I was going to use the guarantee but they wanted me to pay the return postage which would''ve cost a fortune anyway.

Przez Jeff


I got the drill to take up some floor tiles, it made the job easy

Przez trevor


Handy inexpensive piece of equipment. Good for variety of general work round the house/garden. Not what I would describe as for heavy duty work. Just had large drill bit stuck in chuck but released eventually and did grease prior. This is my second similar product as happy with first one.

Przez Iain M


Splendid value drill. Does what it says in the description !

Przez Steve


Excellent piece of kit at a reasonable price

Przez Steve


Made light work of deconstructing a fire place

Przez Geoff H


I cannot praise this tool highly enough. It has the performance of a tool many times its price. Extremely durable and well made.

Przez Syed z


Bought this for DIY. See full rivews is on U-tube:

Przez Ian S


A very robust hammer drill for the cost. Simple chuck change, instructions and maintenance.

Przez Geoffrey H


Excellent value for money especially as it includes a non-SDS drill-chuck as an accessory as well as tools.

Przez Steffan j


Pro hammer drill with tools, beefy, powerful and a delight to use. Never come across anything it can handle, would recommend this every time to my friends.

Przez Steffan J


This hammer drill gets the job done, with the chisels in the kit you can quickly brake an opening or drill into concrete, I haven’t found anything this cannot brake through, very reasonably priced, I will recommend this powerful hammer drill to my colleagues and friends.

Przez Paul


Whilst installing a new 760mm x 760mm shower tray; faced having to remove a section of plaster / brick work. Using the drill in pure hammer action with supplied chisel; job done. If you follow the supplied instruction sheet; had no problems getting chisel out.

Przez Anthony S


Absolutely rubbish

Przez mike s


My drill broke down the third time I used it for breaking stone bricks I drilled 26 holes, and used the jack hammer function for a period of 4 hours it had been used occasionally before that for chipping cement of a wall 5 meters long by 500mm high and drilling about 10 holes now the jack hammer and hammer drill does not work, the drill is 4 years old used about 10 hours, pity I cannot find a spare part list for this drill it seems it must be sent for repair or buy a new one would not advise any one to purchase this drill if spare parts are not available

Przez brian c


This is the beast power drill I have bought in a long time it is so versatile for drilling missionary to wood or metal or can be used to break up concrete remove plaster or ceramic tiles I would recommend this drill to anyone who dose small diy jobs in the home excellent tool

Przez David k


This is a wonderful.product, which is a drill and a chisel/concrete breaker. We needed to remove old fence posts in concrete. I rang a hire company who wanted £60 per day and another was £50 per day for a ''concrete breaker. Bought the Silverline 850 W SDS Hammer drill. It did the job over three days as it rained . Cost to buy was £50 and it''s mine. Has a three year guarantee so you can''t go wrong.

Przez Matt B


Used this for removing floor tiles. Made the job so much easier. Great buy

Przez Michael m


Bought this drill to do some heavy work Made job really easy would recommend this drill to anyone

Przez Carl P


bought to take down a wall and it did the job no problem at all, excellent toll, would definitely recommend

Przez Adrian A


This was to replace an identical tool of the same type and design made by power devil that I have had for over 30 years and finaly broke. The replacement made by silverline is of the same quality as my first one and I am expecting another 30 years of use. Great tool and great price.

Przez David C


With a chisel tool I have been digging in my garden through heavy clay that is full of stone. The tool makes life very much easier and is a delight to use

Przez Richard B


Bought this to remove breeze block wall and it did the job with no fuss. Would definitely recommend this product.

Przez michael c


great value for money works well at the moment appears to be of good quality

Przez Gareth


This little kango is light weight and perfect for a pointing job I just did plus I can also use it as a drill for damp proofing ect I would compare this to leading brands

Przez Jason B


I needed to remove a concrete base for a fence post in my back garden. I was looking to hire but then found this on Amazon for the same price as hiring. Worked a dream. It was still hard work but the chisel and point bits broke up the concrete.

Przez Masum M


Bought this drill to take render off the outside of the house and brickwork off the garden wall.. This drill is excellent! Worked non stop for roughly an hour straight but had to take breaks in between due to the weight of the drill. Apart from being a bit heavy it’s done wonders. Also, make sure you grease the end of the chisel or drill bit before inserting it in, so as to not let the bit get stuck inside the drill.

Przez Rich


I''m am amazed that something this affordable works so well, the performance of this drill is amazing and I gave it quite a task recently taking down a fireplace built of brick, this went through like a knife through butter.

Przez George C


Needed a heavier duty drill and this did the job brilliantly. Next stop some tiles to remove and some brickwork. No excuse now.

Przez Nigel H


Read other reviews and decided to buy this because it was cheaper then hiring one. Wasn''t disappointed. We needed to remove a poor concrete floor in the kitchen and using the chisel attachments we did it in a day

Przez Arif A


I’m not a frequent user of power tools, in fact I only need to use tools a few times a year but it is always frustrating to find your drill just won’t get through the wall and you need to go out and rent a hammer drill or call a handy man for putting just 2 holes in the wall. The story repeats every time you go redecorate or move of course to the point where you may start making furniture decisions trying to avoid the need for a hammer drill. This changes that completely. Goes through tough concrete walls like butter. What a tool! Love it.

