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Handschaaf nr. 7

60 x 2,4 mm blad

€ 53,31 

  • Gietijzeren frame met palissander handvaten
  • Messing stelschroef
  • 'Heavy-Duty' 2,4 mm schaafblad
  • Blad breedde 60 mm

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Product specificaties

Hoofdhandvat afwerking Palissander
Hulphandvat diameter 40 mm
Hulphandvat diameter 40 mm
Zaagblad breedte 60 mm
Schaafbreedte 60 mm
Gewicht 3,75 kg
Verstelmethode Messing schroeven
Gehard Ja

Product beschrijving

Gietijzeren frame met palissander handvaten, vastgezet met 2 messing schroeven. Verhoogde zijkanten, messing stelschroef en een 2,4 mm dik 'Heavy-Duty' schaafblad. Blad breedde 60 mm.

Doos inhoud

  • 1 x handschaaf nr. 7

Klanten reviews

Door: guillermo b


Nuy buena relación/ calidad precio, muy buena herramienta pero no son correctas las medidas de la cuchilla: grosor ofertado 3 mm. pero la cuchilla suministrada pasa justo de los 2 mm.

Door: Stephen S


Blade out of square and blunt, blade bolt not locking. Both fixed, but base of plane has a small chunk missing from it. I didn''t expect great quality, but had hoped for better than I got.. Silverline no help as I was expected to return it at my own expense under warranty.

Door: Stephen S


Seems to be a solid, well built Plane base but the blade was 4mm out of square and the Holding Screw thread is no good. Cleaned up the blade and changed the screw and (so far) all is ok. Can''t complain for the price, although when I notified Silverline, they wanted to inspect the product - at my expense!

Door: simon g


The base is square, the cast is heavy. Cant say how soft the blade is yet. I paid £30 delivered, this is a lot of tool for the money. its early days so it could fall apart, but if they honour thhe guarantee even thats not a problem. Being asked to review a tool within a week of buying it doesnt give much time for dissappoinment, based on what ive seen so far Im pleased.

Door: Bryan S


just arrived to day, checked to see how flat the surface was, just to be disappointed. set on a cast iron surfacing table l can get two pieces of A4 paper underneath with ease.

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