Przez Fahim


Great for the price and does the job

Przez Ian B


Given the price of this drill it is very hard to beat. Does everything that is needed from it.

Przez Sam O


Excellent lightweight drill / breaker for small demolition tasks. Definitely good value for money. Highly recommended.

Przez Johnny L


It has to be one of the best hammer drills I ever bought I would recommend it to anyone

Przez Johnny L


I am more than pleased with my drill-breaker I just wish I bought it sooner

Przez Johnny l


One of the best drills I have used does everything I need it for

Przez Derek H


It is a very good tool

Przez Barry


Using this drill was like cutting butter with a hot knife so so easy

Przez brian w


spent all day chipping out concrete round a post did not get very far was going to hire a breaker but had a look on toolstation found out it was as cheaper to buy also had the luxury of drill to hang kitchen wall cabinets lubbly jubbly thanks for a good tool

Przez W.E.Davies


Excellent hard working drill. Also used as a chisel and is indispensable.

Przez Mark H


Good product, robust and does exactly what it should, for price excellent!

Przez Gareth d


Brilliant lightweight tool, demolished a fireplace and ripped up floor tiles with ease! Bargain at £50!!!

Przez Jason


This is an amazing piece of kit - cheap as chips but seriously robust! In fact whatever I throw at it, I cannot kill it. Even used it for some tasks that a 15kg breaker would be better suited to and this still lives on! Not particularly ergonomic and no anti vibration mounts but does what it''''s supposed to

Przez Brian N


I am not just a DIY person , I have worked on large jobs and small jobs ,used all sorts of tools , a friend recommended that I buy the Silverline DIY 850W SDS PLUS HAMMER DRILL ,I must say I was very impressed with it ,it felt good in my hands to work with ,it cut through concrete like butter , it does everything you would expect from this drill ,has a three year guarantee which gives me peace of mind ,my drill also came in a hard plastic case with accessories ,one which surprised me was a easy to fit chuck to use the drill for wood , metal etc also chisels ,to be honest , I don''t know how Silverline make a profit .

Przez Andy M


a very good practical tool aimed at the medium to light DIY enthusiast. My tool is starting to ''slip'' when using masonry drill bits, but the hammer action is still reasonable .

Przez Antony W


An excellent value for money product that performs well. I shall certainly consider a Silverline product for my next power tool purchase.

Przez Harry C


Excellent product for the money

Przez A W


I have sent the hammer drill back to Amazon, after using it twice it packed in. I am in the process of having my money refunded. I have tried contacting you, to no avail. If you took the trouble of checking you''''''''re Emails you would have known that I have sent two requests for help in the last week.
  • customer contacted

Przez John K


Bought the hammer drill to act as a mini breaker to remove plaster and concrete from the property I have bought. Very efficient and easy to use

Przez James S


Was bought to take down a concrete fence - did the job very well.

Przez V B


Its one of the best drill i have ever had it is just perfect for all the jobs you need to do around the house.

Przez Chris U


I have used this hammer drill on various jobs, drilling older bricks sometimes can be hard due to them being dense. This hammer drill did not have a problem at all, drill through the brick like it was butter. Also the chisel function is great and I have used it for stripping wall tiles and cracking concrete with no problem.

Przez Jon


Purchased this to remove some tiles from a wall, about 4 square meters did the job fine, cleaned and put away, needed to remove 6 bricks from around a fireplace so got the drill out and nothing, dead, checked to fuse which had blown, so I replaced it blew again, returned to the store and they told me they could do nothing about it, yes it was 13 months old but perhaps a repair or examination by the company, I wrote to Silverline, nothing came of it. I accept the item was not a mega price and probably would not stand up to professional use, but two tasks of small capacity? Disappointing
  • customer contacted

Przez Andy H


Wonderful drill, straight through bricks or concrete like hot knife through butter, even with 25mm bit. Even better, an absolute bargain at under £50.

Przez Harry Q


I thought SDS Hammer drills/ breakers were very expensive and when I found this unit I got it from Toolstation on a Sunday afternoon when I was stuck an was able to carry out this job. It is an excellent piece of equipment, I just wished I had bought it long ago!

Przez Phil


Very good hammer did a lot of concrete breaking with no problems or overheating at all. For the price very good value for the money, would recommend.

Przez Mr P


just the job

Przez LES P


I needed a replacement for a drill which had cost three times as much as this one which burnt out half way through a project. Absolutely fantastic drill my house is pre 1900s has solid walls between 18 & 36 inches deep weather I''m drilling though or partly the drill handles the task with ease. Money well spent very happy customer

3 letnia gwarancja

Silverline Młot udarowy SDS Plus 850 W oferuje 30 dniową gwarancję począwszy od daty zakupu, pokrywając szkody spowodowane wadliwym materiałem bądź wadą produkcyjną. Ponadto rejestrując produkt online otrzymają Państwo 3 letnia gwarancję.

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